Shulk 101
by TrueSapphire, March 31, 2018
The 2GGaming has announced an event that mainly focuses the competitive games on the Nintendo Switch on April 21st-22nd (more details here). One side event is the Smash Bros. Wii U singles tournament, which has its own theme that focuses on Shulk and the Round Robin. However, there were a few problems the organizers and 2GGaming encountered. The Shulk Discord and I are able to clarify the following problems:
  • This was originally intended to be a Monado Saga, but Kome (the current best Shulk player in the world) is unable to attend due to work conflicts. Though the plans changed midway due to this, the 2GGaming decided to still include a Shulk-themed Smash side event (although it is not considered a true saga like in the past).
  • All 2GGaming events were booked, thus making April 21st-22nd the only dates for the Shulk event. This only gives people one month to prepare.
With that out of the way, I want to list the notable Shulk players in regards to this event, along with the tags of their skill level below.
[RR]: Already qualified for the Shulk Round Robin event. 
[Top]: Shulk players with excellent placements and results. Considered as the best Shulk players in the world.
[Notable]: Shulk players with great understanding of playing Shulk and/or has some reputation, but lack results compared to the top.
[Top Player Threat?]: Non-Shulk users, but have top fundamentals that may be a threat.
Note: May not be a completely accurate list.
  • Mains
    • [RR] [Top]
    • Nicko [RR] [Top]
    • Tremendo Dude [RR] [Top]
    • Tru4 [RR] [Top]
    • Scarhi [RR] [Notable]
    • Sriks [RR] [Notable]
    • Erico [Notable as the co-founder of the Shulk Discord and contributor of the Shulk meta; Shulk RR commentary]
    • jaredisking1 [Notable]
    • Masonomace [Notable as a contributor of the Shulk meta]
    • MoMo [Notable]
    • Paradigm [Notable as the co-founder of the Shulk Discord and contributor of the Shulk meta; Shulk RR commentary]
    • Sandfall [Notable as a contributor to the Shulk meta]
    • Soronie [Notable; only in the RR event]
    • C#
    • CaiusRed
    • D'Angelo
    • Dobiwan
    • Fusion
    • Minolis
    • Soulflee
    • Wildstar7
  • Non-Mains
    • Shuton (secondary; trained by Kome) [Notable] [Top Player Threat?]
    • AC [Top Player Threat?]
    • Kameme [Top Player Threat?]
    • Komorikiri (trained by Kome) [Top Player Threat?]
    • Light [Top Player Threat?]
    • Nairo [Top Player Threat?]
    • pu55yk1ng
    • KiraFlax
  • Others
    • Austy (Shulk main; commentary)
    • Virum (former Shulk main; commentary)
  • Doubles with a Shulk Player
    • Dobiwan and WIldstar (both Shulk players)
    • Masonomace and D'Angelo (both Shulk players)
    • Paradigm and Erico (both Shulk players)
    • Scarhi and M (both Shulk players)
    • Fusion (Shulk) and BBW
    • jaredisking1 (Shulk) and SilentRain
Unable to Attend
  • Mains
    • Darkwolf (has work) [Top]
    • FuerzaDON (unable to get his visa in time) [Top]
    • Kome (has work) [Top]
    • Aarrow (unknown) [Notable]
    • Artryuu (retired) [Notable]
    • Bonren (unknown) [Notable]
    • Brownie (unknown) [Notable]
    • Catalyst (various reasons, but he transferred the funds to Tremendo Dude) [Notable]
    • CrownAether [Notable]
    • Coyors (unknown) [Notable]
    • Derek (funded, but his parents forbid him to go) [Notable]
    • Dragonbrain [Notable online]
    • Franknbean (unknown) [Notable]
    • Fredzero (traveling is a pain) [Notable]
    • GetShulked (retired in singles due to college finals and the Smash for Switch announcement invalidating his long-term Smash 4 goals) [Notable]
    • HopefulHero [Notable]
    • Jerm (unknown) [Notable]
    • Kurage [Notable]
    • Melon (unknown) [Notable]
    • Pariston (unknown) [Notable on 3DS]
    • PrimeX (unknown) [Notable on 3DS]
    • SoulArts (unknown) [Notable]
    • Tatsu (unknown) [Notable]
    • TrueSapphire (various reasons) [Notable on 3DS]
    • Valak [Notable as an active member of the Shulk Discord and helped the 2GGaming to organize this event]
    • A Bloody Canadian (unknown)
    • Chosen (impossible to join)
    • CoachBash (from Germany)
    • Uzair (unknown)
  • Non-Mains
    • 9B (former Shulk main) [Top Player Threat?]
    • MkLeo (did not register)  [Top Player Threat?]
    • Trela (former Shulk main)   [Top Player Threat?]
    • ZeRo (retired) [Top Player Threat?]
    • Masha (former Shulk main)
    • Xmas (former Shulk main)
Lastly, the Shulk ditto notes has nearly all the information you need, regardless of your skill level.

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