Shulk 101


Community Rating:
+1.5 (Notable Advantage)

Professional Rating:
+1.2 (Advantage)

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Zelda’s four main ways in neutral:
      • Baiting the opponent first (dashing back and forth, Nayru’s Love, Jab, Fair/Bair, and Phantom Slash).
      • Approaching and defensive spacing (SH air dodge aerials, Nair, and Dash Attack).
      • Grabs and great combo game (deceptive Pivot Grab range, Dthrow combos, Nair, Dtilt, Utilt, and Dair).
      • Killing with Bair/Fair, grounded Farore’s Wind/Elevator OoS, Usmash (or Nair  Usmash), and Ftilt commonly.
    • Mobility Arts are great to camp or using movements to bait her out. He must respect Zelda’s grab game and Elevator OoS. Shulk must space/retreat his aerials at the tip/beam, and poke a lot with Bair and Fair a lot, but not whiff at close range.
      • After Shulk gets the lead, he should camp her out and let her approach.
      • Shulk can punish some of the endlags of Zelda’s moves.
      • Shulk should not roll in or whiff his moves.
    • Against Farore’s Wind, it loses to Nair and shields while having some endlag. Shulk should respect the ledge cancels.
    • Against Phantom, Shulk can either jump over it quickly and punish Zelda’s endlag or break it by spacing or Buster Art Ftilt.
    • Her landing options are Nayru’s Love, Farore’s Wind, and Dair. Shulk should juggle as much as possible with Utilts, frame trap Nairs, aerials, and Air Slash, but preferably directly below Zelda to avoid her Bair/Fair landing.
    • Monado Purge total range: 83-107% (Shulk’s Rage at 0%). It is almost not recommended to Purge.
  • Edgeguarding
    • Unless Shulk is in Jump Art, he should stay at the ledge because Farore’s Wind can be difficult to edgeguard. Farore’s Wind can attack Shulk at the ledge, gain invulnerability frames from above to the ledge, or killing/stage spiking from below to the ledge.
    • Shulk should space himself away from the ledge against Zelda’s Uair sharking. Unless he is at high %, Smash Art is great to use to kill Zelda.
    • Zelda can ledge drop DJ → Nayru’s Love, SH air dodge Bair, or Nair.
  • Disadvantage
    • Shulk should land away from Zelda. Jump or Buster Art should be deactivated against her combos.
    • Dthrow → Uair true combo kill % range if Shulk DIs away:
      • True combo: 92-150% (within 2 frames of frame perfect).
      • 50/50: 150-247% (Shulk should DJ from +190%).
    • Elevator OoS will kill Shulk at +75% if Zelda predicts or baits Shulk holding forward recklessly. Against it, Shulk should DI away left or right, and hope Zelda guesses incorrectly.
    • Shulk can air dodge just before Din’s Fire detonates, and use Jump Art to jump over the Phantom.
    • Shulk must snap the ledge with Air Slash against Zelds’s 2-Frame Dtilt and Dair spike. Dtilt can lead into early kills with Fair/Bair.
    • The Phantom’s full charge covers all ledge options. Shulk must time his ledge escape option.
    • Zelda’s Usmash and Bair are great at covering and killing at the ledge.


  • Jump, Speed, or Buster Art
    • Mobility Arts, while abusing range and unpredictable movements, are great to use against Zelda’s poor mobility.
      • Jump Art is great to camp her out.
      • Speed Art is great to get into Zelda’s personal space like a rushdown character, but only if Zelda is not respecting Shulk’s movements and attacks.
    • Shield Art will allow Zelda to combo Shulk more, but it can reduce Zelda’s early kills.
    • Buster Art are great at spacing out Zelda since her run speed makes it difficult for her to punish back.
    • Smash Art should never be used Zelda excels at killing early. His attacks will also be unsafe on shield, allowing Zelda to punish back more easily with a Dash Grab. It should only be used when Shulk gains the advantage state while at low-mid %.
  • Zelda is a glass cannon that requires precision. However, Zelda does not have the fastest or strongest neutral due to overall bad mobility, requiring some of her moves to be safe on shield when spaced, relying on precision of her kills moves. While her approaching game is lacking (especially against disjoint characters), she excels in setups and conversions in her advantage state, defensive plays, and scoring early kills while keeping her opponent away. To find openings that will lead her into her advantage stage, she uses Jabs, Nair, Dair, Dash Attack, Dtilt, Nayru's Love, and grabs. Fair and Bair are available if there is a clear opening.
    • Shulk must be patient. He can outrange her in many ways because she has terrible approach options and most of her moves have bad range. He can use Air Slash OoS and must space with aerials (mostly Bair) at the tip/beam while not rolling in or whiffing too much. He must also respect the Zelda’s grab game and Elevator OoS. An unsafe aerial on shield will allow Zelda to punish, and Zelda will spot dodge more against Shulk’s attacks in order to grab him.
      • Once Shulk gets the moderate % lead, Shulk should camp her and force her to approach. He should have no reason to approach.
    • Since her ground game is weak, Shulk should space her out with Dtilts and Utilts when she tries to approach from the air.
    • Shulk should limit or avoid Jabs against Zelda. If Shulk does try to use Jabs, he must delay the Jab combo so that Jab3 can connect because she is floaty.
    • Vision can work against Zelda’s strong kill moves, but Shulk will be vulnerable to her grabs if Zelda reads the Vision.
  • Four main ways in neutral
    • 1. Baiting the opponent to commit first. Zelda has to slow down the game to keep the opponent away in order to find an opening.
      • Zelda has a decent extended dash dance and foxtrot when dashing back and forth. This is good for mindgames and baiting.
      • Nayru's Love is one of her best moves. It has intangibility frames (F5-15) overlapping the hitbox that can beat out almost moves at close range. It is great at punishing rolls and stopping approaches. Nayru’s Love at force a tech chase at low %.
      • Zelda's Jab is one of her important moves (although it is the slowest Jab in the game). It is designed to stop approaches with its disjoint and having little lag. It is safe on shield, if spaced. It is very good at conditioning the opponent to keep shielding. After the opponent immediately acts OoS, Zelda can use a quick punish.
        • At low %, Jabs → grab or Dash Attack.
        • At mid %, it can lead to a kill if Shulk does not tech or escape completely. But even if Shulk techs, Zelda can possibly punish.
        • At high %, it can lead to Farore's Wind if Shulk does not tech out.
      • Usmash is a kill move, but it can cover roll ins.
      • Fair (F9) and Bair (F6) are kill moves, with Bair being the fastest and strongest. They are safe on shield, if spaced at the sweetspot.
        • She can SH air dodge  Bair, but not from Fair. Zelda’s Bair is great at punishing whiffs and roll ins.
        • Zelda’s Fsmash on shield → RAR Bair can be a surprise option.
      • Phantom Slash is like a meat shield and a wall against Dash Attack, grabs, and running in. Shulk attacking the Phantom will put him in a disadvantage, giving Zelda enough time to possibly punish.
        • The Phantom takes 13% to die, and it takes 9 seconds to respawn.
        • Three variations:
          • No charge: Spawns right in front of her. This is great for a quick shield or opponent holding shield as it resets the neutral. Half charge and full charge just goes past the shielding opponent at close range.
          • Half charge: Push and a slash.
          • Full charge: Two slashes that damages the shield significantly, while the last hit is a kill move with a deceptive range. The opponent can roll back in time to be safe, but they must not roll in or Zelda will punish. If Shulk try to hit the Phantom with a laggy move, Zelda can punish.
      • Countering it
        • Naryu’s Love cannot be overused as Zelda can be hard punish due to its endlag. Shulk either has to space his aerials or quickly attack the endlag.
        • Shulk must not roll in against Nayru’s Love, Usmash, Bair, or Phantom Slash (no charge and full charge).
        • Shulk must be careful when he whiffs a move like a grab or else Zelda can punish with Bair. He must respect the Fsmash if Zelda plans to RAR Bair. Zelda does suffer landing lag if she SH Bair/Fair.
        • Against Phantom Slash, with Jump Art, Shulk can simply jump over her Phantom and punish her (unless she is below a platform) or roll away the full charge. Moves that deal 13% or more can destroy the Phantom (Buster Art Dtilt, Ftilt, and Uair2 can kill the Phantom in one hit).
          • It is possible to use Vision, but is not recommended or worth it the Phantom outranges Shulk’s Monado. Aerial Vision should also be avoided due to the multi-hit of the Phantom.
    • 2. Approaching and defensive spacing.
      • Zelda has good SH air dodge  aerials.
      • Nair is her best spacing aerial and possibly her best move in the neutral.
      • Dash Attack is F6, making it great for approaching and punishing (like Sheik). It is more effective when Zelda dashes back and forth for mindgames. At low %, it becomes a tech situation.
      • Ftilt is a strong zoning and launching tool. At max range, it is safe on shield.
      • Fsmash is a strong zoning that stops approaches and is safe on shield, if spaced correctly. It can stop approaches.
      • Countering it
        • Due to Zelda’s Nair (and Nayru’s Love and Dthrow) being good, Shulk must continue spacing her out and avoid closing in the gap and getting hit.
        • Her Dash Attack cannot be overused, so Shulk can adapt with a quick punish.
    • 3. Grab opportunities and using her great combo game to rack up damage.
      • Her Pivot Grab has great, deceptive range. The roll-canceled pivot grab after a foxtrot cancel may be more preferable approach to her cross-up Pivot Grabs. It is safe on whiff.
      • Her Dthrow is her best throw, necessary for her ground game.
      • Nair is her main combo starter, leading into a lot of combos.
      • Dtilt is another good more for Zelda. It is F5, and is similar to Diddy's (except Zelda sends her opponent upwards). It can lead to a lot of things. She also lowers her hurtbox.
        • At mid %, it can lead into more Dtilt combos.
        • At a certain %, Dtilt → Bair/Fair can be a true combo. At higher %, it becomes a 50/50.
        • At high %, Dtilt → Uair is a kill combo.
      • Utilt is for primarily extending combo and frame trapping (Shulk air dodging to the ground). The back hit can lead to a Uair kill or extend a deadly combo to Farore's Wind.
      • Dair is actually a good combo move, can SH Dair AC, and is safe on shield, if spaced.
      • At low %, Uthrow is a 50/50.
      • Despite Uair being designed as a kill move, it can combo from Dtilt, Utilt, Dthrow, Dair, or even Uair.
      • SH approach → Din's Fire is rarely used as a combo starter.
      • Countering it
        • Shulk must avoid holding forward in the air as Zelda can Pivot Grab and use Dthrow.
        • Shulk has to respect her grab game and Dtilt by spacing her out.
    • 4. Killing options in the neutral. Rage will help her more.
      • At mid-high % (at spawn ledge of Final Destination)
        • Sweetspot Bair kills at +71%.
        • Raw Uair kills at around +73%.
        • Sweetspot Fair kills at +74%.
        • Grounded Farore’s Wind (aka Elevator with both hits) kills at around +74% or +109% with best DI.
        • Fsmash kills at +94%.
      • At high % and beyond (at spawn ledge of Final Destination)
        • Usmash kills at +117%.
          • Nair  Usmash is a kill combo.
        • Ftilt kills at +121%.
        • Sweetspot Dash Attack kills at +144%.
        • Bthrow kills at +174%
      • Countering it
        • Shulk should use his shield more against the grounded Farore’s Wind, but Zelda can adapt to grab him with Dthrow → Uair kill.
  • Din’s Fire is not used in the neutral, especially against fast characters or Shulk’s mobility Arts. If she does attack with it, Shulk can simply shield it or avoid the projected detonation.
  • Farore's Wind is F5, but it is not used in neutral that much because it loses to shield due to its endlag. When she appears, there is a one frame vulnerability (like Sheik's), so it can lose to lingering hitboxes. She can also control her distance depending on the control stick’s angles, which is mostly used for ledge cancels at different spots of the stage.
    • She can also ledge cancel  variety of moves, but only if the Zelda player polished their fundamentals and neutral. A good Zelda knows the stage points (except Dream Land 64) and follow it up with strong or deadly combos (Farore's Wind edge cancel → Farore's Wind/Nair/Fair/Din's Fire/etc). But this is extremely difficult to pull it off during a match, so only Zelda players that mastered this can use the ledge cancel tactics.


  • Juggling
    • Zelda’s landing options are Nayru's Love as a mixup, Farore’s Wind (retreat or a surprise attack), and Dair if the opponent overcommits. It is rare, but Zelda can land with the Phantom B-Reverse if the Phantom is temporarily destroyed or use an uncharged option. Shulk should juggle as much as possible with Utilts, frame trap Nairs, aerials, and Air Slash, but preferably directly below Zelda to avoid her Bair/Fair landing.
      • Against Nayru’s Love, lingering hitboxes like Shulk’s Nair can beat it.
    • Zelda’s other main use of Nayru’s Love is its “get off me” tool to break free of combos if the follow ups are slow.
      • Love Jump: When Zelda is hit, she DJs and immediately uses Nayru's love for a surprise counterattack or a defensive retreat.
    • Zelda has a weird Monado Purge range (83-107%). The 1st Progression does not work, but it starts killing after 64%.
      • Shulk must aim at the tip of Zelda’s legs. The JABD (2nd Progression at 83-92%) must be within one or two frames of perfection.
  • Offstage
    • Farore's Wind can be a greedy counterattack against Shulk's edgeguarding at the ledge, but Shulk can use Vision to kill early. Usually, it is best used to recover safely by grabbing the ledge. Overall, it is hard for Shulk to edgeguard Zelda if she uses Farore’s Wind effectively. Shulk committing offstage will allow Zelda to warp to the ledge and take the advantage state.
      • Like warp characters, she gain invulnerability from above to the ledge than from below to the ledge, making her immune to 2-Frame punishes. But if she recovers below the ledge, Shulk can use the 2-Frame Punish like Fair.
      • If Zelda warps to the ledge and holds down, it can hit opponents around herself for a kill or stage spike before she grabs onto the ledge. This is most likely used if Zelda is ledge trumped.
    • With Jump Art, Shulk can catch up to her if she uses Farore’s Wind to the stage as a mixup. Back Slash can work.
    • Zelda’s Uair is so disjointed that it can shark through thin ledges as a surprise attack/kill. Shulk should space himself away from the ledge.
  • Ledge
    • Zelda has plenty of ways for her ledge drop options. She can ledge drop into:
      • DJ (and optional air dodge) → Nayru’s Love.
      • DJ SH air dodge to go through the opponent → Bair to kill.
      • DJ Nair, which can lead into combos.
    • Shulk, with ~97% Rage, will make Air Slash stop working.
    • Smash Art Dthrow will kill Zelda at +144%. Other than that, this is one of the best ways for Shulk to kill with Smash Art.


  • Juggling
    • At high %, contrary to popular belief, Dthrow  Uair kill (Finger Bang) is a true kill combo only with proper execution/buffer. Due of this, Shulk must not get grabbed at all.
      • If the opponent DIs behind Zelda (which is recommended), her DJ Bair/Uair becomes a 50/50. It can be a true combo, but it has to be frame perfect and is difficult to pull it off, which is why Farore’s Wind is a better kill combo.
      • Her Uair is strictly for killing, but it is a great Uair because it deals the most damage and knockback out of all Uairs. It is also disjointed enough to even beat Cloud’s Dair. Shulk must watch out for Dtilts/Utilt/Dthrow/Dair or even Uair setups at high %.
      • Rage from Dthrow will narrow the % window drastically, and maximum Rage will make Dthrow launch too far to combo with Uair.
      • On platform stages, if Shulk air dodges while landing on a platform from Dthrow, Zelda can kill early with Bair/Fair.
      • Dthrow → Uair Kill Combo (but it is very hard for Zelda to react to Shulk’s DI. Jump and Buster Art will kill Shulk early):
        • Shulk DIs behind (recommended DI)
          • True combo: 92-150% (within 2 frames of frame perfect).
          • 50/50: 150-247% (Shulk should DJ from +190%).
        • Shulk DIs in Front
          • True combo: 90-170% (Zelda must perform a buffered DJ during jumpsquat past 150%).
          • 50/50: 170-267%
    • Inferior to Dthrow → Uair kill confirm, but Zelda can Uthrow → DJ Uair around mid-high %. For Shulk’s case, his weight and fast fall speed will make this setup a 50/50.
    • Her Utilt and Pivot Grab can frame trap, leading into more combos. The back hit of Utilt → Uair kill combo or Dair to extend the combo further.
    • Farore’s Wind is one of the best killing moves in the game because it is quick (F8) and it kills early near the ceiling (even more with Rage). If Shulk is over +75%, he is at risk of Zelda's grounded Farore's Wind OoS (aka the Elevator). Shulk must DI away left or right from the first hit, although Zelda can react to it. Shield Art helps, but Smash Art makes it worse. Due to this risk, Shulk getting close to her with improper spacing should be avoided. But if Zelda misses, Shulk can FF first and commit a hard punish on her free fall landing.
      • This is best used when the opponent uses an option that Zelda predicts or baits. The ground version launches further and kills earlier than the aerial version.
      • Sometimes, it can be a surprise raw kill unexpectedly if the opponent is still not careful. When trying to land, Shulk should not DJ or Zelda will read Shulk’s landing and punish with Farore's Wind.
      • Can be used as a suicide tactic at low % with Farore’s Wind → ledge cancel → Farore’s Wind SD. This is only used if Zelda has a stock lead and has a lot of %.
      • It can be jump canceled for an extra little slide. (Ex: Dtilt → Farore's Wind jump cancel → Elevator kill).
    • Zelda can trap landings with a quick Din’s Fire.
    • Zelda can read the opponent’s getup options on a platform with sweetspot Fair/Bair.
  • Offstage
    • The best usage of Din's Fire is edgeguarding to force an air dodge. It rarely connects, but it is a strong kill move (when Din’s Fire reaches max range).
      • Jump Art is great for an easy recovery.
      • If Shulk air dodges through just before it detonates, thus forcing himself to recover low, Zelda can punish with Dair spike, Fair, etc.
      • It is possible for Shulk to use Vision and hit Zelda if close range.
    • Phantom Slash can be used as an edgeguarding tool. The Phantom in front of the ledge can prevent the opponent from grabbing the ledge, allowing Zelda to punish (like Dtilt). Trying to kill the Phantom is awkward, jumping past through the Phantom is also awkward, and maneuvering around it (like an air dodge) allows Zelda to punish. Jumping over the Phantom fully avoids the Phantom.
      • It can also screw up Shulk's Air Slash if poorly spaced. Shulk must snap the ledge with Air Slash correctly.
      • Aerial Vision must be avoided against the Phantom as it will beat out the Vision.
    • Nayru's Love can be a good edgeguarding tool, especially to stage spike. Shulk should space Air Slash.
    • Her Dtilt and Dair can 2-Frame.
      • Dtilt  sweetspot Fair/Bair kill, especially if Shulk DIs in. But after Dtilt, Zelds can follow it up with Dtilts, Ftilt, air dodge  Dair, charged Fsmash, and Uair kill at high %.
      • Her SH Dair at the ledge can spike Shulk's Air Slash because it has a lot of active frames. Even if Zelda hits with the sourspot, Zelda can continue with more Dairs.
  • Ledge
    • Zelda's ledge trump → Bair is true, if frame perfect. Uair can be a follow up against a DJ read.
      • If Zelda is far away to the ledge, she can use Farore’s Wind ledge cancel to ledge trump.
    • Phantom Slash’s full charge spaced at the ledge covers all four options while being a kill move, so Shulk must time his escape options. If Shulk buffers a ledge option too soon, Zelda can use the half charge and quickly punish.
    • Usmash is not only a strong kill move, but Zelda can jump canceled to cover ledge options.
    • Her Bair is great at punishing ledge rolls.
    • Dsmash is F5, making it the second quickest Dsmash in the game. Dtilts → Dsmash sends Shulk at a lower angle, setting up a gimping situation.
    • Zelda’s Ftilt and Fsmash can be strong kill moves against a ledge getup.
    • Zelda’s Bthrow will kill at +174%.
  • Zelda’s sourspots of Fair, Bair, and Dair can Jab Lock the opponent on platform stages. Zelda can follow it up with the sweetspot Fair/Bair.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Zelda: Bayonetta, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Cloud, Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, Meta Knight, Mewtwo, Marth/Lucina, Pit/Dark Pit, Rosalina, Toon Link, Fox, Corrin, Greninja, Pikachu, Mega Man, Little Mac, each, Olimar, Samus, Mario, Yoshi, Ryu, Villager, R.O.B., Palutena, Bowser, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Robin, Ike, and Duck Hunt.
  • Notable good attributes:
    • Ledge Hanging Hurtbox Vulnerability: High Tier
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Run Speed: 1.3 [53-54th]
Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including Diamond/Dia, GetShulked, Julius, Mr. Hen, FTP, Redslasher, Virum, and TrueSapphire), Art of Zelda by Izaw + prominent Zelda players, Berserker., Rickster, and public information of the Zelda community.

Zelda (85)-

  • Zelda’s Usmash cannot be SDI.
  • Against Farore’s Wind 1st hit, Shulk must DI away left or right, and hope Zelda reacts incorrectly.
  • Against a Bthrow kill, DI up and in.
  • Down Throw (Combo Throw)
    • At low %, DI up and to Zelda’s back, you typically don’t want to go for a mix up unless you’re very sure they will mess up. At low percent watch for nair to fair/bair off of d throw which does a ton of damage but isn’t too difficult to escape.
  • Back Throw (Kill Throw)
    • Optimal DI is straight torwards Zelda
  • Up Throw (Kill Throw)
    • Kills at about 210%

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: Platforms and platform cancels are very important for Zelda, but she will struggle at landing against good juggles. If she misses her Elevator OoS, she will have more landing options with platforms present (unless the opponent reads her landing). Her primary kill options are vertical, but Fairs and Bairs are great at smaller stages.
Preferred Starters: 1) LC, 2) T&C, 3) FD, 4) SV
Counterpicks: 1) LC, 2) T&C, 3) FD, 4) SV
Ban/Strike: 1) BF/DL64

Zelda's Best Stages:

  • Dream Land 64
    • Zelda’s best stage.
      • Very early kills like Dthrow → Uair or Zelda’s Elevator OoS.
        • Zelda can still die early against Shulk’s vertical kill moves.
      • Can platform pressure with SH FF Uairs, Nairs, and Fairs/Bairs. Zelda can combo with more Nairs.
      • Better mobility with platform cancels thanks to the stage’s layout.
      • Platform cancels allow for lagless aerials since her aerials have a lot of landing lag.
      • Platforms help Zelda land more easily.
    • Zelda cannot ledge cancel.
  • Battlefield
    • Zelda kills later than other stages.
      • Zelda can camp on top of the platform and set up her vertical kills.
      • Can platform pressure with SH FF Uairs, Nairs, and Fairs/Bairs. Zelda can combo with more Nairs.
    • Platform cancels for landing, preventing landing lag, mobility, etc.
      • Can be used for a ledge jump → (DJ) Farore’s Wind ledge cancel.
    • Platforms help Zelda land more easily.
  • Smashville
    • Zelda’s early kills are more accessible.
      • Can platform pressure with SH FF Uairs, Nairs, and Fairs/Bairs. Zelda can combo with more Nairs.
    • The moving platform helps Zelda’s landing. If an opponent is on the platform, Zelda will use Uair as it is both powerful and safe.
      • Platform camping really hurts Zelda since she does not have a lot of good options to hit her opponents on the platform. Even though she has Din’s Fire, her opponents can easily avoid it.
      • Platform allows her opponents to go over her Phantom.
    • Zelda’s edgeguarding is better.

Zelda's Worst Stages:

  • Final Destination
    • Mobility Arts are great against Zelda.
    • More consistent teleport ledge cancel for Zelda because it is easier to her to space herself (by using the edge of the light in the middle).
    • Phantom is a better wall.
    • Lack of platforms hurts Zelda’s landing.
      • Shulk should juggle a lot.
  • Town & City
    • The earliest vertical kills for Zelda.
      • Even when the stage shifts into Final Destination, Zelda’s vertical kills can kill earlier than the actual Final Destination.
    • Platforms do not help Zelda’s Uairs or Farore’s Winds because the stage moves and transforms, hindering her kill power and teleports.
      • Zelda’s ledge-canceling into safe Fairs or Bairs are not effective because the platforms are too wonky.
    • Platform camping is worse for Zelda than Smashville.
      • Shulk excels at camping on this stage by using Jump Art.
    • Phantom is less effective.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • Zelda’s worst stage.
      • Zelda’s recovery is difficult for her to sweetspot the ledge.
      • The tilting and platforms makes Phantom almost nullified.
        • Platforms are too low for her Uairs.
      • Nearly impossible for her to platform cancel, even when the stage is not tilting.
      • Teleport characters that teleport on Lylat’s engine can go opposite directions, even offstage. For Zelda, this can screw up her Elevator kill.
    • Can platform pressure with SH FF Uairs, Nairs, and Fairs/Bairs.
    • Landing is easier for Zelda thanks to the platforms.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
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