Shulk 101


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  • Wall out Jigglypuff with aerials and don't let her in. Your range is your greatest tool.
  • Avoid rolling torwards Jigglypuff, as Jigglypuff has many setups to deal with rolling and can even rest you for an easy KO, while her slower ground speed makes it harder to punish roll away. 


  • Grab release -> Air Slash! See Videos for more info.
  • Keeping stage control is very important against Jiggs, as they have good aerial mobility and if they pressure you torwards the ledge or off-stage it can mean death by edgeguarding.
  • Don't go for grab release -> Air Slash too often, because Jiggs can spotdodge your grab attempt and rest you.
  • Jiggs can have a hard time getting back on stage due to her low jump height, so do your best to edgeguard-- but don't get too careless!


  • As Jigglypuff is excellent at edgeguarding, it is advised to mix up your recovery to avoid being edgeguarded to your death. Snapping the ledge is vital.
  • If you're offstage against Jigglypuff and in shield art, deactivate it as soon as possible to avoid being edgeguarded.

Other Notes

  • Jigglypuff has a maximum of 6 jumps, so try to keep track of how many jumps it uses every time you get it off-stage. It may come in handy!
  • Jigglypuff can always escape from Purge, so don't attempt it unless you think they're going to airdodge.
  • Don't rely on up-smash or forward-smash as much to punish rest, as Jigglypuff can rest between two hits. Instead, charge down-smash-- or maybe even go for the backslash.

Does x move hit while Jigglypuff is doing x?


Move Standing Crouching
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Nair No No
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Fair No No
Vanilla Full Hop Buffered Dair No No
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Fair No No
Jump SH/Speed FH Buffered Nair No No

  • Up Throw (Combo Throw)
    • If you are playing with customs and Jigglypuff is using leaping rest as her down b then up throw combos into it. DI either left or right to avoid it but don't get predictable. You can DI upwards as well if you want to try to get above the rest altogether.
  • Forward Throw (Combo Throw)
    • DI'ing in is pretty predictable
  • Jigglypuff's throws are the terrible for killing. They won't kill even when the opponent is at 300%, best is up throw but it is still very bad. 

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Best Stages:

  • Battlefield
  • Duck Hunt

Worst Stages:

  • Town and City is high risk high reward
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