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  • Lucas’s main spacing tools are zair and PK fire, always think of the reach of these two moves when trying to space around him
  • Lucas will try to covert a lot of things into grab, things that aren’t necessarily guaranteed. In general rolling away will prevent these follow ups; the only thing Lucas can chase with in time in a PK fire, which has no guaranteed follow ups (thus is a weaker punish).
  • This extends to Lucas hitting your shield in general; be aware of what is and is not punishable on shield, Lucas has very good frame advantage on a multitude of moves on shield. In general rolling away is much safer than attempting an OOS punish or holding shield, unless you are certain you have frame advantage.
  • Be wary of his multi hit moves! Do not unshield things such as Nair or Dair part way through the attack.
  • MIXUP DI! This is arguably one of the most important things, as Lucas can have devastating follow ups if you don’t have maximum DI one way or another. In general prioritize DI over deactivating/changing Monado Arts unless you are certain the move will KO you (i.e. in Monado Smash).


  • CAMP HIM OUT. Lucas has very little answer to Ghostwalker or otherwise campy play
  • Harass him when offstage, but keep in mind how amazing his airdodge is. Bait it out, if you can!
  • In general, Lucas will prefer to recover with his tether over his double jump, and both over his PK Thunder 2. Try to anticipate where he will be based on this knowledge!
  • When Lucas is above, you, harass him as much as you can! Use Monado Speed and Monado Jump to stay below him; he has nothing that can content with utilt below him, and if he is forced to airdodge you can punish the endlag in many situations. 
  • When going for airdodge punishes, it is far more efficient to go for lingering large hitboxes (i.e. nair) rather than a hard read on the direction of his airdodge. 
  • Be mindful of Lucas’ ledge options; he will often try to use his safe spacing tools (fair, nair, etc) to get back onto the ledge for free. Observe his habits and either outrange him with a disjointed move, or aim to punish his defensive commitment afterwards. 
  • Lucas has a great amount of tools and mobilitity for landing, so don't commit to a landing option unless he is guaranteed to be there, since he is very slippery. His landing options include:
    • PSI Magnet (stalls his fall)
    • B-reversing and wavebouncing (PK Magnet or PK Thunder)
    • Airdodging


  • Don’t miss techs pls
  • Footstool combos generally for damage; again, mixup DI to make them harder to land
  • Dsmash at ledge is not a threat if you snap the ledge; but if you see Lucas charging dsmash preemptively, use the large disjoint on Airslash 2 to hit him while vulnerable (without putting yourself at risk). 
  • When getting up from the ledge, keep in mind that Lucas’ most threatening tool is a grab to KO you. He seems to have difficulty covering many options at once, so keep your ledge options varied and unpredictable.

Other Notes

  • His nair can be SDI'd
  • Hoo-Hah Killing Percents:
Art 0% Rage
0% Rage
DI Away
0% Rage
DI in
50% Rage
50% Rage
DI Away
50% Rage
DI in
100% Rage
100% Rage
DI Away
100% Rage
150 Rage
150% Rage
DI Away
150% Rage
Vanilla / Speed 108% 114% 106% 104% 111% 102% 93% 99% 91% 83% 89% 81%
Jump 109% 117% 107% 106% 113% 104% 94% 100% 92% 84% 89% 82%
Shield 169% 175% 166% 165% 172% 162% 150% 158% 147% 137% 145% 134%
Buster 106% 112% 104% 102% 108% 101% 90% 96% 89% 81% 86% 79%
Smash 96% 102% 94% 93% 98% 90% 82% 87% 79% 71% 76% 69%


Credits to The Lucas Hoo Hah Project


Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Nair hits while Standing? No.
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Fair hits while Standing? No.
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Dair hits while Standing? No.
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Nair hits while Standing? No.
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Fair hits while Standing? Barely.


Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Nair hits while Crouching? No.
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Fair hits while Crouching? No.
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Dair hits while Crouching? No.
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Nair hits while Crouching? No.
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Fair hits while Crouching? No.

Lucas (94)-

  • Down Throw (C)
    • Without DI down throw sends you straight up at low percents which is what Lucas players are used to. DI away as a mix up or DI to Lucas's back if you think they will read DI away. At higher percents the opposite is true. A down throw with no DI sends you up and a bit in front of Lucas so DI away to try and escape and to Lucas's back for a mix up. If Lucas grabs you near the ledge he can down throw to bair so be careful of that and think about DI'ing away from the stage to avoid it. Finally be aware that at high percents down throw to up air will kill so try DI'ing up and away and jumping away. Also, if he follows up with a nair SDI away as fast as you can and you can occasionally escape it. If you ever down throw nair a lv 9 cpu as Lucas they will typically SDI it very well in my experience so you can look at that for reference. Also if they go for down throw
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 100% from the edge of the stage.
    • Kills at about 165% from the middle of the stage.
  • Up Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 145%
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 115% from the edge of the stage.

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Best Stages:

  • Final Destination
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Town and City

Worst Stages:

  • Duck Hunt


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