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Vision Sliding
Vision Sliding
Vision Sliding is a technique that allows Shulk to control the distance and direction he heads with the Monado on a successfully activated vision.

It works with both the forwarded version and regular version of Vision. In Vanilla, regular vision travels farther than dash vision, while forward vision travels about the same distance as dash vision. The regular vision can also travel backwards to hit opponents behind. To head in a direction, the input is to just hold the joystick in that direction.

The distance that is added or subtracted from vision depends on the air speed/acceleration of the Monado Art Shulk is using. The reason for this simple - it's as though you are moving in the air while also using vision.

The move finds its main uses from its surprise factor, baiting, and punishing projectiles. Vanilla regular vision sliding travels just as far as Zero Suit Samus' uncharged neutral special, while Monado Jump regular vision can slide as far as Villager's slingshot.

The forwarded version finds use in situations where the opponent can spot dodge or roll away from regular vision, as forwarded vision comes out much quicker.
There are two main mechanics that allow Shulk to perform a Vision Slide:
  1. By inputting Vision the frame he transitions from air to ground
  2. By inputting Vision within 12 frames of a turnaround without inputting a crouch
    • This can be achieved with either a regular turnaround or a perfect pivot

Air-to-Ground Vision Sliding

In order to successfully perform an Air-to-Ground Vision Slide, you must input Vision on the exact frame Shulk transitions from Air-to-Ground. As this is a rather tight timing to land without setup, methods utilizing buffered moves allows for reliable and guaranteed Vision Sliding by removing any player "timing" from the equation. Instead, the player only needs to buffer a Vision after a given number of aerial moves, buffered from Shulk's jumpsquat.
The most basic method is Vanilla Shulk's FH dair. The inputs are: 
  • Input a Full Hop
  • During Shulk's jumpsquat, input dair 
    • This typically corresponds to inputting dair as soon as possible after inputting jump.
  • During the last 10 frames of Shulk's dair, input vision
    • In practice, the player can just repeatedly input Vision to ensure that it is input within the buffer window.
As all of Shulk's arts have different short hop and full hop air times, this means that there are eight basic air times to consider: the short and full hops of Vanilla (which also includes Buster and Smash Art), Jump Art, Speed Art, and Shield Art.  However, to add the complexity, these eight air times are then affected by the different platform heights on stages.
All of these buffered methods for these different air times on different stages have been compiled into a single chart, shown below. All of the platform heights listed reference the air time of travelling from the platform to the main stage (as performing a Vision Slide onto a platform is pointless when a regular vision would achieve the same effect). 
VISION SLIDING METHODS Vanilla Shulk/Buster Art/Smash Art Jump Art Speed Art Shield Art
Stage Platform Method 1 Method 2 Method 1 Method 2 Method 3 Method 1 Method 2 Method 1 Method 2
All Stages Base Stage FH Dair Respawn FH AD + Dair MABD FH UAir + AD - - - - - -
Higher Platform FH Uair + AD - - - - SH AD x2 - - -
Lower Platforms - - - - - - - - -
Smashville Moving Platform SH Uair Respawn DJ Fair + AD x2 SH Uair SH Fair FF FH Uair FF FH Nair SH Bair SH Bair -
Town & City v1 Higher Platforms Respawn DJ Bair + AD - SH AD x2 - - - - SH Fair FF -
Town & City v3 Lower Platform SH Uair Respawn DJ Bair+AD SH Uair SH Fair FF FH Uair FF FH Nair - SH Bair -
Lylat Cruise Middle Platform SH Uair - SH Uair SH Fair FF FH Uair FF FH Nair - SH Bair -
Duck Hunt
Bush - - FH Uair FF - - - - - -
Tree 1 (Lowest) - - - - - FH AD+Bair FH Uair FF FH Dair FF -
Tree 2 FH ADx3 - FH Nair FF - - - - - -
Tree 3 FH Nair FF - FH AD+NAir - - - - - -
Tree 4 - - - - - - - FH Dair+Fair -
Tree 5 (Highest ) - - FH AD + Fair x2 - - SH AD+Uair - SH AD+Dair -
Dream Land 64
Higher Platform - - Dropdown+AD - - - - FH Uair FF FH Bair+AD
Lower Platform - - FH Uair FF - - - - FH Nair -

Pivot Vision Sliding (or Instant Vision Slide)

Pivot Vision Sliding is tricky to master at first, as it requires the vision to be input between frames 2 and 11 of the turnaround animation, but without inputting crouch while doing so. Inputting a crouch for even a single frame will result in no Vision Slide. As it is a much faster option than Air-to-Ground Vision Sliding, it is sometimes referred to as an "Instant Vision Slide". 

For this reason, using bidou or a right stick set to "Special" makes pivot vision sliding practically effortless, as the right stick cannot cause a crouch animation.  

Practice Drills

Despite initial impressions, you do not have to activate Vision to practice Vision Sliding. Instead, Vision Sliding has a visual cue that you can look for to confirm that you performed the inputs correctly. Shulk will slide a small distance during his Vision pose in whatever direction you holdeven if his Vision is not activated. This applies for both the Air-to-Ground Vision Slide and Pivot Vision Slide.

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