Shulk 101

Rosalina & Luma

Community Rating:
-0.5 (Slight Disadvantage)

Professional Rating:
-0.2 (Even)

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage:
    • Main Goal 1: Have a strong shield game, force Rosalina and Luma to the ledge, then get rid of Luma first with either:
      • (Speed Art) immediate Dthrow → Utilt → Fair.
      • Smash Art attacks.
      • Bair.
      • Buster Art for spacing and pressuring Luma.
      • Note: Most of the time, you want to get rid of Luma. But if Rosalina lets down her guard, you can attack her, instead.
    • Main Goal 2: Once Luma is gone, memorize what time Luma will return (13 seconds). Rack up damage with Speed or Buster Art, and force her offstage. Switch to Smash Art once you think the Luma will respawn any second (next to Rosalina).
      • Alt Goal: Pay attention to her retreat options and consider hard reads to kill like Usmash or Air Slash.
    • Stay in front of her at all times to avoid her good Bair. The rest of her aerials are not safe to land (except for Lunar Landing).
      • When Rosalina jump soff the ground and uses Nair, Luma also hits forward. Punish Rosalina before the hitbox comes out in front of her, use Air Slash OoS, or walk towards her out of shield and perfect shield.
    • Once Shulk has the lead, let her approach. Poke Rosalina with spaced retreating aerials, especially double hop Fairs or SH Bairs.
    • Pay attention to how Rosalina drifts her approach and retreat options. Catch her air dodge habits. Juggle with Air Slash, Utilt, or aerials. Grab her when she lands on the ground (usually when baiting her air dodge).
    • Monado Purge does not work, but starts killing at 58%.
  • Edgeguarding:
    • Always edgeguard to at least rack up damage, but predict her escape options.
      • To be safe, 2-Frame the Launch Star recovery with Fair or Air Slash. Extend the Fair (usually with Smash Art) downwards to hit Luma if Rosalina grabs the ledge.
      • Recovering above and to the stage? Have Jump or Speed Art and fake your attempt to edgeguard below the ledge. If you predict correctly, use Back Slash, Fair, or running Usmash.
      • Recovering from below and to the ledge? Descend down past the ledge and use Fair, Dair or Air Slash against her Launch Star recovery. Fair or Bair to stage spike.
    • Rosalina is most vulnerable ​​​​​​after she grabs the ledge. Stay in shield and punish on reaction. Against Luma, if Rosalina:
      • DJ aerial? Use Fair afterwards while hitting Luma.
      • Ledge getup or roll? Grab her, throw her offstage, and kill Luma.
      • Ledge jump? Use Fair to hit Luma, even if Rosalina air dodges.
      • Shulk can also stay center stage and catch her floaty landing to kill Luma.
  • Disadvantage:
    • Against Luma's Jabs, either quickly jump over with Nair or Fair (but Rosalina may use an anti-air move), jump out, or Air Slash OoS.
    • Avoid being above her and using unsafe attacks. Being too close to her will allow Rosalina to throw Shulk up. Escape horizontally with Jump or Speed Art. You can attack back her whiffed Uair when descending and escaping horizontally. On platform stages, land away from Rosalina’s position.


  • All Monado Arts
    • Vanilla Art can help without advantages nor disadvantages.
    • Mobility Arts against Solo Rosalina. Keep moving while spacing.
      • Jump Art with double Fairs in FH height. Cross-up her shield with Nair/Bair. Rosalina has good air game, so try to bait and space without overextending.
      • Speed Art to break her zoning and juggle while chasing after her. Rush in and shield to block her jabs, then throw immediately (if she has Luma). Pressure Luma with Dtilt or Utilt.
    • Shield Art, at low %, will allow Shulk to Air Slash after Rosalina uses Uthrow.
    • Spaced Buster Art aerials and Dtilts to kill Luma and when Rosalina is alone.
      • Use retreating Buster Art Bair on her shield (and Luma).
      • However, Shulk should not use Buster Art comboes or throws at low % when Lum is alive because Rosalina can Nair out of all of them.
    • Smash Art can force Rosalina to the ledge and swat Luma easily than Buster Art. Back Slash against Luma’s back, (notably when Rosalina recalls Luma).
      • Warning: Luma’s attacks have ridiculous knockback. If Shulk is at risk near the blast zone, turn off Smash Art. Shulk can die at 0% if Rosalina keeps using Uairs. Also, a smart Rosalina would time out Smash Art.
  • Main Goal: Get rid of Luma, though Shulk can attack Rosalina if she lets down her guard. Luma has 50 HP, and it respawns after 13 seconds. Against Rosalina and Luma:
    • Monado Arts to prioritize:
      • 1. Smash and Buster Art. Use Smash Art to knock Luma offstage, and use Buster Art when Smash Art is on cooldown. Buster Art spaced aerials on Luma causes hitlag, causing Shulk’s attack to stay active for even longer. However, do not input aerials or moves carelessly if she is perfect shielding Shulk’s attacks. Since Luma is usually in front of Rosalina, Luma receives the hit, and the hitlag causes a brief pause which allows Rosalina to perfect shield easier.
      • 2. Speed Art.
      • 3. Jump & Shield Art.
    • With Luma, it has fast aerials. Shulk cannot knock Luma when its attacking.
  • Against Rosalina without Luma:
    • Know and predict where and when the Luma will respawn (next to Rosalina).
    • Monado Arts to prioritize:
      • 1. Speed & Buster Art. More helpful and easier to deal with a defensive-playing Rosalina in the Neutral and Advantage. Consider Buster Art pummel.
      • 2. Jump & Smash Art. Aggressive attribute tools for catching Rosalina. Jump Art in Neutral, Smash Art against her Disadvantage, or both Monado Arts when edgeguarding.
      • 3. Shield Art. Only useful to time her out.
    • Rosalina has slow aerials, but still has lingering hitboxes
    • Rosalina will stay away and be defensive with much fewer options. Read her rolls for an Usmash kill or use aerials. Switch to Smash Art before Luma respawns to knock it offstage again.
  • A good Rosalina capitalizes on Shulk’s habits of jumping, air dodging and recovering. Avoid any Shulk’s poor/unsafe punishes (especially unsafe Nair). Watch out for her pivot grabs.
  • Focus on getting the lead while letting Rosalina attack first.
    • Once you get a lead, play patiently and super defensive/campy/lame with a strong shield game. Do not approach / hold forward against a patient Rosalina and her Luma itself.
    • Play a ground game without throwing aerials in the neutral too much. Use empty hops, walking, poking with Dtilt, mixing it up with dash grabs and pivot grabs.
      • Spam spaced retreating Bairs, especially MALLC Bairs, to wear off and kill Luma. However, Luma ruins MALLC timings.
      • When Rosalina attacks (e.g. approaching Uair), attack back with Shulk’s aerials.
    • If she is trying to bait your approach (e.g. moving back and forth), try spaced retreating Fairs while not approaching. Double Fairs in FH height also works. But if there is a small opening, overshoot with Nair.
      • She will also bait and play a grab game, so avoid getting grabbed as her throws can lead into combos. Note that her dash grab is very good.
      • Respect her fast (pivot) tilts. Stand in place and wait.
  • REMEMBER: If Rosalina is in hitstun, Luma cannot attack. If Shulk grabs her, throw immediately. Do not pummel her while she has Luma nearby. Try Buster Art pummel when she does not have Luma.
    • If you grab and hold for 1/2 second, Luma will move behind Rosalina.
  • Anti-Luma tactics:
    • My Smash Corner: Dash Attack, second slash of Air Slash, Jabs, Fair, Bair, Fsmash, Dsmash, and Vision. Utilt  Fair is a solid combo.
    • Dthrow is Shulk's best and only viable throw against Luma. (Speed Art) Dthrow  Dtilt/Utilt  Fair. Avoid Buster Art Dthrow → Tilts when she is at low %.
      • Dthrow → Utilt (if Luma is behind, turn around) → Fair
    • Smash Art Dtilt when Rosalina is at the ledge. Back Nair when Luma is damaged enough.
  • Avoid mashing Jabs as she is floaty. Shulk can Jab 1 → Jab 1 → Jab 1 → a few times before she can escape because her only option is to air dodge into the ground (only without Luma).
  • Luma's Jab is a fantastic spacing tool. Do not get stuck in shield when against her and Luma’s jabs. They will eventually hit Shulk.
    • For Shulk to attack back their jabs:
      • Jump over Luma and use aerials or Back Slash, especially if she is jabbing at a distance. If Luma jabs at the distance, use retreating Buster Art Bair to hurt Luma. Beware that Rosalina will use an anti-air move.
      • Air Slash OoS (except against Jab 2  rapid jabs)
      • Speed Art running Usmash when Luma stops jabbing to hit/kill Rosalina.
    • When shielding, it is possible to roll behind Rosalina and punish. However, her Jabs (and Luma?) can also hit behind her.
      • With Jump Art, you can shield the first two Jabs, SH forward, and Bair Rosalina.
  • She can cover most of Shulk’s aerials with her dash attack, but Shulk’s retreating Fair is not punishable. Alternatively, try to spot-dodge or shield her dash attack, then punish.
    • Her dash attack punishes non-MALLC and non-Buster Art spacing.
    • Using spaced Fairs or Bairs can intercept her whiffed dash attack. Running Usmash also works (can kill Rosalina at 95% on BF). When using Fair, save your DJ to bait a dash attack or dash grab, and then punish.
  • Throwing out Fsmash is usually not a good idea as Rosalina can dash attack or grab Shulk (unless Shulk’s Fsmash the Luma, extending the hitbox).
  • Rosalina’s Usmash has a hitbox at the end. Do not be close to her head or be above her.
  • Her approaching aerials can retreat/drift back for safer pressures. However, if she approaches with aerials, try Vision.
    • Her Nair's hitboxes are the trails. It and Luma can hit in front of her and can be an OoS option. Depending on Shulk’s position, use Shulk’s spaced Fair/Nair, Air Slash OoS or shield against her SH Nair. Walking towards her out of shield and perfect shield the landing Nair also works.
      • Jump Art Bair also works when descending above Rosalina’s Nair.
      • With Luma, Rosalina can hit/kill Shulk by dashing forward and SH Nair.
  • After shielding Luma’s Star Bits, attack the Luma back with Fair.
  • Try Dsmash on Rosalina’s shield, especially in Buster Art.
  • When Rosalina and Luma are separated, Rosalina can hit Shulk, then have Luma use Usmash to kill. Shield, jump, or roll in to avoid Luma’s recall attack.


  • Since she is the 4th lightest character, kill with Utilt, Uair, Dthrow, Bthrow, etc.
  • It is vital to know when and where Luma will respawn (13 seconds next to Rosalina). It is hard for her to get out of this state, and she may have to sacrifice Luma to regain neutral. But by doing so, it is easy for Shulk to win enutral again and push her back to her disadvantage state repeatedly until Luma respawns. Force Rosalina in the disadvantage and swat the Luma with Smash Art.
    • Rosalina alone is not free.
  • Juggling
    • All of her aerials are bad to land except Bair, so stay in front of her at all times. However, avoid punishing Lunar Landing (see Other Notes).
    • Stay SH height; juggle her with Nairs and Utilts, especially when she uses her DJ. Due to her below average air mobility, she has bad landing options, but watch out for her Dair or other aerials. Shulk’s attack do outrange her.
      • Catch her air dodge habits with Shulk’s Utilts, aerials or Air Slash. You can also use (SH Speed Art) Nair to bait, then dash grab her landing.
      • If she is about to land onto the ground (usually with Dair), try running Usmash (especially in Speed Art), well-timed Utilt, or Air Slash. It’s more effective when she drifts and lands near the ledge.
        • Shulk can also stand perfectly still, and then punish her whiffed Dair. If you move a little bit, Shulk will mostly likely get hit.
      • Although she can drift easily, you can sometimes catch her with a Back Slash (especially in Jump Art).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Offstage
    • Always edgeguard against Launch Star, as this is Shulk’s big chance in this MU to rack up damage or kill. The Launch Star lacks a hitbox, but note that Rosalina can stall her recovery with her Gravitational Pull. Pay attention to her DJ, and try to punish after she uses her DJ. Use ledge Air Slash or Fair for consistency.
      • Chase after Rosalina with Jump or Smash ArtShulk’s DJ Nair is another good attack/kill. Beware that if Rosalina returns back on stage, Shulk gives up stage control and ends up in the disadvantage.
      • If she recovers low, Shulk can use Slip Edge Bair by using F18 Bair right in front of the ledge. This can be used to 2-Frame [YT]
      • When she is offstage, she may drift as far back as possible to recover with her Launch Star as low as possible to the ledge. This makes her highly vulnerable to Shulk’s 2-Frame Dair due to her head sticking through the stage. Even if you miss (due to Dair’s strict timing), Dair can hit Luma with its sour spot.
        • Either hang from the ledge and use Air Slash or do a drop down DJ Dair.
        • Footstool her against her air dodge habits and make it even worse for Rosalina to recover.
      • If Rosalina does recover onto the stage rather than the ledge, use Back Slash or a running Usmash with Shulk’s mobility Art.
    • When Rosalina approaches to the ledge, she may use double Uairs to attack back. Shulk can shield them, then attack her Launch Star recovery (either below or use a 2-Frame move) due to the endlag of double Uairs.
  • Ledge
    • This is also Rosalina's most vulnerable state. On the ledge, Air Slash can scoop below the ledge just before she grabs onto the ledge. Angled down Fsmash, tipper Fair, and last hit of Dsmash can work.
      • Smash Art Fair to 2-Frame her Launch Star because her head pokes above the ledge. Even if she grabs onto the ledge, Shulk can still swat the Luma with spaced Fair (or drop down the ledge and Fair), which is his safer punish than Dair.
        • Shulk’s angled down Fsmash can extend the hitbox as Rosalina comes up. But it depends on the Luma’s position.
        • Hitting Rosalina on ledge using Dsmash1 and/or Dsmash 2: C tier; 1st only (near tip).
      • It is possible for Luma to get stuck underneath the ledge and stage by using Fsmash1 against Luma.
      • Shulk’s Dair can also cover Rosalina’s ledge getup or even possibly spike her. With Smash Art, it can kill earlier.
      • When Luma dies, and you still have Buster Art, Rosalina may stall out this time on the ledge and attempt to shark with dropdown Uairs or Fairs. The safest punish is to hop over the hitbox for a RAR Air Slash.
    • ​​​​​​​Rosalina has a slow ledge getup, large hitbox, and floaty, making it more easy to punish her on reaction. Staying in shield is great because her DJ aerials (especially Dair) to get back on stage are not safe on shield.​​​​​​​
      • If Luma is still with Rosalina after she chooses a ledge option (while Shulk is shielding):
        • Ledge getup or roll? Grab her, throw her offstage, and kill Luma.
        • Ledge jump? Most likely the common escape option to keep their Luma. However, Luma will be swatted by aerials, even if Rosalina air dodges.
      • Shulk can also stay center stage and catch her floaty landing to kill Luma.
  • Luma as insane high bast knockback, which increases even more with Rage (and the opponent charging a smash attack). Luma's F3 Utilt (grounded only) is great for Rosalina to interrupt her opponent's advantage and potentially kill at a very low %.
  • In Jump Art, Shulk can either:
    • 1. Land with Uair 2 → FH Uair kill.
    • 2. If she has air dodge habit and does not drift much, Shulk can Uair to kill.
  • If Shulk manges to break Rosalina's shield, Luma will desync and can still attack back
  • When being pulled back to Rosalina, Luma will beat out Shulk's Nair.
  • When using Bthrow against Rosalina, she cannot turn around with a jump or aerial. However, she can use her four Specials to pivot their direction.


  • Juggling
    • Avoid being above her at all costs with Smash Art off, but note that it is hard to land vs her good running speed and +2 Uairs, especially since Shulk has weak landing options. It is extremely difficult to challenge her Uairs with aerials or Vision. Shulk is most likely hit after her second Uair.
      • Use your DJ wisely and FF your air dodge while escaping horizontally. It is still possible to go through her Uairs with a well-timed air dodge, especially with mobility Arts. If successful, it is possible to attack back.
        • On platform stages, land where Rosalina would least expect.
      • Using the Monado Arts’ iframes can help.
      • Avoid her Usmash (F8-16; Head Intangible: 7-16)
      • If Shulk is at max rage and near the upper blastzone with Rosalina threatening him with her Uairs, if you read a DJ U-air and air dodge properly, you can Air Slash her and kill her at any % if you are high enough.
  • Offstage
    • When Shulk is offstage, she can Nair, Fair or Bair offstage. Beware of her Dair when recovering with Air Slash. Stall Air Slash recovery and judge where Rosalina might Dair. DJ Air Slash to autosnap the ledge works.
      • If Shulk misspaces his Air Slash recovery to the ledge, Rosalina can Dtilt him.
      • However, if Rosalina drops down and misses her Dair, Shulk’s Air Slash can hit/kill her (and knock away her Luma).
  • Ledge
    • Luma positioned at the ledge is one of the top ledge guards. Their Jabs make it difficult for Shulk to land back on stage.
      • Dangers:
        • If Shulk uses Air Slash to hit the Luma, Rosalina can try to punish Shulk (unless the descending end of Air Slash keeps Shulk’s invincibility by allowing his feet to “land” on the ledge)
        • Rosalina and Luma’s Bair and Dair can intercept and/or kill Shulk. This strategy works on most sword characters like Shulk, Cloud, etc.
        • Without Shulk’s ledge invincibility, Rosalina can either do a Lunar Landing (LL) Dair to stage spike, use Dair from above, or angled down Fsmash. She can also use Bair, but you can tech the move to place Rosalina in a bad position offstage.
      • Avoiding their Jabs (It is recommended to switch to Jump Art before Shulk recovers to the ledge):
        • Fair Luma at the ledge to knock it away (unless its attacking).
        • With Jump Art, try drop down jump forward air dodge. If you jump from the ledge, and she uses Uair (but you dodged), use Bair.
        • Drop down → DJ Uair Luma → Regrab the ledge. However, Shulk would have no ledge invincibility.
        • Note that if you do a ledge jump, that still puts Shulk above Rosalina, making him vulnerable to her Uairs.
        • Ledge jump → immediate Forward Vision to hit Luma (and possibly Rosalina.
        • Back Slash can work when Rosalina SHs.
  • Shulk can Air Slash OoS against Luma's Jab 1, but not Jab 2.
  • If she charges a Luma Shot, and Shulk approaches her in the air, try Vision to kill.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Rosalina: Cloud, Meta Knight, Bayonetta, Zero Suit Samus, Mewtwo, Peach, Greninja, Corrin and Sonic
  • When can Luma act (and attack back suddenly)?
    • Act
      • After Rosalina's hitstun wears off
      • When Rosalina is being grabbed or pummeled (unless it hits Luma), but before being thrown
      • When Rosalina's shield is broken and stunned
      • When Rosalina does not tech or techs
      • During freefall (like after Launch Star)
      • Luna Landing (see more below)
      • Dash Grab for 3% damage. Can also Dash Grab the opponent on the floor
    • Cannot act
      • When Rosalina is hit during this hitstun
      • When Rosalina is being thrown
      • When Rosalina is grabbing, pummeling, or throwing
      • Rising portion of Launch Star
      • When Rosalina is dodging
      • When Rosalina is using an item
  • Lunar Landing: Rosalina auto-cancels her aerial as Luma performs an aerial attack just before touching the ground. Its attacks will not be interrupted by landing lag. This gives Rosalina safer approach options, set up for grabs, KO at higher %, attack while defending, protect Luma from incoming attacks that clash, and edgeguarding.
  • Bonk Desync by falln [YT]
    • Desync: Both Rosalina and Luma behave diffferently. When Rosalina is incapacitated (burrow, shieldbreak, etc.), Luma can still attack.
    • A Bonk Desync is when Rosalina goes under the stage while separating Luma near the ledge and bonks her head up. Luma will desync and can attack. There are three applications:
      • 1. Shave off the endlag of double Uairs when recovering.
      • 2. Launch Star gets a hitbox by using Nair. Even if Shulk shields the Nair, Rosalina will recover back.
      • 3. Use a Luma Shot and a Bonk Desync to set up Luma's spinning Jabs at the ledge. Most escape options will be beaten by Luma, and ledge roll will be beaten by Rosalina's grab or smash attack. However, Shulk can use a ledge drop MALLC airdodge or go below the stage and grab the other ledge in Jump Art.
  • She is a defensive character with great stage control. But if Shulk camps around the stage with Jump Art, she can struggle a bit to catch Shulk.
  • Rosalina in Training Mode can be used to practice Shulk’s spacing moves.
  • Notable ​​​​​good attributes:
    • Ledge Roll: Intangible 1-31; FAF 50 [8-12th]
    • Can crawl
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Air Speed: 1 [31-34th]
    • Rolls: Intangible 4-17; FAF 31 [30-47th]
Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including GetShulked, FTP, and Virum), Dabuz, falln, Smash Corner, and public information from the Rosalina community.

Rosaluma (77)-

  • Against Uair (by @uekibachii):
    • DI toward the direction they are facing.
    • DI toward her if only Luma hits you.
  • Against Usmash (86°. Luma: 85°):
    • DI away from opponent.
  • Against Dsmash, if you shield:
    • Jab, not grab.
  • Up Throw (C)
    • DI up and away, the most common follow ups are up tilt/smash at low percent and up air at mid percent and higher.
  • Down Throw (C)
    • DI up & away, maybe mix up with down & away. The most used follow up is fair.
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 140% from the edge of the stage.
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 150% from the edge of the stage.
  • Up Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 200%.

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: No bad stages for Rosalina as she is really versatile. She is better at vertical game than horizontal game.


Preferred Starters: 1) FD, 2) LC, 3) SV
Counterpicks: Same as above
Ban/Strike: 1) T&C, 2) BF/DL64

Rosalina's Best Stages:

  • Town and City
    • The “best” stage for Rosalina. With the stage transforming, Rosalina has a lot of versatility and can adopt a different playstyle based on other legal stages.
      • The layout of the platforms can make it harder to kill Luma.
      • Platforms are great for Rosalina to attack or recover. Landing on the high platforms makes it difficult to punish Rosalina. She lands more safely and stay unpredictable.
      • Lowest ceiling, allowing Rosalina to kill with Uair or Usmash earlier.
      • Wide spaces between platforms does not hurt Rosalina’s spacing or detached Luma game.
      • Using Vision on the platform against Rosalina’s Uair is not a good idea. Rosalina can punish Shulk afterwards.
    • Shulk can use Jump Art to camp around the stage.
    • Bonk Desync can happen here (see more in Other Notes).
  • Battlefield
    • Platforms can make it harder for Rosalina to land safely (unless she uses Dair), but she can still put Shulk in awkward situations with many of her anti-platform options and have great stage control. Depending on Rosalina’s position when Shulk is being juggled, land on the top platform and avoid landing lag.
    • Rosalina’s Uair pressure is much stronger.
    • Rosalina can shark above the ledge, so shield it.
    • Instead of recovering to the ledge, she can recover to the platforms.
    • Using Vision on the platform against Rosalina’s Uair is not a good idea. Rosalina can punish Shulk afterwards.
    • Since Rosalina is a tall character, Shulk's aerials can clip below the side platforms to hit her.
    • When Rosalina is on the platform, Shulk can Utilt or use aerials to knock Luma away, even if Rosalina is shielding.
    • Bonk Desync can happen only on the left side of the stage (see more in Other Notes).
  • Dream Land 64
    • Platforms can make it harder for Rosalina to land safely (unless she uses Dair), but she can still put Shulk in awkward situations with many of her anti-platform options and have great stage control. Depending on Rosalina’s position when Shulk is being juggled, land on the top platform and avoid landing lag.
    • Rosalina’s Uair pressure is a bit weaker due to this stage’s wider space than Battlefied. Shulk can also mix up better when landing onto a platform.
    • Very difficult for Rosalina to scrooge underneath unlike Battlefield.
    • Rosalina can shark above the ledge, so shield it.
    • Bonk Desync can happen here, but it is the most risky option out of all stages (see more in Other Notes).

Rosalina's Worst Stages:

  • Final Destination
    • The “worst” stage since Rosalina prefers platforms.
    • Luma is easier to position when separated, but it is still lackluster compared to other stages.
    • In a high contrast/brightness TV, Luma can sometimes hide in the background by the background brightness.
    • Without platforms, Shulk would have a hard time landing. Shulk also would have to get past Rosalina’s tilts, grabs, Nair, and Luma.
    • Shulk can use Jump Art to camp around the stage.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • The “second” worst stage for Rosalina.
      • Even when the stage tilts, an experienced Rosalina player can still effectively use Rosalina’s flexible Launch Star. According to Dabuz, Rosalina wants to recover a bit above and behind the ledge. Also, Rosalina recovering onto the stage is usually a better option for her if Shulk is offstage when edgeguarding. Luma can Bair or Ftilt as an extra layer of safety. However, Shulk with mobility Arts can catch up to her landing and Back Slash or use Usmash.
      • When Rosalina is hanging onto the ledge, Shulk can use Dtilt to knock the Luma away.
      • Tilted ground can eat the Shooting Star Bits
    •  Luma placement might mess up Rosalina’s gameplay. It can even get stuck underneath the stage.
    • Platforms are similar to Battlefield for Rosalina’s juggling.
    • Rosalina can shark above the ledge, so shield it.
    • Bonk Desync can happen here only when it is tilting, but it is a bit risky (see more in Other Notes)
  • Smashville
    • The moving platform gives Rosalina a lot of coverage and deal more damage. She can drop down and Bair.
    • Platform can save the Luma.
    • She can recovery to the platform as a mix up.
    • When Shulk is respawning, switching to Smash Art and using Fair against Luma is a great way to get ride of Luma due to the stage being small.
    • When edgeguarding Rosalina, DJ Jump Art Nair is another option to kill.
    • Consider Jump Art Nair → Fair → Fair/Air Slash to kill.
    • Bonk Desync can happen here (see more in Other Notes).

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena's Temple
    • Wily Castle
      • Has walls, so Rosalina's Uair sharking is less effective
    • Suzaku Castle
      • Rosalina can shark above the ledge, so shield it.
    • Midgar
      • Rosalina can shark above the ledge, so shield it.
    • Omegas similar to Town & City
      • Bonk Desync can happen here (see more in Other Notes).
  • Duck Hunt 
    • With Shulk at max rage, go to the top of the tree and use Shield Art. The first hit of Air Slash will kill Rosalina no matter her % if she does not DI fully away.
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VideoPlayer 1Player 2P1 CharactersP2 CharactersStagesDate
NickoDabuzGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 3: Shulk
Game 1: Rosalina & Luma
Game 2: Rosalina & Luma
Game 3: Rosalina & Luma
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Battlefield
Game 3: Battlefield
FuerzaDONfallnGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 3: Shulk
Game 4: Shulk
Game 1: Rosalina & Luma
Game 2: Rosalina & Luma
Game 3: Rosalina & Luma
Game 4: Rosalina & Luma
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Town and City
Game 3: Final Destination
Game 4: Final Destination
Tru4TomenimoGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 3: Shulk
Game 4: Shulk
Game 5: Shulk
Game 1: Rosalina & Luma
Game 2: Rosalina & Luma
Game 3: Rosalina & Luma
Game 4: Rosalina & Luma
Game 5: Rosalina & Luma
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Battlefield
Game 3: Town and City
Game 4: Town and City
Game 5: Town and City
NickofallnGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 3: Shulk
Game 1: Rosalina & Luma
Game 2: Rosalina & Luma
Game 3: Rosalina & Luma
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Dream Land
Game 3: Lylat Cruise
KomefallnGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 3: Shulk
Game 4: Shulk
Game 5: Shulk
Game 1: Rosalina & Luma
Game 2: Rosalina & Luma
Game 3: Rosalina & Luma
Game 4: Rosalina & Luma
Game 5: Rosalina & Luma
Game 1: Battlefield
Game 2: Smashville
Game 3: Town and City
Game 4: Smashville
Game 5: Smashville