Shulk 101
Fighter Stats

We can definitely do this!


Statistic Value Ranking
Weight 102 15-16ᵗʰ
Crawl No  
Wall Jump No [but can happen if you happen to tech]  
Wall Cling No 6-58ᵗʰ
Tether No  
Grounded Movement
Walk Initial Velocity 0.15 ?
Walk Acceleration 0 ?
Walk Speed 1.1 30-32ⁿᵈ
Ground Friction 0.044 53-54
Initial Dash Speed 1.5 26-42ⁿᵈ
Dash Acceleration 0.0724 50-52ⁿᵈ
Dash Deceleration 0.01 ?
Run Speed 1.52 35-36ᵗʰ
Dashing Data
Dash to Neutral 33 frames 52-54ᵗʰ
Dash to Shield 10 frames 6-30ᵗʰ
Skid Length 24 frames ?
Jumping Data
Max Jumps 2 7-58ᵗʰ
Jumpsquat 5 frames 14-42ⁿᵈ
Hop Height 16.887465 25ᵗʰ
Jump Height 34.799999 22ⁿᵈ
Airjump Height 34.799999 25ᵗʰ
Ledge Jump Height 37.400002 23ʳᵈ
Aerial Movement
Air Acceleration 0.04 46-53ʳᵈ
Air Deceleration 0.01 10-55ᵗʰ
Air Speed 1.06 24ᵗʰ
Air Friction 0.009 33-36ᵗʰ
Gravity 0.085 36ᵗʰ
Fall Speed 1.5 32-35ᵗʰ
Fast Fall Speed 2.4 30-34ᵗʰ
Soft Landing Lag 2 frames 1-58ᵗʰ
Hard Landing Lag 4 frames 1-46ᵗʰ
Shielding Mechanics
Shield Size 10.9515        (Base Shield Size = 10.43, then multiplied by 1.05×) 26ᵗʰ
Shield Break Speed 42.241882 24ᵗʰ
Shield Health 50 HP 1-58ᵗʰ
Reset Health After Break 30 HP 1-58ᵗʰ
Shield Regeneration Speed 0.08 HP Regen per frame        (4.8 HP per second) 1-58ᵗʰ
Shield Degeneration Speed 0.13 HP Degen per frame        (7.8 HP per second) 1-58ᵗʰ
Powershield Window Frames 1-3 1-58ᵗʰ
Air Times w/ and w/o Fast Fall
Air Time Frames Click this link for Values / Data ?
Fast Fall Air Time Frames Click this link for Values / Data ?