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Mii Brawler

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+0.5 (Slight Advantage)

Professional Rating:
+0.3 (Slight Advantage)
Note: Due to lack of competitive plays on the Miis, the guide will be concise and mostly focus on default (1111) moves. A Quick Guide section is not needed.
MB: Mii Brawler


  • NB Shot Put: Arcing projectile that bounce, but a poor, slow, and laggy projectile that does not force the opponent to approach. Can be used to gimp opponents, except it sends the opponent up.
    • NC1 Ultimate Uppercut (think like Donkey Kong’s Giant Punch and Little Mac’s Straight Lunge): A powerful chargeable attack that can be stored and has super armor during the fully-charged swing. Can be used as a counterattack.
    • NC2 Exploding Side Kick (think like Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch): Charges up before using a powerful flaming side kick. Has super armor before the kick.
  • SideB Onslaught (think like Zero Suit Samus’ Dash Attack and Captain Falcon’s Raptor Boost): Charge forward. If connected, MB launches a series of kicks, then an uppercut. Can be used to recover horizontally, but will be helpless.
    • SC1 Burning Dropkick (think like Pikachu’s Skull Bash and Luigi’s Green Missile): Charges, then launches forward with flaming kicks before bouncing back (although not safe with its long lag). Can evade Shulk’s Vision. Can recover horizontally.
    • SC2 Headache Maker (think like Little Mac’s SC2 Grounding Blow): Jump up and swing down their fists a bit slow. Can be used as a very risky spike and short range recovery.
  • UpB Soaring Axe Kick (think like Kirby’s Final Cutter): Upward flip kick, then a sacrificial spike kill axe kick. Can also be used to knock characters off the ledge. Can only sweetspot the ledge at the peak of its height, and it cannot grab the ledge if MB’s back is facing the ledge.
    • UC1 Helicopter Kick: MB’s reliable competitive move. A diagonal multiple spinkicks kill move that also has small vertical recovery. Used as an OoS and a kill combo from Dthrow at the ledges.
    • UC2 Piston Punch (think like Little Mac’s Rising Uppercut): MB’s reliable competitive move. A flurry of rapid punches above their head that can also kill early near the upper blastzone. When MB is offstage, Vision can intercept the move.
  • DownB Head-On Assault (think like Bowser’s Bowser Bomb and Yoshi’s Yoshi Bomb): Falls downwards at a high speed with its head aimed at the ground. Can bury grounded opponents and spike aerial ones.
    • DC1: Feint Jump (think like Zero Suit Samus’s Flip Jump and Sheik’s Bouncing Fish): Dive kick after the jump, but can go either direction. Can be a pseudo-counter, but it has long landing lag. Useful as a recovery move (usually from UC1 Helicopter Kick). Can dodge attacks. Can bounce off walls.
    • DC2: Foot Flurry (think like Captain Falcon’s Falcon Kick Fury): Rush forward with a series of kicks, then send the opponent with a fair distance. In midair, MB can hover while kicking downwards.


  • Jump, Speed, or Buster Art
  • The MU is similar to Mario.
  • MB lacks range and struggles against disjoints, so Shulk can outspace and camp MB as long as he can. Their grab game is subpar with short grab range and no reliable KO throws.
  • With their bad approach, MB uses Shot Put, but it is still a poor projectile.
    • However, MB has impressive mobility and movement options. MB's air speed is great, making MB's air game incredibly strong with good aerials.
    • MB’s overall moveset has little to no lag (except smash attacks). Their combo game (including throws) is decent, yet getting a grab is still bad.
  • MB lacks moves that can kill easily. After 60%, MB's throws cannot combo or kill, and aerials cannot kill, either. Their only reliable kill options are Onslaught and Usmash (and Helicopter Kick with customs), so MB has to commit to a hard read.
    • Usmash kill % at the spawn ledge of Final Destination: +124%.
    • Onslaught kill % at the spawn ledge of Final Destination: +138%.
    • Fsmash is risky with high endlag, but it can land some early kills if MB reads the opponent (+75% at the spawn ledge of Final Destination).


  • Juggling
    • Monado Purge total range on Default 1111: 75-189% (Shulk’s Rage at 0%).
  • Offstage
    • MB lacks good recovery moves, especially in 1111 or accidentally buffering a Nair off the ledge. Their biggest fear is getting gimped.


  • Juggling
    • MB has some good juggles (usually from Dthrow), so Shulk should land away as far as possible.
  • Offstage
    • MB will try to gimp with Shot Put.
  • Even if Shulk gets hit by it, Head-On Assault is considered its worst move, since it cannot KO (unless used as a meteor smash), can lead to SD, and is hard to land.

Other Notes

  • Tiny Brawler is the overall best and viable at national level. MB jumps high, air speed is faster, ground speed is faster, and MB's frame data is better. Fair → Helicopter Kick can be a true combo at mid-stage and regardless of Di because of Fair carries over to Helicopter Kick.
  • Notable good attributes:
    • Air Speed: 1.2 [6th-7th]
    • Can wall jump.
    • Run Speed: 1.72 [21st]
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Ledge Getup: Intangible 1-43; FAF 45 [55th-58th]
    • Ledge Hanging Hurtbox Vulnerability: Low Tier
    • MB's worst MUs are those that are good at not getting grabbed or have good CQC. Faster start ups and above average range also has the advantage over MB.
Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Esquire’s competitive guide, Smash Wiki, and public information of the MB’s community.

Mii Brawler (100)-

  • Against Onslaught and Usmash, DI down and away.

  • Down Throw (C)
    • DI up & in at low percent as a mix up, otherwise just DI up and away. Common follow ups are fair, up air, nair, and up b.
  • Forward Throw (C)
    • For this one DI doesn’t matter too much, I would focus on teching the landing or jumping away since you can get punished if your get up option is read. Also mix up your techs (either roll forward, back, or in place) so you don’t get read on that either. DI away is the best. At low percent it doesn’t even send you hard enough that you will need a tech so don’t worry about it.
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 155% from the edge of the stage.


Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: No bad stages for MB (but with customs, MB likes closer blastzones). Platforms allow MB to mix up its opportunities, but a Shulk player can play any stage they are comfortable with.
Preferred Starters: 1) FD, 2) LC, 3) T&C
Counterpicks: 1) FD, 2) LC, 3) T&C, 4) DL64
Ban/Strike: 1) BF, 2) SV

Brawler's Best Stages:

  • Town & City
    • One of MB’s best stages.
      • Early kills, including UC1 Helicopter Kick setups at the top side platforms.
      • Great stage for UC2 Piston Punch.
      • Great stage for UC1 Helicopter Kick.
  • Battlefield
    • One of MB’s best stages.
      • Can extend combos.
      • More kill opportunities like DC1 Feint Jump ledge cancel.
      • Large blastzones will help MB’s horizontal recovery, but MB will kill later (especially Dthrow → Fairs → UC1 Helicopter Kick kill confirm)
      • Great stage for UC2 Piston Punch.
  • Smashville
    • Moving platforms gives MB an additional landing option and can DC1 Feint Jump cancel → UC1 Helicopter Kick.
    • Early horizontal kills with the moving platform.
    • Great stage for UC1 Helicopter Kick.

Brawler's Worst Stages:

  • Dream Land 64
    • Can extend combos.
    • More kill opportunities like DC1 Feint Jump ledge cancel.
    • Small blastzones will allow MB to kill early.
    • Great stage for UC2 Piston Punch.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • Early kills, including UC1 Helicopter Kick setups.
    • Great stage for UC2 Piston Punch.
  • Final Destination
    • Without platforms, MB will be more in the air.
      • Great stage for UC1 Helicopter Kick.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • MB will be vulnerable to camping.
    • While the ceiling is high, MB can still get horizontal kills.
    • MB hitting the ducks will extend MB’s hitboxes.
    • Great stage for UC2 Piston Punch.
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