Shulk 101

Little Mac

Community Rating:
+1 (Advantage)

Professional Rating:
+0.5 (Slight Advantage)

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Main Goal: Treat him like a mini Bayonetta as Mac has a superior neutral game than Shulk. Focus on setting up a gimping game while having a strong shield game, strong ground game, throw game, and patience. The best way to damage Mac is during Mac’s animation (except through his Super Armor frames), when he jumps, and extending the advantage on Mac’s tech escape options. Let Mac attack first. If Mac shields too much, find an opportunity to grab.
      • 1. Throw Mac offstage, or
      • 2. Uthrow Mac up and juggle as much as possible with aerials.
    • Shulk’s Back Nair (SH or approaching) can surprise Mac in the neutral if he is unaware of it.
    • On platform stages, if Shulk has at least a 50% lead, he should platform camp with Jump Art and even time him out.
    • Monado Purge total range: 74-191% (Shulk's Rage at 0%).
  • Edgeguarding
    • With a strong gimping game, Shulk can handle Mac very easily. Pay attention to how Mac recovers.
    • Fair is key to swat Mac, but Shulk must keep pressuring and figure out Mac’s recovering habits. Ledge Air Slash is great as it can cover the vertical zone, especially in Jump or Smash Art.
  • Disadvantage
    • Avoid landing above him as Mac can use Usmash or Rising Uppercut to intercept. He can also shield and punish Shulk’s landings.
    • Pay attention to Mac’s vertical threat zone, especially Rising Uppercut.


  • Vanilla, Speed or Shield Art. Force him in the air with mobility Arts.
    • Vanilla Art can help without advantages nor disadvantages.
    • Jump Art can be good (especially to avoid the KO Uppercut), but Shulk should watch out for his landings since Mac is good at punishing landings. A good Mac player would simply wait and catch Shulk’s landings. Its best use is for offstage gimps.
      • Pay attention to Mac’s ground game. Mix up Shulk’s overall movement and landings, but do not always hold forward.
      • On platforms, the Shulk player can camp should the player want to win the MU. Shulk can also wait until he chooses another Art.
    • Speed Art is the recommended Art in the neutral while having a strong ground game. Can keep up with him and pressure Mac off the stage.
      • Ground game: Walk a lot, shield, use Jabs, spaced Dtilt, and dash/pivot Grabs until Shulk manages to put Mac in the air. Try to tech chase Mac offstage. Remember to watch Mac’s movements and responses with playing a ground game.
      • Go for dash/pivot grabs. Try Dthrow  Fair to send Mac offstage for potentially early kills.
      • Tomahawk grabs is also a good mixup optinon.
    • Shield Art is another good option when Shulk is at low %, especially since shielding is good against Mac’s poor grab game. You can potentially hit Mac back thanks to the reduced hitstun. For Shulk at low %, he can shield Mac’s Jab and Dtilt combos. Vision is another option.
      • A smart Mac player would avoid Shulk if Mac has the lead. If this happens, Shulk should limit his Shield Art usage.
      • If Shulk has a stock lead, stall near the ledge. Mac is unlikely to approach due to the risk of being thrown or an attack that sends Mac offstage. But Shield Art is ineffective against Mac’s KO Uppercut after Shulk has +55%.
        • After Shulk passes +120%, Mac can kill or launch Shulk offstage, forcing him to switch off Shield Art.
      • Shulk can attempt to gimp Mac. Even when Shulk has reduced damage output, he can still force Mac offstage while having reduced damage output.
      • Alternate with Jump Art for Shulk’s camping strategy.
    • Buster Art does speed up Mac’s KO Meter the more Shulk hits. Shulk’s tilts and aerials are still risky against Mac’s speed, and trading hits against Mac’s Super Armor is still worse on Shulk. Its only useful tactic is to make a comeback or against Mac’s KO Uppercut playstyle.
    • Smash Art is good at gaining stage control and possibly gimp Mac is at +40%, especially since it does not fill up the KO meter too much. Focus on throwing Mac offstage (Shulk's Fair is his best tool). If Shulk is under 60%, switch off Smash Art and go for Speed Art.
      • Warning: Shulk’s attacks are super unsafe on shield.
      • Sometimes, Back Nair (usually against Mac’s rolls) can kill Mac.
  • The neutral is difficult for Shulk if Mac plays patiently. The best way to fight Mac is staying grounded with good movements and mix-ups to match Mac’s speed. Shulk should avoid approaching Mac directly and focus on patient active defense
    • Treat Mac as a mini Bayonetta/Sheik. Do not directly fight him or challenge him recklessly. Focus on the gimping game as Shulk has plenty of tools in the Advantage state.
      • Attack when the Mac player makes one error and inconsistency (whiffed attack, misspaced move, flubbed recovery attempt, etc).
    • Shulk’s Moves:
      • Shielding is good since Mac’s grab game is bad; he does not get much out of it. Using Vision is a bit more viable.
      • Use Jabs and Grabs as they are Shulk’s best moves against Mac. Jabs, when connected, sends Mac up at an awkward angle for Mac. Shulk can tech chase with his huge aerials and amazing maneuverability in the air and the ground.
      • Shulk’s aerials, unfortunately, can almost always be punished by a good reactive Mac player. A Shulk player would have to make smart decisions.
        • MALLC aerials (especially Bair) is one safe option?
        • Outspace him with retreating aerials (if possible) and hit him during an animation (except through his Super Armor frames). Try spaced SH Nair as a surprise attack.
    • Avoid jumping too much into him and using Nair toward him as Mac is good at catching Shulk’s landings and abusing his Super Armor against Shulk’s attacks.
  • According to Sol, Shulk must not play Mac’s game. Mac is a tricky fighter, waiting for one false move from Shulk. Shulk must not overextend; he should not attack Mac in tricky situations unless Shulk absolutely has to. Shulk cannot let Mac to close up the gap to gain the lead.
    • To force Mac to approach, get the lead, then space and camp Mac out. One hit puts Shulk in favor. Wall Mac out with mobility and range. Corner Mac with active defensive pressure.
      • Respect his ground game, do not hold forward too much, and avoid pressing too many buttons.
      • Camping at the ledge will not 100% work against a good Mac player, and Mac can reverse the situation to his advantage. But if Mac does approach, try Bthrow.
    • The goal is to gimp Mac without his KO Meter filled up completely. Speed and Smash Art helps out.
  • Due to Mac's superior ground game, play patiently as Mac will likely bait out Shulk's attacks. Use empty hops and punish Mac's attacks during their animation (except through Super Armor frames).
    • Do not be too close, especially at low %, or else Mac can simply Jab or use tilts into combos. Space yourself.
      • Avoid rolling into Mac or else he can use Dsmash. Shulk’s SH Nair can, however, surprise Mac.
        • Rolling away allows Mac to use Dash Attack.
      • Avoid cross-up Nair against Mac’s shield as Mac can simply Ftilt Shulk. Mac’s Ftilt is a good poking tool and it can kill.
    • His Dtilt is his best combo starter (into smash attack or Rising Uppercut), but Mac can use Fair. If Fair hits Shulk, Shulk must not air dodge or else Mac will use a fully charged smash attack. Jump away after the Fair.
      • Sometimes, Mac can Dtilt → PP Utilt.
    • Only attack when you absolutely have to because even Nair and Fair, while good, are not foolproof against Mac's frame data.
      • Even when Shulk plays at mid-range, Mac’s fox-trot smash attacks will power through Shulk’s moves and “parry” Shulk right after.
      • Mac’s Dash Attack & Jolt Haymaker are so fast that they are great at intercepting Shulk’s startup. Sometimes, he will use Jolt Haymaker if he is close to Shulk. Play a shield game when close to Mac or anticipate it and space him out.
      • Mac has one of the best shield rolls in the game. Mac can run forward to Shulk, roll in, and attack. Shulk’s SH Nair can beat it. Usmash can work if Shulk reads Mac’s roll.
        • Mac can spot dodge Shulk’s Dtilt, roll in, and then punish Shulk. Try SH Nair or late Fair.
      • Overall, punishing Mac’s endlag is risky because he has so little of it and his Jab is frame 1.
    • If Mac walks more and uses tilts, play a ground game. A patient Mac player can walk to scare Shulk in this mental game.
      • In a high stress situation, Mac can walk and Jab repeatedly to force Shulk to approach or an option. Mac’s random option could possibly change the pace of the match.
    • One notable movement from Mac is his Extended Dash Dancing (running back and forth) to play mind games and wait for Shulk’s response.
    • Mac can combine his perfect pivoting moves (Fsmash, Ftilt, and most notably Utilt). Pay attention to Mac’s threat zones.
  • His smash attacks have Super Armor upon start-up. If possible, punish after he whiffs with moves that does not commit much.
    • If you get hit in shield such as Fsmash or Usmash, jump away to reset the neutral rather than punishing back. It's impossible to punish those smash attacks on shield.
      • If Shulk uses Ftilt after being hit by Fsmash, Mac can simply use Ftilt to hit/kill.
    • Against Mac’s Dtilt, Ftilt, and smash attacks, if he hits your shield, use Jab or grab (if close). Use Dtilt if Shulk is outside Mac’s range.
      • If Shulk uses Dtilt at max range, Mac can spot-dodge and use dash attack on Shulk.
      • Mac’s Dtilt → Rising Uppercut is a kill setup, depending on Shulk’s DI.
  • When getting hit on shield (especially Mac’s angled down Fsmash being a great shield damaging move), Shulk should usually back away and reset the situation. Shulk’s Dtilt is still too slow, and Mac can use another smash attack or wait and shield. Shulk’s Jab also would not reach Mac due to Mac’s shield push back. Instead, try Air Slash OoS if within range.
    • When shielding Mac’s rapid Jabs, wait until he does his finishing jab, then dash grab him.
  • Against KO Uppercut:
    • Comes out frame 9-11, but has Super Armor on 8-9. FAF is 97.
      • His aerial version is frame 9-12; FAF 76. It is much more weaker than the grounded version, only killing at +150%.
    • It can go through shield and hit against Shulk’s Vision, but if Shulk uses Shadow Eye, it will not connect to Shulk’s Shadow I-Frames.
      • It is possible to grab Mac when he uses KO Uppercut.
    • Upon getting it, Mac has up to four seconds to keep his KO Uppercut. Afterwards, the Power Meter resets when he is sent flying by anything that causes hitstun or tumbling.
    • Mac’s Combos/Follow-ups:
      • Watch out for Dtilt(s) → KO Uppercut (low-mid % on Shulk)
      • If hit by Jab1, do not air dodge or else Mac will use KO Uppercut.
    • Monado Arts:
      • Jump Art is the best Art to avoid Mac until Mac lets down his guard.
      • A smart Mac player would avoid Shulk’s Shield Art. Even though Mac has crazy kill power, Shield Art only gives Shulk an extra 10% of survival time. Also, Shulk’s shielding work will not work due to the KO Uppercut going through shields.
        • Shulk, while crouching, could extend his survival.
      • Buster Art is great since the KO Meter is full.
    • Shulk must play super safe and just space/play footsies. Consider empty hops, baiting a reaction, or moves with very little commitment (Jabs and Grabs).


  • Juggling
    • It is important to get Mac in bad situations, even if Shulk cannot get Mac offstage (yet). If you cannot get Mac in a bad position, then focus on damaging him until the right opportunity presents itself.
      • If Shulk grabs Mac, it is usually recommended to throw him offstage (although Monado Purge does work on Mac). However, Shulk’s Uthrow is his best throw in this MU. Wait for Mac's option (especially his DJ), then punish like Fair, then Nair to cover landings. If successful, this sets up an edgeguard situation.
        • Try Jump Art Uthrow → Air Slash when Mac is at ~49-90%.
          • Mac could interrupt Purge from 76-89%, those this does leave him vulnerable.
        • Try Speed Art Dthrow → Fair, then analyze his escape options.
        • If Shulk uses Bthrow, consider Back Slash, or even a suicide Back Slash offstage.
      • Analyze how Mac recovers or escape. Pay attention to his air dodge habits, Slip Counter, and Jolt Haymaker.
        • Shulk can also fake them out (e.g. whiffed SH FF Nair) to get a reaction, then punish for the second time. Against Slip Counter, if Shulk hits with the uppermost part of Nair, Mac’s Slip Counter will not hit Shulk, and Shulk can grab him. Ex: Nair frame trap  Fair.
        • Against air dodge habits, frame trap him into Utilt/Grab or anything. Consider running Usmash to hit/kill.
        • Jolt Haymaker helps Mac to get out of scary situations since it comes out fast, has invincibility on start-up, and hits hard. The air version is common as a surprise attack on Shulk.
      • If Shulk’s attacks connect (Nair or throw), extend them as much as possible (usually with Fairs). Juggle Mac as much as possible (as Mac should not land back), but be wary of Mac's fast Nair. It can interrupt Shulk’s follow-ups
  • Offstage
    • Always edgeguard, especially when he uses his DJ while Shulk has Smash Art. Edgeguarding with Air Slash or Fairs are Shulk’s best options when the player reacts to Mac’s option. Jump Art is now safe to use for offstage gimps. With Smash Art, keep using Fairs to scare him.
    • As you edgeguard (especially with Jump Art), fall with the incoming Mac roughly 45 degrees under him. By forcing a reaction, in Mac’s case, he can air dodge or do nothing.
      • As you descend safely, use DJ Fair.
      • Air dodge? DJ Fair.
      • Does nothing? The hardest part because it has no lag, so attack at any point. The longer you fall with Mac, the more he feels threatened (and Shulk having more advantage).
    • If Mac is offstage and uses:
      • Jump to the ledge:
        • Probably the most difficult one as it is a good mixup.
      • Air Dodges:
        • Use a well-timed Nair/Fair/Bair or empty hops to bait. Utilt and Air Slash also works.
        • Dair can also work.
        • Conditioned Mac to use his DJ and air dodge. If he has no choice but to use Rising Uppercut, use Bair.
      • Slip Counter:
        • Whiffed Shulk’s Fair to bait a reaction, then punish.
          • Depending on Mac’s position, it is possible to FF Fair against Mac since he propels himself under the ledge. Shulk can then use Air Slash for a stage spike.
        • Fsmash also works.
        • Using Uair can intercept/kill, though Mac will hit Shulk. Dair can lead to a spike.
        • If Shulk hits behind Mac, Mac will go the other way and lose a stock.
        • Use empty hops to bait a reaction.
      • Jolt Haymaker and/or Wall Jump:
        • One of Mac’s safest recoveries since he can snap earlier if he activates the swing and spaces well.
        • Even if Shulk throws Mac offstage (especially at low %), Mac players would usually use Jolt Haymaker to the ledge.
        • Use aerials, Fsmash, or Dsmash. If Mac’s head is above the ledge, use angled down Fsmash.
        • Footstool Mac's wall jump for a guarentee kill.
      • Rising Uppercut and/or Wall Jump:
        • Note that his Rising Uppercut has a deceptive hitbox at the tip, which can hit above the ledge. Space with Fair or use Vision.
        • Use Fair clipping, as it is more consistent. Alternatively, Nair slashing below, angled down Fsmash, Back Slash, Bair or Dsmash at the ledge can work.
        • A good Mac player can space this recovery to the ledge. However, Shulk can go offstage and use RAR Fair or Bair for a stage spike.
        • Vision at the ledge can hit Mac since Rising Uppercut does not snap the ledge, but the timing is tight. Forward Vision can stage spike.
        • Dair can pierce down and avoid the grounded hitbox from Rising Uppercut.
        • Suicide Back Slash is also good because of Mac’s vertical recovery. It can catch Mac right before he snaps the ledge.
          • It is possible to Back Slash an unspaced Rising Uppercut to the ledge because Mac is physically turning his hurtbox around.
        • If Mac ends up recovering over the ledge, Shulk can shield grab for a grab release. However, Mac can air dodge → Rising Uppercut. Instead of a grab release, Shulk’s Fthrow is better since Mac does not get his jump back because Mac did not touch the ground.
        • Footstool Mac's wall jump for a guarentee kill.
      • Shulk’s Barrier Nair: DJ Nair back onto stage works if Shulk is unsure on the opponent's recovery options.
      • Jumping behind Mac and use Air Slash while facing the stage will force Mac to tech twice or die.
      • It is still possible to edgeguard with Buster Art.
  • Ledge
    • If Mac does a ledge get up, try SH FF Nair  Fair  Fair, especially in Jump Art.
      • Mac can do a regular get up → Jolt Haymaker. Shield, retreat back to center stage to punish, or use Nair/Usmash.
      • Pivot grab → Bthrow is amazing against Mac's neutral getup because it sends Mac at a bad angel that it is easy for Shulk to edgeguard. This also avoids Mac's F1 Jab, and even if Shulk misses his pivot grab, it beats and avoids Mac's F1 options (Jab and shield).
    • Shulk usually does not need to cover most other ledge options against Mac because most of them do not pose an immediate threat and can be dealt with on reaction.
    • Gazelle Punch: When Mac hangs onto the ledge with his KO Meter active, he can do a ledge get up → KO Uppercut. But the timing is extremely strict due to having only 2 frames long; it has to be frame perfect.


  • Juggling
    • Be careful where you land as Mac's ground options are good enough to cover landings with his Super Armor smash attacks (especially running Usmash). Even his Dash Attack can hit Shulk if Shulk lands with no aerials. Attacking back as you land is usually not recommended unless he whiffs, so do not press too many buttons when landing. Careless air dodges will allow Mac to punish.
      • Mac Utilt(s) → Uppercut is a combo. If expected to be comboed, Shulk should not waste his DJ recklessly.
      • Mac’s sweetspot Usmash can be deadly, but it lasts for one frame. Shulk must also avoid jumping into Mac or else Mac can Usmash Shulk to hit/kill.
      • If Mac decides to use a smash attack upon Shulk’s landing, use Vision.
      • Consider MAIT for 0 landing lag instead of MALLC.
      • Mac's Dair can gimp Shulk or reset missed techs. Fair extends some tilt combos. Nair can combo break to a degree.
    • Regarding Mac’s air game:
      • His Uair and Bair have very little uses, but Fair, Nair, and Dair are, instead.
        • Nair is his combo breaker with its frame 2 hitbox (the fastest Nair in the game)
        • Fair can extend some tilt combos. Against Dtilt to Fair string, jump away. Do not air dodge or you get his by a fully charged smash attack.
        • His Dair has the worst hitbox out of all of his aerials. However, it can gimp Shulk and reset on missed techs.
      • Dtilt  Rising Uppercut is one of Mac’s notable kill options. His DJ Rising Uppercut can kill unexpectedly if the Mac player is brave enough. Note that Mac does not rise up as much when used in the air, and Rising Uppercut does have a very slight horizontal distance by simply holding the direction Mac wants to move. Pay attention to Mac’s vertical threat zone.
      • If Mac jumps in the air, DI away from him instead of spot-dodging in place.
      • However, Shulk does outrange all of Mac’s aerials easily.
  • Offstage
    • Save Shulk’s DJ. Use Jump or Speed Art mobility to return back.
    • Mac’s Dtilt can intercept Air Slash recovery, but his Dsmash is the worst move to watch out. Air Slash must be spaced while buffering the second slash to snap the ledge. Jump overhead as an alternative if Shulk saved his DJ.
      • Mac's Rising Uppercut against Air Slash can also stage spike Shulk?
      • If Mac knows Air Slash snapping to the ledge, he will adapt. Mix up ledge snap timing.
      • Against Mac’s Dsmash Shulk can Uair to hit/kill.
    • It is rare, but Mac can go offstage to edgeguard. If Shulk uses his DJ, Mac can Dair him. Shulk should DJ against it.
  • Ledge
    • If Shulk does a ledge get up when Mac is up close, Mac can Fsmash on Shulk’s shield, then use reverse Jolt Haymaker to break Shulk’s shield.
      • His Dtilt → KO Uppercut is good when Shulk tries to recover to the ledge.
    • If Mac faces away from the ledge and rapid jabs, and if Shulk SDIs away, it pushes Mac to the edge. This can lead to a buffer KO Uppercut combo
  • After Mac’s Dthrow, do not air dodge or else Mac’s fully charged Fsmash can kill early. Sometimes, it can combo into Rising Uppercut, but Shulk can DI away.
  • KO Uppercut kill % [+22% normal death range]:
    • 16% – Jump Art
    • 17% – Buster/Smash Art
    • 22% – Vanilla/Speed Art
    • 55% – Shield Art
    • Rule of Thumb on Rage
      • 0% → None
      • 100% → -6%
      • 150% → -10%
    • Stage % Effect
      • Battlefield → +2%
      • SV/FD/LC/DL → None
      • T&C → -2%
    • Other Notes
      • Optimal DI: Down and away
      • Raw %. Mac mains usually use Dtilts (removes 8%), making the death range even lower.
      • Mac mains usually have Rage, making the death range even lower.
      • Even if it does not kill, it deals 35% damage
      • Does not connect to Shulk's Shadow Eye, leaving Mac wide open
  • If Shulk drops his shield while on the platform, Mac can rapid jab → Rising Uppercut kill. All multi-jab characters can do edge canceling.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Mac: Cloud, Pac-Man, Pikachu, Ryu, Mario, Ike, Sonic, Marth, Ness, Fox, Diddy Kong, Peach, Greninja, Lucas, Bayonetta, etc.
  • Mac's Jab 1 has priority over every attack 10% or less. Some of Shulk's Vanilla, Speed, Shield, and almost every Smash Art attack will be parried and put Shulk in a disadvantage.
  • Notable good attributes:
    • Can wall jump, as this is one of his reliable recovery options on walled stages
    • Air Dodges: Intangible 2-24; FAF 31 [2-10th]. This somewhat makes up his terrible air mobility
    • Rolls: Intangible 4-12; FAF 24 [5th]
    • Run Speed: 2.24 [3rd]
    • Spot Dodge: Intangible 2-25; FAF 25 [2-9th]
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Second worst air mobility (as in Mac has to hard commit to his jump arcs and aerial positions due to having low air accelerations).
Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including Scarhi, Ian, Nach, Sandfall, GetShulked, FTP, etc.), Vash, Sol, Cagt, and public information from the Mac community.

Little Mac (82)-

  • Against Mac's rapid jabs, SDI upwards
  • Against KO Uppercut, DI down and away.


  • Down Throw (C)
    • DI up & away, this one doesn't even combo that well but thought I'd put it. Little Mac has trash aerials (except nair if used right) so even if you fail you'll only get like 2 damage. It can combo into Mac's up b as well especially if your opponent jumps or runs up a bit first so watch out for that. If they do go for the up b then DI away to try to avoid it. Also sorta combos into side b at low percent on heavies so be aware of that
  • Forward Throw (C)
    • Mostly just combos into dair lock or dash attack if you miss your tech and don't jump. Just know that it's an option and don't fall into it and you'll be fine. Most dangerous at the lowest possible percent that it sends you into free fall which differs based on character. Sends into free fall at 29% with no rage on Mario for a reference point.
  • Back Throw (C)
    • Same as f throw. Sends into free fall at 14% with no rage on Mario for a reference point.
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 135% from the edge of the stage.
    • Kills at about 190% from the middle of the stage.

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Notes: On platform stages, if Shulk has at least a 50% lead on Mac, he should platform camp with Jump Art and even time him out. Shulk's priority is to live as long as possible, regardless of the size of the blastzones.


Preferred Starters: 1) SV, 2) BF, 3) LC
Counterpicks: 1) SV, 2) BF, 3) DL64, 4) LC
Ban/Strike: 1) T&C, 2) FD

Mac's Best Stages:

  • Final Destination
    • One of Mac’s best stage.
    • Can wall jump, but the slants are a bit awkward unless Mac wall jumps a certain spot perfectly to snap the ledge with Jolt Haymaker.
    • Mac’s running speed gives him free reign to run around.
    • Without platforms, Shulk can juggle Mac’s landing easily with SH FF Nair, either to hit or bait a reaction.
    • Consider Jump/Shield Art camping. Time him out.
  • Town and City
    • Mac's best stage.
    • Mac’s vertical kill moves are stronger now, especially if he stands on the platforms.
      • Mac's kill moves are at its strongest, most notably his KO Uppercut, Rising Uppercuit, and Dsmash at the ledge.
    • He can also chain Rising Uppercuts through the platforms to get early kills.
    • The stage length (and platforms) makes it difficult for Mac to catch Shulk’s landings.
    • Mac shieldbreaking Shulk can reach the side platforms. Worse, it can pull Shulk into the blastzone.
    • Mac can ledge jump to the side platform.
    • Consider Jump/Shield Artcamping. Time him out. Be warn that if Shulk does it, the platforms would eventually move away until it later comes back.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • Though the tilting can mess up Mac’s recoveries, Mac has an easier time using Dsmash at the ledge. The tilting can also mess up Mac’s tilts and smash attacks.
    • Mac’s horizontal kill moves are a bit stronger.
    • Mac’s Usmash can hit all the three platforms.
    • Shulk can camp on the middle platform because Mac needs to DJ. However, when the stage tilts, Mac can Usmash.

Mac's Worst Stages:

  • Battlefield
    • Can wall jump.
    • Mac’s Usmash can hit Shulk’s feet on the side platforms.
    • The stage length allows Mac to catch Shulk’s landings. Mac’s Rising Uppercut can reach the top platform.
    • Shulk can juggle Mac with Utilts and Nairs.
    • Mac’s vertical kill moves while standing on platforms helps him kill earlier.
    • Mac has Jab Lock Setups.
    • Consider Jump/Shield Art camping on the top platform. Time him out.
    • Mac's PP Utilt under platform → FH Dair lock, Dair to make the opponent slip off → Dair lock → KO Uppercut
  • Dream Land 64
    • Can wall jump.
    • Shulk can juggle Mac with Utilts and Nairs.
    • The wind can mess up Mac’s recovery and combos.
    • Mac’s vertical kill moves while standing on platforms helps him kill earlier.
    • Consider Jump/Shield Artt camping. Time him out on the top platform.
  • Smashville
    • One of Mac’s worst stage. Mac players would usually strike this.
      • The angle of the stage makes Mac’s air dodging through the ledge guard difficult because it is very easy for Mac to get caught on the under-lip.
      • Shulk can camp on the moving platform, and it would be too risky for Mac to commit and punish Shulk, especially if Shulk is in shield. Mac has to use both his jumps (or a ledge jump). Should Mac jump to him at the edge, Shulk can throw him offstage.
      • The moving platform makes Mac’s recovery more predictable for Shulk to punish, especially if Shulk takes control of the platform.
    • On the moving platform, Mac can drop down and immediately attack.
    • The stage length allows Mac to catch Shulk’s landings more easily.
    • Mac still has his great kill power for early kills.
    • Consider Jump/Shield Art camping. Time him out.

Other Stages:

  • Omega (Same notes as Final Destination unless otherwise.)
    • Wily Castle
      • Can wall jump.
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • Can wall jump.
    • Mac’s worst stage. Mac cannot jump to the tree’s lowest branch unless he uses his Rising Uppercut or he hits the ducks so that the dog can lift him up. Shulk can easily camp out Mac with Jump Art once Shulk gets the lead.
    • The stage can be treated as FD/Omega.
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