Shulk 101


Community Rating:
-0.5 (Slight Disadvantage)

Professional Rating:
-0.5 (Slight Disadvantage)

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Ryu struggles against camping and fast, unpredictable, retreating movements from Jump and Speed Art.
      • Good Shulk players must resort to defensive play: never approaching and running away most of the time while abusing his range of his retreating aerials (Fair and Bair). Shulk should never enter Ryu’s threat zone as long as he spaces with Fairs, Nairs, and Bair.
        • Shulk’s goals in neutral: Limit the interactions, avoid getting hit at mid-range and hit precisely. If Ryu cannot hit back while Shulk hits back instead, Ryu will struggle due to the limited interactions in his point-of-view and will be forced to commit.
      • Buster Art also helps for shield safety when Shulk retreats away (especially with Bair), against Ryu’s bad approaches, and ledge trapping.
    • Spacing (even better with MALLC), movement, high focus, and lots of patience are more important than shielding and shieldgrabbing.
      • Shulk should not SH predictably in Ryu’s threat zone or else Ryu will Nair or Fair.
      • FH air dodge also works as a cross-up when Shulk is cornered against Ryu’s anti-air moves. Other than that, cross-ups should be limited due to Ryu’s Focus Attack.
      • Ryu has not much reward out of his grabs.
    • Once Ryu jumps forward, he has to commit along with his predictable landings unless he DJs. Good Ryu players will walk a lot for a mental game and jump in more easily against Shulk’s bad startups.
      • Shulk should counter with retreating spaced aerials, baiting before grabbing or moving under Ryu (with a roll in or Speed Art) to take center stage, then rarely mix it up with Dtilt, pivot attacks, Utilt, or a grab.
        • If Ryu adapts and perfect shields, Shulk should bait by landing without an aerial or mixing up the timing of his aerials.
      • To punish Ryu, Shulk should attack Ryu’s approaching Nair. But Shulk must respect Ryu’s Nair, Fair, and RAR Bair if Shulk jumps forward to Ryu. He also has to stay out of Ryu’s Focus Attack range when Ryu commits.
        • Juggle with Uairs, spaced Nair to frame trap, or empty hops against Focus Attack.
    • Monado Purge total range: 84-155% (Shulk’s Rage at 0%).
  • Edgeguarding
    • Always edgeguard with Jump Art when Ryu is far away as this is Ryu’s most vulnerable state. Killing him avoids Ryu’s Rage game.
    • Force Ryu to use his DJ, then hit him back again. This forces Ryu to use a predicable Tatsumaki, making Ryu vulnerable to Fair, Dair, Air Slash, or ledge Air Slash.
    • Against a quick Tatsumaki to the ledge, Shulk can use Dtilt, Air Slash, angled down Fsmash, or Fair.
    • Tipper Fair may 2-Frame the Shoryuken recovery to the ledge. For a high, but risky, reward, Shulk should drop below the ledge and use Smash Art Air Slash before Ryu uses Shoryuken.
    • Avoid Shulk’s Usmash at the ledge (except Shield Art until around 153%). True Shoryuken can counter it.
    • Shulk’s Uair is great against Ryu’s ledge jump → Focus Attack.
    • Smash Art Dthrow for a safe kill option at the ledge (Ryu at +136% with best DI).
  • Disadvantage
    • It is better to land away to reset neutral than challenging Ryu. Mobility Art can help Shulk.
    • SDI Uptilt chains and DJ away at the very tip of Utilt (Shield ARt reduces damage unless Shulk is at high % against True Shoryuken)
    • True Shoryuken kill %: +90% Vanilla/Speed. No Shield Art play after around +153%. Use Jump Art, instead.
    • Jump Art is recommended to get back onstage to avoid Ryu’s Utilts or medium Dtilt → True Shoryuken kill at the ledge. Watch out for Ryu’s Dair against Shulk’s DJ in.
      • DI down and towards the stage against Ryu’s Dair.
    • Snap to the ledge with Air Slash or else Ryu’s Dsmash will hit/kill.


  • Jump, Speed or Buster Art
    • Vanilla Art can help without advantages nor disadvantages, especially at low %.
    • Mobility Arts are the best Arts in this MU, and it should generally be used for retreating until Ryu loses his patience and overcommits.
      • Jump Art is great for retreating aerials to gain shield safety and camping. Ryu can only hit Shulk if Shulk is being predictable on his landings. A reminder that a good Ryu player will like to damage Shulk even more.
      • Speed Art, with unpredictable movements, makes it difficult for Ryu to find an opening. It is also the best Art to potentially punish Ryu’s small mistakes and press his advantage if Shulk sees an opportunity.
    • Shield Art is the least useful Art because Shulk needs mobility in this MU, and Ryu can simply wait for it to time out. If Shulk has a considerable lead, then this Art can be used.
      • One other minor use is reducing the risk of Utilt  True Shoryuken kill. But at around 153% or more (Ryu’s Rage), not even Shield Art will allow Shulk to survive against True Shoryuken. Shulk also suffers from Nair chains  Dair finisher.
      • As long as Shulk avoids Ryu’s Nair with rolling in and avoids getting hit, Shield Art play is fine. If not, Ryu can use Bair to kill.
    • Buster Art helps for a tiny bit safer spacing and shield damage, especially when Shulk runs away with Bair. But a good Ryu player will like to combo Shulk even more or even take the damage to get Rage. Shulk should play reactively against Ryu’s reckless approach.
    • Smash Art is not worth it in the neutral. Shulk can die after +50-60%.
  • Ryu is an explosive character with great frame data all around, making him dangerous at close combat. However, Ryu has a bad approach and has the worst air acceleration in the game, meaning that once he jumps forward, he has to commit and cannot change directions unless he DJs.
    • This makes it easy to predict his landing for a grab, pivot attacks/grabs, anti-air moves, or moving faster than Ryu before spacing him out.
      • However, Shulk usually cannot abuse Ryu’s jumping weakness due to Shulk’s bad startups. This allows Ryu to exploit that weakness as well, even though Ryu is limited in neutral due to his lack of options to force an approach.
      • Ryu’s Nair is a bad approach option that is only safe just before he lands on the ground. It is effective if Shulk jumps too much near Ryu. Other than that, Shulk can also roll out of Ryu’s shield pressure after the Nair.
      • Still, Shulk should respect Ryu’s threat range and must play patiently. If Shulk jumps forward, he may get hit by Nair chains, Fair, or SH RAR Bair. Shulk using Dtilt without his mobility Arts will get him hit by SH Nair.
      • Shieldgrabbing is less useful in this MU against Ryu’s spaced attacks, especially his Bair. Even his Fsmash can be safe on shield.
        • Tomahawk is risky because of Ryu’s Utilt.
    • Spacing is very important against Ryu. Retreating aerials and MALLC will help a lot to not enter Ryu’s treat zone since Ryu's Dtilt, Utilt and Nair lead into scary combos, but they are close-range moves.
      • Spacing is also way better than shielding because of Ryu's safety on shield and his options against shielding like his strong Ftilt that can shieldbreak (usually if his opponent shields the Hadoken too much, but Shield Art can survive this).
        • Shulk’s spaced Dtilt can work unless Ryu rushes in and perfect shields it.
        • Shulk’s Bair is a decent poke (better with Buster Art), but it should be avoided if Ryu gets in too close because he can run up and True Shoryuken or Dsmash against Bair’s landing lag.
        • Cross-up Nairs should only be used as a mixup because Ryu can use Focus Attack if he predicts it. His Utilt can also hit directly behind him.
        • Vision is less recommended because if Shulk misses, he will be punished hard. But Vision can be used against Ryu’s predictable landing attack.
        • Ryu generally has no good reward with a grab. Dthrow is his only combo throw at low %.
      • Due to Ryu’s subpar mobility, Shulk can wall him out and run away throughout the match, but when Ryu gets in through an opening, he is terrifying and can potentially kill Shulk. Since Ryu deals a lot of damage, trading hits is not worth it.
      • If Shulk is cornered against Ryu’s anti-air attacks, Shulk can FH air dodge to avoid it. This works even more if Ryu jumps forward.
    • Since Ryu is a heavyweight that can break combos, he benefits himself with Rage for the earliest kills. It is vital to kill him early.
  • Good Ryu players will walk and shield more instead of jumping recklessly. Ryu’s patient walking creates mental pressure to his opponent.
    • If Shulk spaces too much, Ryu will adapt and perfect shield Shulk’s attacks when approaching. Shulk can bait by landing without an aerial or mixing up the timing of his aerials.
  • Shielding is not recommended against his weak Utilts as it can follow it up with a strong Ftilt that will break Shulk's shield (unless in Shield Art). Shulk should roll away.
    • Shulk should limit rolling in or else Ryu’s weak Utilts will connect.
  • Ryu’s Dsmash is an amazing OoS option with deceptive range and punish. Ryu can perfect shield most of Shulk’s spaced aerials (unless Shulk is in Buster Art).
    • But Ryu’s Nair → Dsmash can work to avoid a shieldgrab because of the low landing lag.
    • Dsmash does not hit behind Ryu.
  • Ryu will use Hadoken to force Shulk to approach or for Ryu to cover his own approach against Shulk’s retreated spaced aerial. It is also used if both characters do not approach each other that much, especially if Shulk is not in one of his mobility Arts. However, Hadoken is not much of a threat.
    • Shulk can swat the Hadoken with his aerials or attacking with anything like Jabs, since the MU is less focused on shielding.
      • If he is in his mobility Arts while somewhat close to Ryu, he can jump over Hadoken and Nair, Fair or Front Bair Ryu just after Ryu fired a Hadoken. Any time slightly after that will allow Ryu to shieldgrab the Nair.
      • Vision Sliding can be effective.
    • Shakutetsu Hadoken is more useful than Hadoken. Shulk can either avoid it (sometimes crouching depending on the height), attack it (Bair can hit Ryu), or shield it with full shield (Shield Art makes it safer).


  • Juggling
    • With Ryu having terrible air acceleration, he struggles to land sometimes. Ryu will try to land back with Nair, Fair, or Focus Attack. Knowing the threat range of the Focus Attack and predicting Ryu’s jumps will allow Shulk to punish back more effectively.
      • Shulk should usually juggle with Uair, spaced Nair and empty hops.
    • Shulk’s Uthrow is his best throw in the MU, but not recommended to use at low-mid % because Ryu can Focus Attack against Shulk’s Utilt followup.
      • If Ryu is about to land with Focus Attack, Uair (both hits) against Ryu’s Focus Attack. Shulk’s Utilt is less recommend in this MU (with one exception). Other counters:
        • Before a potential Focus Attack
          • Jump Art Uthrow → Air Slash can work if before Ryu tries to Focus Attack or True Shoryuken.
        • During Focus Attack
          • Shulk’s other reliable multi-hits moves: Pivot angled Fsmash, Jabs, and Uair1  Utilt.
            • Usmash should be used only when Ryu is grounded, not when Ryu is airborne and near the ground. Ryu can quickly go through Shulk’s Usmash up close with Focus Attack or True Shoryuken, despite Usmash being a two-hit move.
            • Aerials → Tilts can also work to beat Focus Attack.
          • Spaced retreating aerials like Fair.
          • Grab before Ryu punches, especially if the Focus Attack is just a bait.
            • If Ryu is too high for a grab, Jabs can work against dash in. Ryu dashing out does not accomplish anything.
          • LV. 3 Focus Attack is unblockable as it defeats shields, roll ins, and Back Slash. It also crumples the opponent, allowing Ryu to use anything to kill. But shielding can work as a bait. If Ryu whiffs his LV. 3 Focus Attack, he is vulnerable for a hard punish.
        • After Focus Attack
          • If Ryu cannot be beaten out, then it is better to punish during this moment.
            • Shulk can stay out of range (or above Ryu) and bait the dash cancel. His mobility Arts help him to attack if Ryu dash cancels too much.
              • Ex: If Ryu’s Focus Attack habit is SH Focus Attack dash cancel backwards, then Speed Art Pivot Grab or Jump Art aerial can beat this habit.
            • If Ryu mixes up his dash cancels well, then staying back to reset the neutral is a safer option rather than trying to punish Focus Attack.
      • Monado Purge is effective, especially against Ryu’s Focus Attack, but he can DJ away the Purge. Ryu can also True Shoryuken out of Purge at around 84-100%.
    • A whiffed Shoryuken will allow Shullk to punish with Fsmash, Dsmash, or Back Slash. Shulk can use Usmash, but only if Ryu touches the ground. True Shoryuken has no landing lag, so Shulk should punish before Ryu lands.
  • Offstage
    • Edgeguard Ryu with Jump or Smash Art when he is far from the stage before Ryu can recover back to the ledge with their Shoryuken. Shulk should aim at taking away Ryu’s DJ to force Ryu to use Tatsumaki.
      • Shulk playing aggro in Jump Art works great if Ryu starts to panic, especially on his last stock. This can force a panic air dodge, allowing Shulk to use Fair if he predicts it.
      • Good Ryu players will try to mix up their recovery like recovery very low with their DJ, using rising Tatsumaki, or even using Focus Attack to dash in in fear of Shulk’s Fair. If Ryu uses Focus Attack, Shulk can wall with Fairs to frame trap.
        • If Ryu air dodges the Fair, then a reverse Air Slash can stage spike.
    • When Ryu uses Tatsumaki, there is a ton of endlag after he stops spinning. Hitting Ryu with Dtilt, Fair or Air Slash (or ledge Air Slash) works great, especially if Ryu has no DJ.
      • If Shulk predicts a Tatsumaki mixup to the ledge, angled down Fsmash can intercept. Dair can also work to spike Ryu’s Tatsumaki, especially if Shulk reads an air dodge.
      • If Ryu uses Tatsumaki above, Shulk’s Jump Art Uair can hit/kill
  • Ledge
    • If Ryu gets closer to the ledge, challenging his Shoryuken below is difficult because it is intangible on its startup and can snap the ledge. It can stage spike Shulk and hit the ledge unless Shulk shields or stays away.
      • But it is possible to 2-Frame with tipper Fair or go under stage, follow Ryu’s fall, and Smash Art Air Slash before Ryu is forced to use Shoryuken.
      • If Shulk does not want to commit, Shulk’s focus is to rack up damage with Buster Art spaced aerials.
        • Shulk’s Usmash is less recommended because if Shulk missses, Ryu can True Shoryuken to kill. Instead, Shield Art can help to minimize the potential counterattack.
    • Aside Smash Art when edgeguarding, this is Smash Art's best opportunity to kill, but only to Dthrow as a very safe option (at FD’s ledge, Ryu needs 136% to die). This can be setup with Buster Art plays to keep Ryu out. Afterwards, Smash Art should be deactivated immediately.
    • Shulk’s Uair is great against Ryu’s ledge jump → Focus Attack.


  • Juggling
    • Shulk should not be above Ryu because he can juggle with Uairs. Heavy Utilt will beat any landing option from Shulk. Instead, landing away to reset neutral is often a better option than challenging Ryu.
      • Focus Attack beats Shulk’s unspaced aerials, and his Bair and Fair outspeed them.
      • Hadoken and Shoryuken can sometimes catch Shulk’s predicable landings.
      • After Shulk passes 60%, he can be vulnerable to Ryu’s combo attacks  Dair spike.
    • Buster Art should be deactivated in the disadvantage state.
    • Shield Art at high % is risky once Shulk is near the ledge. Against Shield Art, Ryu can Nair chain → Dair spike.
    • True Shoryuken Kill % [+90% normal death range]:
      • 73% – Smash
      • 88% – Buster
      • 90% – Vanilla and Speed
      • 91% – Jump
      • 153% – Shield
      • Rage’s Rule of Thumb:
        • 0% → 0
        • 50% → -7%
        • 100% → -18%
        • 150% → -28%
      • Stage % effect:
        • BF → +9% Later
        • FD → None
        • T&C → -3% Earlier
      • Other Notes
        • Optimal DI: DI down and away
        • Utilt subtracts -3%
        • Ryu usually has Rage, making the death range even lower.
  • Offstage
    • If Ryu is waiting on the ledge, challenging him is risky. Shulk should go to the ledge or jump above them (Jump Art helps). But Shulk should watch out for Ryu’s Dair.
      • Hakoken can hit Shulk, but it is slow and predictable.
    • If Ryu jumps toward Shulk to edgeguard, Shulk can DI away and Fair.
    • If Shulk is at a diagonal position, Ryu can Dair spike. Shulk should keep his DJ for that moment and/or be prepared to air dodge/space Air Slash.
    • Shulk must snap the ledge or else Ryu can Dsmash to hit/kill.
  • Ledge
    • If Shulk waits too long while still hanging onto the ledge, Ryu’s medium Dtilt  True Shoryuken is a kill combo because his opponent is so low that the strong hit will connet.
      • Ryu’s Dash Attack can be used to kill.
    • Ryu can spam Utilt to catch most ledge options, which can lead to a True Shoryuken kill or Dair spike.
      • Ledge roll, Air Slash or DJ Fair can beat Utilt spam.
  • Focus Attack  True Shoryuken can break Shulk's shield (except Shield Art).
  • Ryu is terrible at following footstool DI because of his bad aerial acceleration. Shield Art can avoid the footstool damage at low %, but Shulk gives up the neutral because of his aerials becoming less safe and slow mobility.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Ryu: Rosalina, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Pikachu, Samus, Bayonetta, Mega Man, Cloud, Mewtwo, Duck Hunt, Corrin, Sheik, and Greninja.
  • Notable good attributes:
    • Air Speed: 1.12 [12-13th]
    • Walk Speed: 0.75 [56th]. Despite this, his walking speed is great for mindgames in the neutral.
    • Weight: 103 [Heavyweight 14th]. One value higher than Shulk’s weight.
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Air Acceleration: 0.035 [58th]. Once Ryu moves forward in the air, he cannot shift his aerial acceleration (like Little Mac).
    • Air Dodge: Intangible 4-25; FAF 34 [52nd]
    • Ledge Attack: 25-26 (Intangible: 1-21); FAF 56 [43-53rd]
    • Ledge Roll: Intangible 1-31; FAF 50 [8-12th]
    • Spot dodge: Intangible 3-17; FAF 25 [52nd]

Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including Redslasher, Scarhi, Julius, Grexin, Lewis, and more), Locus, Darkshad, and public information from the Ryu community.

Ryu (103)-

  • Against weak Utilts, (SDI)/DI up and away, then jump at the very tip of Utilt (but do not SDI quickly at high % on a top platform. This results dying at the top). If Shulk jumps at the wrong time, Ryu’s next weak Utilt will catch Shulk.
    • Shield Art helps a lot except at high %. Shulk can SDI up, DJ at the right time, and land away.
    • However, do not SDI up the Focus Attack
  • Against Dair spike, DI down and towards the stage, not up. This works because of the odd angle. Only Shulk in Jump Art can survive unless he has a bit more %.
  • Against Shoryuken, DI down and away.
  • Down Throw (C)
    • Doesn’t combo too well after low percent, but when you are at low percent fair or up air are typical follow ups. DI up and away at low percent and away only at mid-high.
  • Down Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 190% (DI forward)
  • Up Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 195% (DI forward is better than back)
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 160% from the edge of the stage


Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: Ryu’s Shoryuken kills early with stages that have low ceiling. Platforms can help him, but a bigger stage helps Shulk’s best playstyle in this MU: camping.


Camping Playstyle
Normal Playstyle
Preferred Starters: 1) T&C, 2) BF, 3) FD, 4) SV
Counterpicks: 1) T&C, 2) BF, 3) FD, 4) SV, 5) LC
Ban/Strike: 1) DL64, 2) LC
Preferred Starters: 1) BF, 2) FD, 3) SV
Counterpicks: 1) BF, 2) FD, 3) SV, 4) LC
Ban/Strike:1) T&C, 2) DL64, 3) LC

Ryu's Best Stages:

  • Town & City
    • Ryu’s best stage.
      • Ryu can kill the earliest, especially with Shoryuken or killing while he is on the platform.
      • The wide space help Ryu’s Nair strings and regain neutral.
      • Platforms help him land more easily since Ryu struggles a bit at landing on top of his opponent with Nair, Fair, or Focus Attack. This also forces his opponent to extend in order to hit his landing.
        • Helps his Focus Attack control dashes due to the layout.
      • Ryu’s Uthrow on the top platform can potentially kill when Shulk is at very high %.
    • Platforms and the wide space can help Shulk camping with his mobility Arts.
  • Dream Land 64
    • One of Ryu’s best stages.
      • Platforms help him land more easily since Ryu struggles a bit at landing on top of his opponent with Nair, Fair, or Focus Attack.
        • Platforms can extend Ryu’s combos, especially a Shoryuken/Uair finisher. However, Ryu does require a FH for platform pressure.
        • Ryu can choose to camp when he has the lead, forcing his opponent to possibly overcommit.
      • Somewhat small stage length helps Ryu’s CQC options when he rushes in.
      • The wide blastzones help Ryu to recovery a bit more easily with Tatsumaki. However, Ryu can get pineappled if he is under the stage.
      • Ryu’s Uthrow on the top platform can potentially kill when Shulk is at very high %.
    • The wind can mess up Ryu’s combos, especially Utilt chains and Dair finisher.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • One of Ryu’s best stages.
      • When the stage tilts correctly, Ryu can Hadoken at the ledge for ground pressure. If not, the Hadoken hits the stage.
        • Tilting affects the entire stage’s blastzones (visualized a box), giving Ryu the opportunity for early kills like his Focus Attack confirms.
      • Low platforms allow Ryu to SH Uair, SH Bair, etc. Tilting with aerial pressure and heavy Utilts can benefit him even more.
        • Against Ryu’s aerial pressure, Shulk can simply jump away with his mobility Arts.
      • Ryu’s Shoryuken recovery does not hurt him that much when recovering to the tilted ledge (unless the ledges tilts too high for Shoryuken).
    • Shulk should use his mobility Arts to camp Ryu, but the stage’s length is less beneficial to Shulk while Ryu’s CQC options benefits more.

Ryu's Worst Stages:

  • Smashville
    • Since Ryu’s approach game is linear, the platform helps the opponent to camp. However, the platform does not mess up Ryu’s combos that much.
    • While both characters can land on the platform when recovering, Ryu still struggles a bit when landing. Not only this helps Shulk to edgeguard more, but the offstage’s length is short for easier edgeguarding against Tatsumaki.
      • Having an extra landing option allows Jump Art Shulk to avoid Ryu’s Utilt ledge game.
    • The moving platform can help Shulk to avoid a grounded Hadoken, but not an aerial version.
  • Battlefield
    • One of Ryu’s bad stages.
      • Reduces Ryu’s kill moves the most with the stage’s highest ceiling, benefiting Shulk’s survivability. Since both characters live longer, unlike Dream Land 64, Ryu’s opponent can also edgeguard more effectively.
      • The wide blastzones help Ryu to recovery a bit more easily with Tatsumaki, but yet again, both characters can live longer on this stage.
      • Shulk can camp on the platforms.
    • Ryu can still platform pressure and even extend his Uair combos with the help of the platforms.
      • Ryu’s strong Utilt can connect to the side platform.
    • Platforms help him land more easily since Ryu struggles a bit at landing on top of his opponent with Nair, Fair, or Focus Attack.
    • Ryu’s Uthrow on the top platform can potentially kill when Shulk is at very high %.
  • Final Destination
    • One of Ryu’s bad stages.
      • Reduces Ryu’s kill moves by a little bit due to the absence of platforms.
      • Without platforms, Ryu’s landing is a bit more predictable, allowing Shulk to Uair.
    • Lots of space for both characters, but it benefits Shulk’s mobility Arts more. This helps Shulk to run away or jump over Ryu when needed to reset neutral.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
    • Suzaku Castle
      • The lip of the ledge helps Ryu’s Shoryuken poke and easier ledge grab.
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • Ryu’s worst stage.
      • Lots of space for both characters, but it benefits Shulk’s mobility Arts more. This helps Shulk to run away, jump over Ryu, or land on the tree or bush when needed to reset neutral.
        • Shulk can easily camp on the tree, and even if Ryu lands on the tree, Ryu struggles landing on the main stage. This helps Shulk’s edgeguarding game.
        • Ryu does not camp that well should he choose to camp on the tree.
      • While Ryu could land on the tree or bush, there is not much space for him to dash unlike other platforms. His landing options are more predictable.
      • The dog and ducks can disrupt Ryu’s combos, allowing his opponent to get out of the combo and hurts Ryu’s hit game.
      • The wide blastzones help Ryu to recovery a bit more easily with Tatsumaki, but yet again, both characters can live longer on this stage. Ryu’s recovery is also more linear.
  • Yoshi’s Island 3DS
    • Ryu can kill early due to the small blastzones.
    • The small stage length helps Ryu’s CQC options when he rushes in.
      • Ryu’s kill moves help him all around, especially SH Bair and Uthrow being a kill move at high %.
    • Whe the middle platform tilts, Ryu’s Usmash can connect.
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