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Yoshi’s DJ is the Flutter Jump with heavy armor (not super armor). More details at the end of Other Notes.

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Yoshi’s five main ways in neutral:
      • Egg Throws.
      • Spacing with retreating Fair/Bair, FH Nair, and air dodge → Nair/Uair against disjoints.
      • Countering shielding habits with FH Nair, Egg Lay, and Yoshi Bomb on a damaged shield.
      • Using Jabs and Utilts (Turnaround Canceling boosts Yoshi’s slides).
      • Killing with Jab 1 → Usmash, Yoshi Bomb, and Uair commonly.
    • With Shulk’s long disjoints, Shulk must always space and wall out Yoshi’s Dash Attack range while not committing a lot at grounded height. Usually, he should not hold forward, jump too much, and get too close; he has to respect Yoshi’s Jab and Nair a lot.
      • Shielding is good as Yoshi is forced to use Egg Lay, Dash Grab, or Yoshi Bomb on a damaged shield.
      • Against Egg Throws, mobility Arts allow Shulk to rush in and punish the high cooldown within one second. Shulk can also shield (if Yoshi is far away) or clank the eggs with Utilt or Fair.
      • Shulk should force Yoshi to air dodge or use an aerial as Shulk’s disjoints will easily beat out Yoshi’s aerial approaches with Utilt and retreating Nair/Fair.
    • Shulk must be aware of Yoshi’s landings: Nair, Egg Throws, and Egg Lay mixups commonly. Against Yoshi’s landings, lingering hitboxes like Utilts and Buster Art Bairs are effective. If Shulk wants to kill, he should use Uair or Bair against Yoshi’s aerial drift.
    • Non-true combos from Shulk’s Nair will allow Yoshi to counterattack with Nair or Flutter Jump.
    • Monado Purge does not work, but it can kill at +70%.
  • Edgeguarding
    • Jump Art edgeguarding will help to chase Yoshi offstage. Shulk can bait Yoshi’s Fair spike or beat the startup of Egg Throws will Fair/Bair. Shulk’s goal is to force Yoshi to Flutter Jump because once Yoshi is hit after that, Yoshi is really force to rely on two short air hops or Egg Throws (third one and onward do not boost Yoshi up anymore).
    • Footstool and Dair spike are effective on Yoshi after his Flutter Jump.
    • Relevant moves against Yoshi’s Flutter Jump heavy armor (blade sweetspot / beam sourspot, and Rage does factor in):
      • Smash Art (full-on attacks after 64%): Utilt (20/35%), Bair (43/64%), Fair (51/62%), and Nair (64/57%).
      • Vanilla/Jump (full-on attacks after 90%): Uair2 (45/61%), Utilt (44/65%), Bair (55/85%), Dair2 (101/58%), Fair (74/90%), Nair (88/78%), and Dair1 (101/58%).
    • Shulk should pressure the ledge with Smash Art kill moves or Buster Art’s grabs and retreating aerials.
  • Disadvantage
    • When juggled in the air, the only kill move Shulk has to worry about is Uair. When he lands, he has to worry about Dash Attack or Usmash. Shulk must not be above Yoshi or air dodge too often, so he must land away with mobility Arts or MALLCs.
    • Shulk must conserve his DJ when offstage. He has to watch out for Egg Throws, Dair, Fair, and Bair stage spike. Yoshi’s Dtilt and Dsmash can 2-Frame.
    • Against the Egg Lay, Shulk should mash out by only using the control stick (both onstage and offstage).
    • Against Yoshi’s grab release, Shulk can buffer a shield, roll away, or Vision OoS against a charged move
      • Against Jab 1 → Usmash, Shulk should DI up and away.
      • Against Dthrow → Uair, Shulk should DI away and jump.
    • Against Dair, Shulk should SDI in the direction Yoshi is going.


  • All Monado Arts
    • Mobility Arts are good to use when Yoshi overcommits, but Shulk should be careful and not autopilot (being too aggressive or predictable).
      • Jump Art is good since both characters fight in the air, but Shulk has a better chance to hit Yoshi after Yoshi uses his Flutter Jump, It also will allow Shulk to avoid Egg Throw camping. It can also stall until Shulk gets the Art he wants (usually Shield or Buster Art).
      • Speed Art can easily punish Egg Throws with a perfect shield, then dash to punish. Yoshi does not punish SH height that much compared to most characters. It can alternate to Smash Art after Yoshi passes 55%.
    • Shield Art helps against Yoshi's poor grab game, shield punishes like Yoshi Bomb and Dair, and Yoshi’s killing problems. Shulk can take risks or stall Yoshi out and live (especially if Shulk has the stock lead) until 170%. Yoshi’s only good counterplay is Egg Lay to rack up damage or camping with Egg Throws, but the Egg Lay’s duration is reduced in Shield Art.
    • Buster Art walking, when playing a grounded game, will help to easily rack up damage while spacing Yoshi out. Bair is great against Yoshi’s aggressive landings. Yoshi may poke with SH Fairs, but once Shulk gets stage control, he can use retreating Bairs or Fairs to pressure. At low %, however, Yoshi will be able to combo Shulk for more damage like Dair.
    • Smash Art is viable to use. It can be fine to use to hit Yoshi offstage and easily break the Flutter Jump heavy armor, especially after 64%. Shulk has to keep in mind of avoiding certain kill moves.
  • Yoshi is an all-rounder that can also have a rushdown playstyle that presses good buttons at close range. By doing so, Yoshi’s damage output is great and fast to turn the match around. As an uncommon character, Yoshi usually wins who do not know his options. But Yoshi does not like disjoints because he does extend his hurtbox when attacking with short range moves, his grab game is poor, he struggles to approach and kill, he does not roll much because they are terrible, and has poor OoS options from fast, aggressive shield pressure.
    • Shulk should not rush in recklessly (aka hold forward) and get too close, especially since Yoshi F3 Nair lasts a while, F3 Jab, and Egg Throws. Yoshi’s favorable frame data allows him to use his aggressive options as a strong defense, hence they have a habit of pressing buttons.
    • Since most of Yoshi’s moves are short range, the goal for Shulk is to keep Yoshi out while playing passively and safely. Shulk can space, outrange, and wall out Yoshi while having good stage control to frustrate Yoshi. When Yoshi struggles to get in, that is where Yoshi might commit a mistake, and once Shulk has the lead, he has no reason to approach.
      • The key is for Shulk to stay outside of Yoshi’s range (at least Yoshi’s Dash Attack range) and try mind games such as throwing out moves to make it look like Shulk will commit. This will make Yoshi use a move to try to punish while Shulk can react. Due to Yoshi’s good frame data, Shulk should punish the moves Yoshi uses itself.
      • Playing grounded is recommended. By playing more grounded, Shulk will be more noncommittal. If Shulk stays out of Yoshi’s immediate Dash Attack while playing grounded, Yoshi also struggles to get in. Yoshi will have to commit to something, usually with SH Fairs and dashing in. Shulk can react to Yoshi’s jump and retreat away.
    • Holding shield is great as long as Shulk is out of the range of Yoshi’s Egg Lay command grab, Dash Grab, and Yoshi Bomb (pressured by Jab or other moves). Shulk can punish react and punish these options should Yoshi overcommit.
  • Five main ways in neutral
    • 1. Egg Throws, both grounded and aerial. This is Yoshi’s best Special move as Yoshi throws it in an arc combined with his high air mobility. It creates a wall of eggs at different angles to keep the opponent from closing distance as easily. Yoshi can follow it up with any move, depending on the hit.
      • Vision does not work against the Egg Throws (or at least not reliable). This is because the eggs have two hits, and Vision counters the explosion part. Vision only works if the 1% hit touches Shulk.
      • Countering it
        • Despite being Yoshi’s best Special move, it is not safe and cannot be spammed because Shulk has almost a full second to punish its high cooldown, even with Yoshi’s air speed. Shulk must either wait out the Egg Throw or anticipate Yoshi’s movements. A good idea is for Shulk to learn the patterns of Egg Throws and Yoshi’s camping. Jump Art can work except a high toss of Egg Throw, but Speed Art walking into crouching is better. If Yoshi uses Egg Throws while in the air too much, Shulk can run under Yoshi and use Usmash, Utilt, or Air Slash.
        • As Egg Throws work against jumping habits and has a follow up, Shulk can shield (preferably perfect shield), avoid (including crouching), or clank the Egg Throws with Utilt or Fair as long he is not close to Yoshi. Rolling or spot dodging does not work against the Egg Throws.
    • 2. Spacing with retreating Fair/Bair, FH Nair, and air dodge → Nair/Uair against disjoints. This helps when Yoshi is a slippery opponent with his high air mobility.
      • Retreating Fair is the best because Yoshi can use it on shield, retreat, and is usually safe (unless the opponent is fast), but the startup is slow, and his swinging head is a big hurtbox. Retreating Bair is better for punishing the opponent’s bad spacing.
      • Nair is also great move for Yoshi, alongside with Jab because they are both F3 and extend in front of him. As Nair lasts a while, it can retreat or be its best OoS option against Shulk’s unspaced move like Fair or attempted tomahawk grabs.
      • Since Yoshi is up against a disjoint character, Yoshi will have to SH air dodge  Nair/Uair if Shulk throws out a lot of moves (like SH Fairs or Utilt). Uair is better for conversions, and Nair is faster. Alternatively, Yoshi likes to air dodge a lot in the neutral to get around Shulk’s aerials and punish whiffed moves.
      • With Yoshi’s high air mobility and Flutter Jump heavy armor, Yoshi can weave around Shulk’s aerials similar to Jigglypuff. If Yoshi does not drift out, then Yoshi’s buttons are not safe on shield.
      • Countering it
        • In general, Shulk should force Yoshi to air dodge or use an aerial so that Shulk can punish with a well-timed move. He cannot be too close to Yoshi unless Yoshi overcommits.
        • Against Yoshi’s aerial mobility, Yoshi does not like Shulk’s Utilt (or even PP retreating Utilt) and especially Nair and Fair. If Yoshi air dodges too much, Shulk can go for a hard read to punish.
        • Because Yoshi can Nair OoS against unspaced moves or tomahawk grabs, Shulk should focus on spacing out Yoshi. Alternatively, Buster Art can be used to empty hops with Ftilt or Utilt if Yoshi drifts forward.
        • Shulk’s Back Nair, Fair, and Bair can beat out Yoshi’s Fair. If Yoshi drifts out his Fair against Shulk’s shield, then Shulk cannot shield grab, but Air Slash OoS and spaced Bair might counterattack. Vision on reaction can work against Fair.
        • Yoshi may have a jumping habit, so Shulk should play noncommittal. When Yoshi SH approaches, Shulk’s Utilt can beat it until Yoshi adapts with a well-timed air dodge. If Yoshi tries to SH air dodge approach  Nair/Uair, Shulk can use retreating Fairs/Nairs against that.
    • 3. Countering against shielding habits.
      • While Yoshi does have a slow and laggy grab, Yoshi can use FH Nair against the opponent who shields a lot, then retreat. Not only it is a bit hard to punish FH Nair, it also adds a bit of shield pressure and may catch the opponent off guard. If Yoshi’s Nair does hit, Ysohi can follow it up with another aerial. Should Yoshi get a grab, he only has few follow ups. One of Yoshi’s good grab examples is Pummel → grounded grab release → Punish.
      • Egg Lay is a great mixup with B-Reverses, Wavebounce, and Turnarounds, making it better than Yoshi’s grabs. Yoshi may also bait if he is fighting with aerials a lot. However, the Egg Lay has limited follow ups, so Yoshi usually racks up damage with Usmash or SH Dair.
      • Yoshi Bomb is only used if the opponent’s shield is damaged enough or bad spacing from the opponent.
      • Countering it
        • Shielding is still fine, even if Shulk is at high %. Yoshi cannot get anything off his grab mixups. Shulk can also use retreating aerials against these grab mixups.
    • 4. Turnaround Canceling for Yoshi’s ground game
      • This tech is when Yoshi runs in one direction, quickly runs into the opposite direction for a turnaround animation, and then uses moves like Jab (safer), Dtilt (safer), and Utilt with a little slide. For Yoshi, he has one of the longest slides that benefits him with this technique. This tech is used against characters who do not have good projectiles or decent ground game.
        • Jab is one of Yoshi’s best moves. It is a combo starter, a kill setup, a great “get off me” tool, and F3, hence why Yoshi players like to press buttons, typically.
        • Dtilt has good range while shrinking Yoshi’s hurbox down. It leads to a Dash Attack or a tech chase at mid %, but Dtilt shines at sending the opponent offstage.
        • Utilt is one of Yoshi’s best combo starters and a good anti-air, but has some cooldown. It is most likely used at high % to true combo into Uair kill.
      • Countering it
        • Yoshi will outbutton Shulk at close range. Shulk should respect the Jab and Utilt, and try to space Yoshi out instead of approaching in recklessly. If Yoshi is more grounded, then Shulk can space him out with Bair.
        • Vision may work against a Yoshi who press buttons a lot.
        • Shulk should tech Yoshi’s Dtilt.
    • 5. Killing options in the neutral. However, Yoshi does not have many consistent kill options because they are situational, so he struggles to kill against evasive opponents. Yoshi has to commit to a read, and his smash attacks are less safe than Mario’s. Being a heavyweight, Rage does help Yoshi.
      • Best kill confirm is Yoshi’s Jab. After Jab 1, Yoshi can:
        • Usmash (best finisher from Jab 1). It is only true at 160%, and with Shield Art, it is guaranteed at 270%. The proper DI is up and away, but Yoshi can JCUS (jump canceled Usmash) for a slight extended range against it.
        • Yoshi Bomb only when Yoshi is right up to Shulk’s body. Otherwise, Shulk can DI away, roll away, ir spot dodge, and only get hit by the stars. The three hits of grounded Yoshi Bomb do not instantly break a fresh shield, and Shulk can spot dodge the landing before punishing the endlag. Good Yoshi Bombs are only used for a shield break (when the shield is damaged enough), punishing at the opponent’s vulnerable moment, or after Jab 1.
        • Fsmash. Only used if the opponent spams air dodge through this or Usmash.
        • Jab 2 at the ledge. If Shulk DIs at mid %, Yoshi can guaranteed a Fair spike.
      • Around mid-high % (at spawn ledge of Final Destination)
        • Fsmash kills at +87%. Only used against bad spacing/landing and air dodge spam from Jab 1. The head is intangible when hitting.
        • (Flutter Jump heavy armor) Uair kills at around +99%.
          • Utilt  Uair is a kill combo.
      • Around high % and beyond (at spawn ledge of Final Destination)
        • Grounded Yoshi Bomb kills at +128%.
        • Raw Usmash kills at +132% (although seldom to use in the neutral).
        • Fair’s sourspot (anywhere but his nose) kills at +138%.
        • Dsmash kills at +147%.
        • Aerial Yoshi Bomb kills at +158%.
        • Bair kills at +164%.
      • Countering it
        • Yoshi can air dodge/SH Uair or dashing Usmash to kill when Shulk has a jumping habit.
        • If Yoshi perfect shields, he may use a quick Yoshi Bomb to kill. Shulk must continue to space himself away from Yoshi.
  • Yoshi’s crouch can avoid Shulk’s spaced Bair.
  • Yoshi’s Dash Attack can be a combo starter and can catch landings, but Air Slash OoS or Speed Art Dash Grab can punish it.
  • Yoshi’s Egg Roll is not really used, but if Yoshi does use it, Shulk can simply use Nair or Vision to hit the Egg Roll.


  • Juggling
    • One of Yoshi’s main weaknesses is landing with slow fall speed, especially against disjoints. However, he does have his Nair, Egg Throws, Egg Lay landing mixup (B-Reverse, Turnaround, and Wavebounce), challenging with Dair (or landing with A-Landing), retreating Fair on shield, landing really high with Yoshi Bomb (except platforms), and high air mobility. When Yoshi’s back is facing Shulk while landing, Yoshi will most likely use a B-Reverse Egg Lay.
      • Still, a bad habit for Yoshi is holding forward in a bad spot while in the air and landing aggressively. Buster Art Bair is great for this.
      • Shulk should prevent Yoshi from landing, especially after Yoshi uses his Flutter Jump. Shulk’s Utilt is the best one to punish, followed by Fairs, frame trap Nairs, grabbing upon Yoshi’s landing, or Air Slash. This is more effective if Yoshi tries to air dodge against a lingering hitbox.
      • However, killing with Utilt should be limited because bad spacing will allow Yoshi to reset neutral or punish the endlag. It is better for Shulk to read Yoshi’s aerial drift and kill with Uair or Bair.
    • True combos are necessary against Yoshi. Shulk must be careful when extending his strings that are not true combos or else Yoshi can use Nair to counterattack. Nair and Flutter Jump are Yoshi’s “get off me” tools.
    • Monado Purge is ineffective on Yoshi. Yoshi does not even have to use his Flutter Jump heavy armor as he can just jump out of Purge before Uair can connect.
  • Offstage
    • Jump Art allows Shulk to chase deeper offstage, but he must be wary of Yoshi’s Fair spike, Egg Throws, air dodges, Egg Roll in the magnifying glass to live longer, and Flutter Jump (although good Yoshi players conserve their jump). By using Fair or Air Slash, this can discourage Yoshi from recovering high while preventing Egg Throws to the ledge. It is also possible for use Fair/Bair to hit the egg while hitting Yoshi at the same time. If Shulk fails to edgeguard, he must regain stage control first so that Shulk can resume juggling Yoshi
    • Yoshi is unique in which his Flutter Jump is his main recovery (like a rainbow arc), followed by a short air hop by two Egg Throw. After the first two Egg Throws, Yoshi barely gets any height after more Egg Throws. Regardless, Yoshi has a predictable recovery and cannot snap the ledge, thus he is vulnerable to footstools and spikes.
      • If Shulk goes offstage
        • Shulk should focus on forcing Yoshi to Flutter Jump. Once Shulk hits Yoshi out of it, Yoshi will be on the verge of death and will have to rely on Egg Throws.
        • Footstool and Dair spike are effective on Yoshi after his Flutter Jump.
        • Ledge Air Slash can work, both hanging from the ledge or on the ledge after the Flutter Jump heavy armor.
      • If Shulk stays at the ledge, it is actually fine for Shulk to stay onstage because it is difficult to edgeguard Yoshi until Yoshi reaches a certain %. A good Yoshi will use Egg Throw as close to the ledge to be safe from Shulk’s edgeguarding attempts
        • This is one of the few instances where Smash Art is truly viable. When Shulk uses Smash Art, every move Shulk uses to edgeguard will break through Yoshi’s jump armor once Yoshi passes 64%. With Rage, the % threshold lowers to around 40%.
        • Alternatively, after Yoshi uses his Flutter Jump, Shulk must cover Yoshi’s landing with Bair or Fair.
    • If Yoshi uses his Flutter Jump to the ledge, Shulk’s Buster Art Dsmash can hit him.
    • Above the ledge, Yoshi can grab the ledge with Yoshi Bomb.
  • Ledge
    • Shulk should continue the pressure with Smash Art as he can use spaced Usmash or Bair to catch most of Yoshi’s ledge options. But if Yoshi is at very low %, then Buster Art's grabs and retreating aerials can be used to rack up damage against a potential ledge drop → Flutter Jump heavy armor. Vanilla is safer to use than Buster Art if Shulk fears taking more damage.
    • Even if Yoshi chooses a ledge jump, Yoshi still struggles to land.
    • If Shulk spaces a little from the ledge, his Utilt can hit Yoshi hanging from the ledge.
  • Sometimes, the Egg Throw can interrupt Shulk’s punishes such as Fsmash.


  • Juggling
    • Yoshi’s air mobility is high enough to move fast in the air and catch up to Shulk with a good punish game. Yoshi’s raw Uair is a quick kill move, and Egg Throws are good to frame trap (either Shulk gets hit or he air dodges, but he gets hit by Yoshi’s aerial). Yoshi will also try to catch landings with Dash Attack or Usmash, with Usmash being a strong kill move with intangible legs.
      • Shulk must avoid being above Yoshi and not air dodge too often. Shulk should only worry about the Uair kill move in the air. Mobility Arts and MALLCs will help when landing.
      • SH air dodge → Uair → Flutter Jump Uair is a true kill combo against Shulk, but Shulk can DI away.
    • When Shulk gets hit, Shulk should not jump or else Yoshi will spike or continue his combo string.
    • Shulk at +110% is at risk of Dthrow → Uair, so Shulk should DI away and jump. Shield Art will help.
    • Shulk must tech Fair spike onstage. If Shulk does not tech, he should not air dodge and should just jump away.
    • On platforms, Shulk must not hold shield or else Yoshi can Egg Lay command grab (unless Shulk is in Shield Art).
  • Offstage
    • While Shulk should not DJ too early, he must also never jump towards or upwards Yoshi.
      • Egg Throw is a great edgeguarding tool. It can frame trap or follow it up with Fair/Nair. Since Shulk’s Air Slash is a linear recovery, Yoshi can Egg Throw it in the way, then use Fair/Nair at the cost of stage control. Onstage, Yoshi can create a wall of eggs. It can work when up against Shulk’s Air Slash because it can hit if Shulk fails to snap the ledge, which will lead to a Fair spike or Nair.
      • Yoshi’s Dair is great because it lasts long enough to cover air dodges. If Dair does connect, Shulk should SDI in whatever direction Yoshi is going so that Shulk gets hit by the final hitbox. Shulk will take more damage, but will not die to its semi-spike.
      • Yoshi’s Fair is not only a great spike, but it can also 2-Frame because it reaches under the ledge. It is easy for Yoshi when he reads Shulk’s DJ or air dodge.
      • With Bair being multi-hit, it can be difficult for Shulk to tech a stage spike.
      • Nair is also a good edgeguarding move because not only the opponent will most likely DI in, it also covers air dodges.
      • On a rare occasion, this is where Egg Roll is used best as a flashy edgeguard. Just after leaving the ledge, Yoshi pops out with a lot of horizontal momentum that can catch the opponent off guard.
    • Egg Lay can be dangerous to Shulk. He only has a few seconds to break out of the egg or else he cannot recover back. The Shulk player must circle the control stick repeatedly until he gets out. By mashing the buttons, however, Shulk might make a laggy or suicidal misinput. Shield Art, however, reduces the Egg Lagy’s duration.
    • Yoshi can 2-Frame with Dtilt (safer and react to opponent’s getup option) or Dsmash (1 frame faster than Dtilt).
  • Ledge
    • Yoshi can ledge trump → Bair.
    • When Yoshi fails to edgeguard, then he can use Flutter Jump Egg Throws to cover ledge getup, attack, jump, and roll. This can lead to another follow up or a kill at high % like Egg Throw  Fair spike.
      • Jab/Dtilt/rising Nair/Fair → Fair spike. Shulk has to DI in.
    • Shulk cannot wait while hanging onto the ledge or else Yoshi will Fair spike after the ledge invulnerability. Still, the sourspot of Fair is one of Yoshi’s reliable kill option once Shulk is at 138%.
    • After Yoshi’s Jabs, if Shulk DIs at mid %, Yoshi can guaranteed a Fair spike.
    • Against a drag down Bair, Shulk must tech it or else Yoshi can Fsmash.
  • If Shulk does get turned into an egg while onstage, Shulk can mash out either only the control stick or only the face buttons, preferably the control stick. If Yoshi charges an Usmash or Yoshi Bomb, Shulk can mash Vision to instantly counter upon release.
  • If Yoshi goes for a grab release, Shulk must hold shield and be ready to react.
    • Yoshi’s grab release  Jab  Usmash kill. Shulk can easily avoid this by buffering his shield and hold it as he gets grab released. It is important to note that characters cannot grab again after the grab release.
    • If Yoshi excepts Shulk to shield, he can use Yoshi Bomb to shield break. Shulk can either roll on reaction or Vision OoS.
  • Yoshi does have the ability to Jab Lock from Fair and Dair. He usually starts with Jab, Nair, Fthrow/Bthrow, or platform slide off.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Yoshi: Cloud, Diddy Kong, Bayonetta, Meta Knight, Sheik, Rosalina, Corrin, Sonic, Mewtwo, Zero Suit Samus, Marth/Lucina, Fox, Ryu, Pikachu, and Mario.
  • An Aerial Input Lock (Yoshi variant) occurs when the character is in the Egg Lay, they first buffer an aerial when mashing out, but they might use a different aerial after breaking out. This happens when the player is first mashing the A button along with the control stick for the first aerial input, but this process can be stopped by not pressing the A button long enough until the player overrides a new aerial.
  • Despite Yoshi having a unique shield (being in an egg), it still functions like a normal shield for all characters, except Yoshi cannot shield platform drop. It does have the smallest shield size (7.56).
  • Notable good attributes:
    • Air Acceleration: 0.098 [11th]
    • Air Speed: 1.28 [1st]
    • Can crawl.
    • Run Speed: 1.86 [14th]. Yoshi runs a tiny bit slower than the walk speed of Speed Art.
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Ledge Hanging Hurtbox Vulnerability: Low Tier
    • Ledge Roll: Intangible 1-21; FAF 50 [57th-58th]
    • Rolls: Intangible 4-21; FAF 36 [57th]
    • Traction: 0.0426 [55th]
  • Yoshi has a property in his mid-air Flutter Jump called heavy armor. Heavy armor allows Yoshi to freely travel through the air to tank against attacks without flinching & will not receive hitstun to an extent. However, he still receives hitlag in unison to Shulk receiving self-hitlag & can punish with a revenge option such as an aerial or special move. Other notes:
    • His Flutter Jump heavy armor lasts from F1-69. He either becomes vulnerable from F70 onward, or the instance he inputs an air dodge or aerial.
    • The heavy armor’s knockback limit to his Flutter Jump is 120 units of total knockback, so any move that deals that or more will break through his armor.
    • With that last point said, Shulk has a plethora of attacks with or without a Monado Art active that can change the knockback he deals. With the right Art & the right move, Shulk can challenge his Flutter Jump armor at very early %.
    • Simplified list of breaking Yoshi’s Flutter Jump heavy armor (full list from Egg.'s Double Jump Tolerance list or Masonomace's table):
      • Relevant moves: Bair (55%), sweetspot Fair (74%), and sweetspot Nair (78%).
      • Uair1 (38%), Uair2 (45%), and Dair2 (58%).
      • Dsmash1 and Fsmash2 (40%, though Dsmash breaks about 10% later per hit).
      • Back Slash Front (78%), Air Slash’s first launcher hit (0%), Air Slash’s regular hit (40-60%), Air Slash 2 (57%).
      • Smash Art lowers the above % threshold by about 15-25%.


Author: Masonomace, TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including Masonomace, HopefulHero, Valak, Grexin, Aarrow, dwarf74, Thicc Real, Mr. Hen, CrownAether, XenoM1315, Terchuy, and more), Egg.’s Double Jump Tolerance guide, Zaney72’s competitive guide, Beefy Smash Doods’ Aerial Input Lock & How to Mash FAST!, Tetra, and public information of the Yoshi community.

Yoshi (104)-

  • Agaisnt Jab 1 → Usmash, DI up and away.
  • Against Fsmash and Fair’s sourspot, DI in and up.
  • Against Usmash and Yoshi Bomb, DI down and away.
  • Against Dsmash’s 1st hit, DI in and down.
  • Against Uair, DI in and slightly up.
  • Against Dair, SDI left, right, or up on the direction Yoshi is going.
  • Down Throw (C)
    • DI up and away or away only, maybe mix up with down and away.
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 205% from the edge of the stage.
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 210% from the edge of the stage.

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: Like Shulk, Yoshi is more MU dependent and relies on playing the opponent’s worst stages. However, Yoshi does not like small stages against a camping character because Yoshi has less room to land and reset neutral. Yoshi’s Usmash and Uair will help in low ceiling stages.
Preferred Starters: 1) FD, 2) SV, 3) T&C, 4) LC
Counterpicks: Same as above
Ban/Strike: 1) BF/DL64

Yoshi's Best Stages:

  • Battlefield
    • Arguably Yoshi’s best stage.
      • Greatly increases Yoshi’s survivability as a heavyweight, and the wide horizontal blastzones still allow Yoshi to recover from far away.
      • Platforms boosts Yoshi’s juggle game with Uairs, Egg Throws, and Flutter Jump heavy armor. Usmash also can hit below the side platform, Utilt to poke shields, and FH Dair can almost break the opponent’s shield on the platform.
        • But Yoshi is susceptible to Shulk’s Utilt/Bair traps on landing after the Flutter Jump.
      • Yoshi’s kill power is still strong, thus the large blastzones do not bother Yoshi’s kill potential.
    • Egg Throws are a little harder to aim.
  • Dream Land 64
    • One of Yoshi’s best stages.
      • The wide horizontal blastzones still allow Yoshi to recover from far away.
      • Platforms boosts Yoshi’s juggle game with Uairs, Egg Throws, and Flutter Jump heavy armor. Usmash also can hit below the side platform, Utilt to poke shields, and FH Dair can almost break the opponent’s shield on the platform. However, Yoshi will have to jump just a bit higher to poke.
        • But Yoshi is susceptible to Shulk’s Utilt/Bair traps on landing after the Flutter Jump.
    • Early kills from both characters, though that does not matter much for Yoshi because Yoshi’s kill power is strong.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • Yoshi’s Usmash and Egg Throws cover the platforms.
    • FH Dair can almost break the opponent’s shield on the platform.
    • Yoshi’s edgeguarding is still strong.
    • Tilting does not bother Yoshi that much.
      • Yoshi can still recover to the tilted ledge just fine.
      • Egg Throws are good at camping.

Yoshi's Worst Stages:

  • Town & City
    • Earliest kills for both characters, but a bit detrimental for Yoshi against an opponent with strong kill power.
    • Yoshi’s combo potential are increased from the platforms.
    • A bit easier for Yoshi to camp than on Battlefield and Dream Land 64.
    • Yoshi’s Usmash does not reach high platforms, but Uair can.
    • FH Dair does not synergizes well onto the platforms.
  • Smashville
    • The moving platforms grants Yoshi an additional landing option.
      • The best stage for Egg Throw camping. However, Shulk can also camp with Jump Art on this small stage.
    • A bit hard for Yoshi’s FH Dair → aerial because the platform moves.
    • Yoshi’s Usmash is a bit awkward to use under the platform.
    • The stage somewhat limits Yoshi’s combos like Uair spam.
  • Final Destination
    • Not a bad stage for Yoshi, but he gets less benefits.
      • Yoshi does not get juggled too hard because of Egg Throws to the ledge.
      • Yoshi will play this stage if he is up against a character that gets juggled easily. He can also wall out with Egg Throws.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
      • Stages with walls in general do not benefit Yoshi. The Egg Throws are stopped by the wall, Yoshi rarely recovers below, and Yoshi has heavy armor that stops stage spiking moves.
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • Yoshi’s worst stage.
      • Yoshi does not benefit much from using the tree. He does have some benefits for using the bush.
      • The ducks interfere Egg Throws, and Yoshi’s aerials last longer because of the hitstun.
    • Shulk can easily camp Yoshi with Jump Art.
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