Shulk 101

Today, the Shulk Discord is pleased to announce the brand new Shulk Discord (←/) Sponsorship Program!


After lots of planning, the Shulk Discord is finally ready to start sending out its top players to tournaments all over the globe. To do so, we have created a donation drive with plenty of rewards and milestones for anyone who donates.


Our first official goal is to send Nicko to Frame Perfect Series 2 by raising $250. If you would like to donate to help achieve our goal, click here.


If helping send a top Shulk player like Nicko isn't enough to motivate you, then we have some things that will.

Donation Rewards Shop

For every certain amount of money you donate, you'll also get to choose a reward. The costs of the rewards range from $2 to $80, and vary from custom Migaga commands on the Shulk Discord to songs sung by SparkNomad. You can purchase as many as you'd like (unless there is a specified limit). For more info on the rewards, visit this page.


Along the way, we have a variety of different rewards for everyone, for each milestone goal reached.

  • $50 - AMA with a mystery Monadorator
  • $100 - Discord CAH night, featuring the Shulk Discord and Xenoblade (spoiler free) custom packs!
  • $150 - The Monadorators get together to dub over a scene from Xenoblade Chronicles! 
  • $200 - The Monadorator(s) of your choice will stream a game suggested and voted on by the Discord (some ideas include Mario Party, or a sfw Dating Sim)
  • $250 - Nicko goes to Frame Perfect Series 2!  



As this is only the beginning and first project of the Shulk Discord Sponsorship Program, it has room for improvement and we are open for reward and milestone suggestions for our future projects. If you have any ideas or questions, contact us on Discord or leave a comment below!

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