Shulk 101

Monado Art Intangible Landing

Monado Art Intangible Landing, or MAIL (sometimes referred to as an Intangible Tomahawk, or MAIT) uses the activation of a Monado Art in a way that optimizes Shulk's landing by not only utilizing the intangible frames to create an intangible window for a protective cover upon landing, but also to overwrite the usual Soft or Hard Lag he would receive from a regular empty hop, or the minimum 6 frames of art activation when performing a MALLC, allowing him to land completely laglessly.

A comparison of Shulk's tomahawk grab after (1) a regular empty hop with hard landing lag and (2) Jump Art MAIL with zero landing lag 

A More Powerful Tomahawk Option

With this technique, Shulk has a powerful mixup option in the neutral which surpasses normal empty hops. Shulk jumping usually gives his foe the incentive to ready a bubble shield because of Shulk's usual threat of spacing aerials in neutral. This makes MAIL into grab a very powerful option, especially with Jump Art and the threat of Monado Purge.

Avoiding Anti-Airs and Lingering Hitboxes

In addition, opponents might be tempted to challenge Shulk with an anti-air while he is jumping above or close to them. Proper timing of this technique, especially fast-fall variants, can allow Shulk to phase through even long-lingering or multi-hit moves, and allows him to shield immediately upon landing.

Simply doing nothing leads to the longest possible intangible window (14 frames), while buffering an option allows Shulk to act out earlier at the cost of having a smaller window of intangibility (only 6 frames).

B-Reverse and Wavebounce Mixups

MAIL can be mixed with Monado Art B-Reverses and Wavebounces to make it even more delicious.

MAIL Trivia 

When performing MAIL, Shulk can catch an item on frame 2 when he's on the ground, and on frame 1 when he's in the air. So in other words, you can use Shulk's intangibility to grab an item when he's airborne, but not when he's grounded

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