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Palutena’s Bow is usually substituted with arrows.

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Pit’s five main ways in neutral:
      • Forcing the opponent to approach with Palutena’s Bow.
      • Dashing in and shield with Dash Attack and Dash Grab.
      • Poking with Jab, Ftilt, Dtilt, Utilt, and Dsmash commonly.
      • Spacing aerials with a SH AC (mostly Fair, Bair, and Nair).
      • Killing with Fsmash read, Usmash, Bair, grounded Upperdash Arm, Fthrow, and Uair commonly.
    • Pit waits and punish the opponent’s mistakes. He can rack up damage with grabs. While respecting Pit’s grab game, Shulk must also space and outrange Pit while also playing a grounded game with walking, empty hops, tilts, and MALLC Bair. As long as Shulk becomes unpredictable while not being too aggressive, it can make Pit impatient and take Shulk’s baits.
      • Against arrows, Shulk can simply shield or use mobility Arts to quickly get in with Fair, if close enough.
      • Against Dash Attack and Dash Grab, retreating aerials can beat them. Shulk should be careful of using his shield.
      • Shulk should avoid rolling in against Pit’s Dsmash. Air Slash OoS can beat Dsmash.
      • In general, Shulk should avoid getting hit by Pit’s combo starters like Dthrow, Fthrow, and Nair. Shulk should use retreating aerials while not jumping at SH height too much.
    • Against Upperdash Arm, Shulk should shield grab, Vision, smash attack, or Air Slash. Punishing Pit’s landing also works.
    • Against Guardian Orbitars, Shulk can attack from top and bottom, charge a smash attack against the endlag, or grab at close range.
    • Pit struggles with landing with his slow air speed, but does have air dodging and three jumps in the air. Shulk can easily juggle with Utilt and FH Fair the most, then followed by frame trap Nairs, grabs on landing, or Air Slash.
    • Monado Purge total range: 81-179% (Shulk’s Rage at 0%).
  • Edgeguarding
    • Shulk should be aggressive against Pit’s recovery as Pit has three jumps in the air. It is better if Pit is force to recover with the Power of Flight than his Upperdash Arm.
    • Against Power of Flight, Shulk can edgeguard with ledge Air Slash or aerials during the flight animation.
    • Pit will use Upperdash Arm to the ledge as another, but safer, recovery. But it is punishable on shield, forcing Pit to move a bit after the uppercut to avoid Shulk’s punish. For the ledge snap, Shulk can ledge trump → Air Slash.
    • At the ledge, Shulk should space himself just outside against a potential ledge jump  DJ Fair. Smash Art is great to kill in this state.
  • Disadvantage
    • This MU tests how Shulk uses his DJ wisely because Pit excels at juggling when the opponent uses their DJ. To escape, Shulk should use B-Reverses, retreating MALLC, or Jump Art to land away.
      • To force Shulk’s DJ, Pit uses arrows and Uair.
      • To frame trap, Pit uses SH AC Uair, Utilt, and arrows
      • To catch landings, Pit uses Dash Attack, Dash, Usmash OoS, Utilt, or Fsmash on air dodge landing.
      • Against aggressive landings, Pit can use Pivot Grab or Upperdash Arm.
    • Pit will use Dthrow combos until mid %. Shulk should continue spacing him out.
    • Arrows are used to force Shulk to DJ or air dodge so that Pit can edgeguard with Fair/Bair. Shulk must save his DJ, use Jump Art, and avoid the arrows with an air dodge.
    • Shulk must snap the ledge with Air Slash to avoid a Guardian Orbitar gimp.
    • As Pit also performs well on ledge trapping, he uses Nair, Ftilt, Usmash, Fsmash, Dsmash and Dair spike the most.
    • Pit has the strongest Fthrow kill in the game, killing at around +146% with best DI (in and up).
    • Against rapid jabs, Shulk can SDI up and jump out.


  • Jump, Speed, or Buster Art
    • Vanilla can help without advantages nor disadvantages. This is important for MALLC when Shulk is being juggled.
    • In mobility Arts, or if Shulk is close to Pit, he can use Fair to punish Pit’s arrows.
      • Jump Art is great at camping out Pit because his air speed is poor and he struggles to kill at high %. However, Pit can counter it by shooting arrows.
      • Speed Art is still a great Art to grab Pit and deal with arrows.
    • Shulk should limit Shield Art because Pit can camp with arrows or continue to rack up damage with smash punishes. However, it can help to escape out of early Dthrow combos, and Shulk will live much longer at high % to abuse Rage.
    • Buster Art is good at poking with spaced Fair.
      • Buster Dthrow → Air Slash at 5-23%. Pit can use Guardian Orbitars from 0-2%, 24%, and 28-30% against the Air Slash scoop.
      • However, Pit can punish a Buster Art Ftilt on shield with Fsmash.
  • Pit is an all-rounder who is also one of the most balanced characters in the game. His moveset has no glaring strengths or weaknesses, he can play more with many playstyles, and he has a great neutral thanks to his quick frame data and mobility. He can be compared to Captain Falcon, Mario, and Corrin. Pit’s first objective in the neutral is to punish his opponent’s mistakes. He must outplay his opponent to gain the advantage state by having good positioning, observation, and reaction.
    • With good range, Shulk must space and outrange Pit since Pit’s aerials can SH AC. He must also watch out for Pit's Dash Attack and Dash Grabs.
    • Shulk needs to watch out for his DJ usage. After the DJ, Pit will try to catch his landings. Shulk should play a patient grounded game by walking, empty hops, tilts, and MALLC Bair. He can mix it up with SHs and FHs. However, a good Pit will be grounded in this MU.
    • As Pit wants his opponent to make a mistake, Shulk can also do the same tactic by being unpredictable and making Pit impatient. Shulk should avoid playing aggressive, but once he gets in Pit’s range, Shulk must bait out Pit’s responses and act accordingly.
  • Five main ways in neutral. However, he has a weakness of a lack of a neutral spacing option without commitment.
    • 1. Forcing the opponent to approach with Palutena’s Bow. It is one of Pit’s best moves. Because the arrows can bend really easily, it is very versatile at zoning, harassing, conditioning, and edgeguarding. There can only be one arrow out at any given time.
      • The grounded version forward has less benefits since it has the most endlag. Instead, the grounded version upwards and FH AC arrows decrease the endlag significantly. With this, Pit can shoot more arrows frequently if he FH and DJs before landing with an AC, strengthening his stage control.
      • Countering it
        • Shulk can shield while approaching since Shulk will most likely play a grounded game.
    • 2. Dashing in and shielding with two good moves. Pit must position himself just out of the range of his opponent at all times.
      • Dash Attack is one of Pit’s most important moves because of its great disjointed quick attack. It is his main way of finding openings such as SH landings, slow and laggy moves, whiffs, or does not respect Pit by putting up their shield.
      • Dash Grab is also another important move for Pit. It is great against shielding habits. Pit will most likely grab to rack up damage in a combo.
      • Countering it
        • Pit’s Dash Attack is the only move Shulk has to worry about on the ground.
        • Shulk must be careful when he is conditioned to shield or else Pit can Dash Grab. Shulk should remain patient.
        • Retreating aerials can beat Pit’s approaching grab game.
    • 3. Poking the opponent with quick moves, which have larger range than it seems.
      • Jab is fast with no lag and has a lot of range. It is one of his best and safest pokes, and is a good OoS option if Pit’s grab cannot reach. The three-hit combo launches the opponent up for a juggling situation, and the rapid jab sets up a tech chase or gain stage control. After the first or second Jab, Pit can mix it up with a grab or a quick attack (though the first jab has less endlag). If Jab hits at the tip, the opponent pops up for easier follow ups. With Jab 1, Pit can PP against approaches.
      • Ftilt is his longest reaching poke that is great against approaches and laggy moves. It can set up a tech chase at low %.
      • Dtilt is Pit’s alternative poke of Jab and Ftilt. It reaches further than his Jab, and is safe against shield on long range. The launch is perfect for Pit to follow it up with a Dash Attack, shield grab, or Usmash OoS.
      • Utilt is a good anti-air move because it is more disjointed than it looks. It also has less endlag than Usmash. In neutral, this can stop aerial approaches.
      • Fsmash has long reach that is a strong punishing tool against opponents at high %, but it is not safe on shield. In neutral, it can cover spot dodges, rolls, and techs.
      • Dsmash is one of Pit’s fastest ground moves (F5 in front of him) while having very low endlag, making it hard to punish back. Like Jab and Dash Attack, it sets up Pit’s juggle game and can dash in and shield under the opponent. It can also set up a tech chase at low %.
      • Countering it
        • Rapid jabs leave Pit open on Shulk’s shield.
        • Pit’s tilts are generally laggy.
        • Air Slash OoS can beat Dsmash, but not Jab1 → grab. Shulk should also avoid rolling in or else Pit can use Dsmash.
    • 4. Spacing with aerials. However, their range is smaller than it seems.
      • Fair is a great long-reaching tool for spacing, walling out the opponent, and conditioing the opponent to shield. Pit can Fair and retreat for shield pressure. Once Pit lands, he can add even more pressure with a quick move or use a defensive option against the opponent’s punish. Fair can SH FF at the peak of the jump so that it can AC. This is important because Fair also sets up combos and follow ups at low-mid %.
      • Bair is similar to Fair’s usage, but is stronger, safer, and only one hit. It is great at pressuring shields after one or two hits, which Pit can shield break with the Upperdash Arm. The tip is the sweetspot, and the arms are the sourspots. The sourspot has a higher launching angle that can combo into Usmash, Jab, or an aerial.
      • Nair is an amazing OoS option and an approaching tool. Because it is quick with a lot of active frames, it is designed to beat spot dodges and SHs, and is safe when retreating back. Like Fair and Bair, Pit can FF at the peak to optimize its use. However, it is punishable on whiff. The knockback angle depends on how many hits it connects. The more hits, the higher the angle. If Pit hits with only the final hit, it can combo into more moves.
      • Dair is actually an OoS option to hit behind Pit, and is semi-safe on shield since Pit can drift away or towards the opponent while FH. It can combo into other moves.
      • Countering it
        • Aside from Pit’s spaced Bair, his air approaches are not safe unless he retreats backwards. His landing lag are worst than Shulk’s because they are over 20 frames.
        • Shulk can run away and wall Pit out if Pit tries to stuff out Shulk. He should avoid getting hit or else Pit can combo Shulk.
          • For Pit’s Fair, Shulk should watch Pit’s habits of his Fair while Shulk position himself to punish. Pit’s Fair can generally beat Shulk’s Fair, so Shulk has to space Pit out with (Jump Art) Bair, retreating Fair, FH FF Nair, etc. Also, Shulk must not SH too much.
            • Shulk can bait the Fair out and jump over it with Jump or Speed Art.
            • If Pit uses Fair too close, Shulk can shield grab.
          • Pit’s non-retreating Bair will allow Shulk to Air Slash OoS.
    • 5. Killing options in the neutral. However, one of the main weakness of Pit is killing, so he would need Rage or cornering his opponent.
      • At mid-high %
        • Fsmash read kills at +104%.
        • Dsmash2 read kills at +125%.
      • At high % and beyond
        • Ftilt tipper kills at +136%.
        • Usmash kills at +140%.
        • Bair kills at +144%.
        • Grounded Upperdash Arm kills at +144%.
        • Fthrow kills at +146%.
        • Uair kills at around +159%.
        • Dsmash1 kills at +169%.
      • Countering it
        • Shulk is able to live longer because of Pit’s killing problems, especially if Shulk uses Shield Art. This means that Rage benefits more to Shulk than Pit.
  • Upperdash Arm has super armor on startup until about halfway when traveling. It lands a hit with an inert detector. Once it detects a hurtbox, Pit no longer has super armor. The B-Reverse grants Pit a bit more distance. It can shield break if the shield is damaged enough (usually after two hits from Pit’s Bair), and it can also ledge cancel. The grounded version is only used to challenge/kill attacks, techs, and aggressive landings. At high %, Upperdash Arm can kill anywhere on the base stage.
    • However, it is not a move that should be spammed because of its endlag and triggering Shulk’s Vision. Shulk must wait for it to finish and then punish immediately afterwards like a shield grab. The grounded hit on Shulk’s shield is very punishable for Shulk to charge a smash attack or Air Slash.


  • Juggling
    • Pit struggles with landing due to his slow air speed. Aside from air dodging, he does have three jumps in the air for a somewhat easier landing mixups and escaping traps. He can try to land away by grabbing the ledge.
      • Pit’s Bair is a good landing option to push the opponent away and make it more difficult for the opponent to punish back.
      • Pit’s Nair is a good “get off me” tool and a good landing option only if it ACs. If not, then it is actually a bad landing option.
      • Pit can attack down with Dair, except it does not have a lot of range and active frames.
      • Rarely, Pit can B-Reverse with Guardian Orbitars for landing, but it does not benefit Pit. Pit is still vulnerable from top and bottom, the opponent can charge a smash attack against the endlag, and Pit can still get grabbed. The shields also break after taking 19%, so it takes 13 seconds to charge, but Pit can still B-Reverse.
      • Pit can use Upperdash Arm as a landing mixup.
    • As Pit is very susceptible to anti-air moves, Shulk can shield directly under him. From there, Shulk can juggle him with FH Fair against DJ attempts (Pit cannot challenge it), Utilts, frame trap Nairs, grabs on landing, or Air Slash.
    • Monado Purge is effective (73-97% with 1st Progression and no Rage). Due to Pit’s slow air speed with multi-jumps, it may be a bit easier for Shulk to kill.
  • Offstage
    • Pit is vulnerable to edgeguards. Shulk should edgeguard with Smash Art Fair as he must be aggressive against Pit’s recovery.
    • Pit is able to use three jumps in the air to mix up his options. He can turnaround midair with a DJ Bair.
    • Pit can potentially use Guardian Orbitars to protect his sides, then drop it once the opponent cannot reach without overextending.
    • Pit’s Power of Flight flies at a long distance in a straight line. He can only grab the ledge if he starts the move low enough. He cannot sweetspot the ledge if he is facing away from the ledge unless it is the very late of the animation. Still, Pit is vulnerable during the Power of Flight, and he is limited to only a few angles.
      • If Pit uses the Power of Flight, he is vulnerable to Shulk’s ledge Air Slash and aerials.
    • Pit can use Upperdash Arm as an alternative recovery, if close to the ledge. It has super armor only on startup and it can pressure the opponent if Pit aims to the ledge.
      • However, it is punishable on shield. Pit can move a bit after the uppercut to avoid Shulk’s punish.
      • Shulk can also continue his edgeguards until Pit is forced to use the Power of Flight.
  • Ledge
    • Against the Upperdash Arm snap to the ledge, Shulk must wait for the arm to go down. It is possible for Shulk to ledge trump → Air Slash.
    • Pit also struggles when the opponent is ledge trapping him. Shulk should space himself just outside against a potential ledge jump  DJ Fair. By doing so, it is difficult for Pit to regain stage control while Shulk can kill easily with Smash Art.
    • Pit can ledge jump → Upperdash Arm as a very rare mixup.
    • Shulk, with ~149% Rage, will make Air Slash stop working.


  • Juggling
    • Pit’s second objective is the most important part: having strong stage control. He must stay in the advantage state as long as possible by always punishing landings and learning the opponent’s defensive options (air dodge, attacks, DJs, or techs). Later onwards, Pit cannot rely on true combos. He is more about having full control of the opponent. Because of this, Pit has to be patient.
      • Pit can dash in and shield under the opponent, but a perfect position is when Pit is just out of the opponent’s range at all times so that Pit can approach with a Dash Attack, Dash Grab against shields, or Nair against spot dodges. He can also either punish an unspaced attack, use Usmash OoS against the air dodge, or frame trap with Uair.
        • Sometimes, the opponent can fall out of Pit’s Nair with SDI. This is most likely due to a SH and delaying Nair or FF the move, but Pit can follow it up with an Usmash.
      • Pit wants the opponent to DJ so that he can cover the opponent’s landing with Dash Grab, Dash Attack, or Usmash as long as possible.
    • Pit’s juggling moves
      • Pit’s Dash Attack is excellent at catching landings to continue the juggle.
      • Usmash is Pit’s primary juggling tool and is also a quick kill move.
      • Dash Grabs to rack up damage, especially at low %.
        • Dthrow is Pit’s better throw combo. Dthrow → Dair is better to extend the combo and use footstool combos as much as possible. The opponent can DI away, but at kill %, the opponent will most likely DI towards Pit. Pit can potentially kill combo with an Uair.
          • At low %, against Dthrow  Usmash, Shulk must DI down and towards? (or up). After mid %, Dthrow can no longer combo. Pit is forced to have control over the opponent by forcing the opponent’s defensive option and punishing that repeatedly.
        • Uthrow can still put Shulk in a juggling situation.
        • At low %, Fthrow → Dash Attack.
        • After a combo or a throw, Pit can rack up damage with arrows to further harass the opponent, frame trap the landings, and possibly bait an escape option.
          • At high %, Pit can Uthrow → shoot an arrow upwards to force an air dodge and punish with a Dash Attack, Dash Grab, aerial or Usmash.
      • Pivot Grab has great range that can catch if the opponent approaches before landing.
      • Uair is great at baiting DJs, frame trapping, and is a kill move at high %. Uair can SH and AC to frame trap effectively.
      • Utilt can frame trap or catch landings, but only directly in front or on top of Pit to be safe. (although Usmash is better and faster OoS). On platform stages, Utilt can hit platform pressure.
      • With Fsmash being one of Pit’s strong kill moves, it can be good at catching air dodge landings.
      • Countering it
        • Despite the variety, Pit’s juggle moves are less threatening compared to other juggling characters.
        • Shulk must use his DJ wisely as Pit relies on punishing the landing after the DJ.
        • Shulk has to respect Pit’s Usmash the most.
        • However, Pit may struggle against clever B-Reverses and other escape moves. Shulk can B-Reverse as a landing mixup, use retreating MALLC against Pit’s approaches, or use Jump Art's increased fall speed to land away fast against Pit’s poor air speed.
  • Offstage
    • Pit has the option to shoot arrows at the ledge or go offstage. Palutena’s Bow becomes dangerous than before as Pit will try to snipe/frame trap Shulk with the arrow’s flexibility. It can also force a DJ or air dodge, allowing Pit to punish with an aerial. The arrows can potentially gimp at any %, so mastery of this move is essential for Pit players. Because of this, Pit excels at punishing opponents offstage with his Palutena’s Bow.
      • If Pit wants to shoot more arrows quickly, he will have to FH and/or DJ. Pit can charge it up for more damage.
      • Shulk must save his DJ, use Jump Art, and avoid the arrows with an air dodge on reaction. The arrows are great at gimping the opponent who already used up their DJ or when Shulk is changing his Monado Arts.
      • Even with Jump Art, if Shulk’s aerial momentum gets hit, it is hard for Shulk to recover.
    • Pit’s Fair is a great edgeguarding tool to catch air dodges or trade against some recoveries for a semi-spike.
      • Bair is an alternative edgeguarding tool of Fair that can challenge certain aerials and punish air dodges.
    • Dair is a good kill move that can spike only at the middle portion.
    • Shulk must be careful when using the second hit or Air Slash to the ledge. Guardian Orbitars can potentially gimp Shulk’s Air Slash, so Shulk must snap to the ledge with Air Slash.
    • Dsmash can 2-Frame.
  • Ledge
    • Pit can ledge trump → Bair(s).
    • Pit has a third and last objective if he fails to kill in the juggling or offstage. Pit also excels at ledge trapping and maintain stage control as long as possible.
      • Pit’s Nair is excellent for ledge trapping against all four ledge options. Retreating Nair is safe and can cover ledge rolls.
      • The tip of Ftilt is the strongest, making it a safe, effective kill move against ledge getups. It can cover all other ledge options with good timing, and even if Pit misses, Pit can still potentially react.
      • Usmash can punish ledge rolls and jumps.
      • At high %, Pit can kill early with Fsmash or Fthrow.
      • If Shulk hangs at the ledge too long, Pit can hit with Dsmash (Dsmash2 kills eariler) or Dair spike.
    • Pit’s rapid jab can be ledge canceled, both forwards and backwards.
    • At high %, Dthrow can condition an air dodge, allowing Pit to Dair spike.
    • If Shulk chooses to ledge jump, this still puts him in a juggling situation.
  • Dair can Jab Lock until approximately 80%. Uair can Jab Lock the opponent on platforms.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Pit: Zero Suit Samus, Corrin, Meta Knight, Sonic, Bayonetta, Sheik, Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, Lucario, Rosalina, Cloud, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Mega Man, Samus, Fox, Ryu, and Peach.
  • Notable good attributes:
    • 4 max jumps (3 in the air)
    • Ledge Hanging Hurtbox Vulnerability: High Tier
    • Rolls: Intangible 4-15; FAF 28 [6th-13rd]
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Air Speed: 0.89 [50-51st]
    • Ledge Attack: 25-27 (Intangible: 1-22); FAF 56 [54th-58th]
Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including Nicko, GetShulked, Rathilal, Sriks, Linkmario00, Heropon of Legendaryness, Valak, Coyors, FTP, Knepsis, Terchuy, and more), Art of Pit by Izaw + prominent Pit players (including the Pit Discord), SmashWiki, and public information of the Pit and Dark Pit community.

Pit (96)-

  • Against rapid jabs, SDI up and jump out.
  • Down Throw (C)
    • DI up & away but if they follow up with an up smash while you are at low percent the first time they down throw, then during your next stock when you are at low percent DI up only to try and escape the up smash. Also if they follow up with a nair you can actually punish this since it has some ending lag if they land while doing it. At higher percent when they can only follow up with an up air then DI up only.
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 115% from the edge of the stage. Basically, don’t neutral get up into shield against a Pit player.
    • Kills at about 180% from the middle of the stage.


Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: Juggling is important for Pit’s juggles and aerial game, so he performs well on reliable platform stages. It is even better when Pit camps below the platforms and juggle with Uair and Usmash. Smaller stages will help his killing problem, including easier gimping with arrows or edgeguarding with Fair.
Preferred Starters: 1) FD, 2) T&C, 3) LC, 4) SV
Counterpicks: Same as above.
Ban/Strike: 1) BF/DL64

Pit's Best Stages:

  • Battlefield
    • One of Pit’s best stages.
      • Can juggle and platform pressure with Uair, Usmash, Utilt, etc.
      • Pit’s aerials are great on platforms.
      • Can shark underneath the ledge with Uair.
    • It is a bit cramped for Pit to zone out his opponent with arrows. Rushdown playstyle like Speed Art can get in easily.
    • With a large blastzone, Pit will kill later than all other stages.
  • Dream Land 64
    • One of Pit’s best stages.
      • Can juggle and platform pressure with Uair, Usmash, Utilt, etc.
      • Pit’s aerials are great on platforms.
      • The blastzone is smaller than Battlefield, which will boost Pit’s killing potential.
    • Pit can get pineappled if he recovers too inward below the stage.
  • Smashville
    • The small space allows Pit to get in easily.
    • As Pit has the strongest Fthrow in the game, he gets the most benefit of killing at the ledge or at the edge of the moving platform.
    • Since the platform shifts, it can interrupt Pit’s flow of the game. But arrows and Usmash will still help.

Pit's Worst Stages:

  • Lylat Cruise
    • It is a bit harder for Pit to follow up his combos because the stage is wide and has slopes that can get in the way when he fires his arrows.
    • Pit can cancel the endlag of Upperdash Arm.
    • If Pit uses Power of Flight from the edge to across the stage while the stage is tilted, Pit will suspend himself above the engine for a brief moment [Twitter]
    • Pit can wavedash by just running off and using Upperdash Arm offstage [Twitter]
    • If Pit does not angle to the ledge correctly with the Power of Flight, he will miss and SD.
  • Town & City
    • Early kills out of all stages, helping Pit’s killing potential a lot.
    • Despite having platforms, they are too high for Pit to take advantage more effectively than other stages. Since the platform shifts, it can interrupt Pit’s flow of the game.
    • Pit can still arrow camp, if needed.
  • Final Destination
    • Without platforms, Pit’s juggle game is weakened unless he is able to predict his opponent’s landings with a Dash Attack, shield grab, or Usmash. However, the arrows will no longer be interrupted by platforms.
    • Shulk can MALLC air dodge or drift very fast in mobility Arts to avoid Pit’s juggles.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
      • With walls, Pit can recover from directly below to the ledge more easily.
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • Pit can reach the tree platforms easily, but Shulk can abuse it with Jump Art camping while also avoiding Pit’s juggle game.
    • The bush is a perfect height for FH AC arrows
    • The ducks can block the arrows.
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