Shulk 101

Monado Art Dash / Run Canceling

Art Run Canceling is an underused technique which allows Shulk to act freely after an art activates during a grounded movement. So like most of Shulk's techniques he can use thanks to Monado Arts, ARC gives him the ability to cancel a motion in his ground-game for beneficial reasons. A revered strategy to utilize ARC is through interrupting his running momentum because it is the most straightforward choice with easy timing as well. Although, the technique's name implied doesn't benefit from just canceling your run.

Before anything else, Shulk must learn which ground options he benefits from with the technique. Here's a list of options that he CAN and CANNOT use.



  • Standing
  • Walking or Slow Walk
  • the Initial Dash
  • Foxtrot
  • Run / Slow Run



  • Crouch
  • Skid
  • Run Turn
  • Initial Dash Turn / Smash Turn (The 1 frame turn animation from an early dash)
  • Turn-around (Seen from after a walking momentum or pivot)


To put it simply, there's two speeds you can put ---_TOBECONTINUED_____

Acknowledging when the art can & cannot activate to interrupt your movement options is key. This is to help one properly cancel their movement because a mistake results with a laggy mobility choice and the loss of your art activation's intangibility.

Other movement options like perfect pivot doesn't succeed in benefitting from MARC because the latter animation of the turn-around while sliding is considered a turn-around motion. Although, dash dancing has a high chance to succeed usage from MARC but can flop since the 1 frame of smash turn prevents the art activation pose. All things considered, just polish your movement & have back-up mobility options in mind should a misinput happen.


The Significance of MARC

This may come off as obvious, but the most crucial fact of the tech is that it can cancel your initial dash. It is imperative to invest practice to canceling Shulk's initial dash before you get comfortable with canceling the other movements.

(You: Why?)

You're advised to prioritize dilligence in your initial dash canceled because Shulk is vulnerable for 10 frames defensively and the rest of your buttons you have are commitment. Instances that happen like dashing toward or away from an oncoming attack are a bother & a mistake, whereas an art cycle ready to use the art activation pose for frame 1 intangibility instead of becoming prone to damage.

All of Shulk's standard dash-canceling options are risks in the form of laggy options. Most of these options can be seen as doable in situations after a bait or enough pressure is exerted to make the opponent react, but on their own in Neutral you will be exposed up & eaten alive. These limited & risky options include:

  • Jump
  • Shield
  • Grab
  • Dash Slash
  • Back Slash
  • ?

Otherwise, putting in enough practice into canceling your initial dash leads you to eventually mastering the rest of your cancel-worthy movement. This is fairly simple as long as timing & position-memory are in your hands.


How to Apply the Tech

Effective movement in combination with MARC can create your own baiting tactics at will. This in attempt brings out an opponent's vulnerability from a commitment they would choose. And to flesh this out, Shulk has a long & drawn-out foxtrot animation that cannot be canceled with extended dash dancing as quickly. A full-on neutral foxtrot is 33 frames until holding shield as an example, so you have a lot of frames to work with canceling it. Running & walking have more than enough time to prepare an art cycle because the art activation itself matters on sufficient spacing to halt your run or walk, so you're set on that too.


[Examples of MARC go here]

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