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  • This Match Up requires the utmost patience from Shulk.
    • Despite being the fastest thing alive, Sonic plays a pretty patient game, attempting to bait his opponent with one of his many spindash tricks or mobility options and punishing afterwards.
      • Sonic can use his options pretty safely and he keep himself unpredictable.
    • You should not be starting fights with Sonic. Rather, you should punishing.
    • But at the same time, do not let Sonic have the entire stage to run all over. Assert yourself by applying pressure with your midrange presence and spaced attacks.
    • Although hard, you need to establish yourself into a position where you can cover multiple options at once so it's harder for him to mix you up.
  • All arts are useful in this MU.
    • Jump art allows you to chase him in instances where he'd normally be pretty safe such as after an Up B
    • Speed art allows you to close the gap and capitalise on punishes better.
    • Smash Art is useful occasionally and is not recommended.
  • Do not spot dodge Sonic's Spin Dash
    • Doing so will either make you miss the punish or get into a Spin Dash combo
  • Instead, hold Shield against Spin Dash.
    • Sonic CANNOT grab during his Spin Dashes.
    • When doing so, do not let go of your shield until Sonic passes you.
      • Down B in particular will hit your shield multiple times.
    • Once he passes, be quick and punish with Full Hop Nair into Sonic. It does not matter if you are not facing Sonic, your Nair should cover it.
      • If anything, not facing Sonic might be better as the hitbox of Nair starts behind Shulk.
      • Fair works too
      • After the Full Hop Nair, Sonic acts too fast for you to follow up most of the time.
        • Although, having Speed Art activated gives you a much better chance on being able to follow up.
        • If you see that you cannot punish, just hold shield again.
  • Nair and fair can stop Sonic's Spin Dash.
    • However, you should respect Sonic and should mostly let him come to you.
    • Jab can clank with Spin Dash and leaves Sonic in a more favorable position due to his superior frame data.
  • Unfortunately, you might have to come to Sonic, as he is the Timeout Emperor. This will probably happen if Sonic has the lead. Here is what you can do:
    • Run and shield immediately. At this point…
      • Sonic can...
        • Spin Dash
        • Run and grab you
        • Trick you with a Spin Dash cancel
      • You can…
        • Short hop fast fall Nair (SHFF Nair) in your current position
        • Continue to hold shield
        • Run and grab Sonic
        • These options tend to make Sonics nervous and cause them to freak out
    • Walk to Sonic
      • When dashing, you must first commit to the dash and then you can shield. When walking, you can shield at any moment.
      • In addition, you can still do any grounded action while walking
    • Remember not to get too close. By staying midrange, you are applying pressure to Sonic. If you need to attack, space your attack very well.
  • It is not recommended to approach Sonic with Nair, as they will simply shield grab.
    • Even if you go for the Nair retreat, Sonic is fast enough to grab you no matter where you land.
  • Beyond his spins, Sonic also has his fantastic ground speed and strong grab game.
    • Be wary of option his grab, dash attack and pivot FTilt.
  • Sonic should not be approaching you with his Short Hop aerials as they are pretty easy to punish for the most part due to poor range.
    • Nair is the only aerial that lingers, which doesn't autocancel. It can be easily punished on landing so you can mainly concern yourself with his ground options.
  • Reliable KO moves, Bair, Fair, Usmash, Utilt
    • You should consistently MALLC Bair in case you fail to hit.
    • Do not Fsmash or Dsmash unless you have a good read.
  • When Sonic uses Dair, he suffers a massive amount of landing lag...most of the time. If Sonic is very high up and uses Dair, it will autocancel. Do not let this catch you off-guard.


  • If you see Sonic turn during his Spin Dashes, punish him immediately or draw a little closer to him as he does not have a hitbox nor can he jump when he turns. Here are some option of what Sonic can do out of his jump:
    • Jump then Aerial Attack
      • The default option for a lot of Sonics. This option isn't too safe as you can just Nair after Sonic throws out his aerial.
    • Jump then Homing Attack
      • As soon as you see the Homing Attack initiate you have a couple of options. You could hold shield, but it means that from the Homing Attack and his spins you've taken a lot of shield damage so try rolling towards Sonic and punishing the bounce afterwards with an attack.
      • Due to the nature of Homing Attack, it homes in a lot better to foes moving away from Sonic than towards him. Alternatively, you can spot dodge too.
    • Jump then Up B
      • Do not act immediately out of shield as the spring will hit you. Simply respect all of it and track Sonic's landing from there.
      • He's relatively fast in the air so you have make sure you stay on him though just out of range of his aerials so that he can't try to hit you with them upon landing.
      • However, overall this is probably one of his safer options.
    • Jump then Another Spin Dash:
      • This option is one Sonics will not opt for as much due to the startup on his Spin Dashes, but keep an eye out for it. In this instance, just short hop Nair or Fair quickly after reacting to the start of the Spin Dash.
  • Edgeguarding Sonic:
    • You can trick a Sonic to recover with Spin Dash or homing attack by quickly Fairing after running off stage, jump back onto the stage, and Usmash. Usmash can stop Sonic's Spin Dash and can easily catch him off guard. However, only use this trick when Sonic least expects it or when you have the lead.
  • Shield Art helps when you are doing this since if Sonic does manage to punish you, the punishment will be less severe. Plus, you should be able to KO Sonic despite the damage reduction.


  • Due to Shulk's laggy aerials and lack of air mobility alongside Sonic's immense ground speed and mobility, it's easy for Sonic to punish your landings so always try to stay below him or on his level as much as possible.
  • If Sonic goes for a Dthrow, your DI does not matter too much. Instead, focus on teching rather than your DI.
    • When teching, mix it up so your get-up option does not get read.
    • You can DI away or down the throw so you can tech a little earlier.
  • Sonic BThrow starts killing about 135% from the edge of the stage and about 185% at the middle.
    • Fthow starts killing about 175% and Uthrow starts killing about 190%.
    • These percentages need to be checked.

Other Notes

It is important that you know what Sonic can do during his Spin Charges:

  • Side B:
    • During startup/charge, Sonic can: shield, grab, continue charging, jump via X/Y (which retains the current charge), jump attack via A/B (in which he jumps up with a hitbox and cancels his Spin Dash, entering falling animation near the apex of the jump) release
    • During max charge (where Sonic flashes briefly), Sonic can: continue charging (indefinitely), jump, jump attack, release
    • During the hop after release, Sonic goes into the standard jumping action, allowing him to go into any aerial action afterwards barring another jump)
  • Down B
    • During startup/charge/max charge, Sonic can: continue charging (via mashing B), terminate charge (by not mashing B and just letting Sonic come to a stand still), jump attack, release
  • Both Side B and Down B
    • During grounded spin, Sonic can: jump, turn (note that turning DOES NOT have a hitbox), continue forward
    • During turn, Sonic can: jump, continue with turn
  • Sonic is still faster than Speed Art Shulk.


Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Nair hits while Standing? No.

Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Fair hits while Standing? No.

Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Dair hits while Standing? No.

Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Nair hits while Standing? Yes.

Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Fair hits while Standing? Yes.


Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Nair hits while Crouching? No.
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Fair hits while Crouching? No.
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Dair hits while Crouching? No.
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Nair hits while Crouching? No.
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Fair hits while Crouching? No.

Sonic (94)-

  • Down Throw (C)
    • For this one DI doesn't matter too much, I would focus on teching the landing because since Sonic is so fast you can get punished for almost every get up option if it is read. Also mix up your techs (either roll forward, back, or in place) so you don't get read on that either. DI away or DI down so you can tech earlier.
  • Up Throw (C)
    • DI up & away at low percents but at about 35% or so (as a middleweight character) DI down and to either the left or right to avoid a follow up after Sonic uses up b. Anything higher than 50% you want to DI up and to either the left or right. Until a certain percent Sonic's fair is confirmed from the up and his bair is sometimes confirmed. You usually want to DI up and forward trying to escape the fair but eating the fair is better than eating a bair. Only DI up and back if you know the fair is confirmed and the bair isn't. You always want to go to the left or right since if you just DI up Sonic can jump and then up b to follow you and then use an up air which can kill.
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 135% from the edge of the stage.
    • Kills at about 185% from the middle of the stage. (This percent is when Sonic is standing in the middle of the stage when he grabs the opponent not when his roll finishes in the middle of the stage)
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 175% (DI forward)
  • Up Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 190% (DI back is better than forward)

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Best Stages:

  • Duck Hunt
  • Final Destination
  • Town and City

Worst Stages:

  • Dream Land 64
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