Shulk 101


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0 (Even)

Professional Rating:
-0.3 (Slight Disadvantage)
DFS: NeutralB Dragon Fang Shot
DL Pin: SideB Dragon Lunge Pin (when Corrin pins something).

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Speed Art is the best Art against Dragon Lunge plays and Corrin’s counter, and Jump Art camping may be necessary to time out Corrin.
    • Corrin’s four main ways in neutral:
      • Baiting and punishing opponent’s mistake with long-ranged moves (Dragon Lunge, Grab mixups, and DFS)
      • Racking up damage from combo starters (Nair, Fair, Dtilt, Utilt, and Uair) and juggling.
      • Approaching with dash into shield and SH spacing.
      • Killing with instant Dragon Lunge, Uair, and Uthrow commonly.
    • It is vital for Shulk to play a careful neutral, respect Corrin’s tools, and space himself just outside of Dragon Lunge. Once Shulk takes the lead, Shulk must continue with safer plays by outspacing and outranging Corrin (usually with Bair). Risky plays, like unspaced cross-ups, should be avoided.
      • Against Dragon Lunge, Speed Art and Air Slash OoS are good punishing moves. Shulk can limit and pressure Dragon Lunge options if he forces Corrin to the ledge.
      • Shielding and Air Slash OoS are the best tools in this MU against most of Corrin’s moves (except Nair, Bair, tipper Fsmash, and pixel-perfect DL Pin). But Shulk must watch out for a Dash Grab mixup.
      • Aerials can defeat DFS’s low priority.
    • Against Corrin’s landings, Shulk should walk and grab more than using Utilts. Bthrow is also effective against characters like Corrin.
    • Corrin lacks the speed to avoid grabs against Speed and Jump Art.
      • Monado Purge total range: 74-197% (Shulk’s Rage at 0%). The Uair timing must be tight or else Corrin will punish with Counter Surge.
  • Edgeguarding
    • Shulk can intercept Corrin’s Bair recovery with Jump Art Fair, but he should mostly focus on forcing Corrin to DJ.
    • Ledge Air Slash is effective during Corrin’s Dragonic Ascent.
    • When ledge trapping, Shulk’s Buster or Smash Art can pressure Corrin. Usmash can cover ledge options.
  • Disadvantage
    • Shulk should never air dodge recklessly against combo starters at low %, Corrin’s Nair, and DFS reads.
    • When juggled, Shulk should conserve his DJ and land as far away as possible with mobility Arts and MALLC.
    • Late Fair → Dragon Lunge can kill early, so Shulk should DI in from the tipper.
    • Dragon Lunge and spaced Fsmash can snipe Shulk’s Air Slash unspaced recovery. To throw off Corrin’s timing, Shulk should DJ Jump Art air dodge, grab the ledge slightly later, or snap the ledge with Jump Art.
    • Corrin’s Fsmash and DFS covers a lot of ledge options, so Shulk must attack when Corrin is briefly vulnerable. Shulk can SDI up from Fsmash.
    • Against Uair, Dthrow, and Uthrow, DI down and away.


  • Vanilla, Jump, or Speed Art
    • Vanilla can help without advantages nor disadvantages. This is important for MALLC.
    • Shulk abusing mobility Arts is effective because Corrin struggles against rushdown due to subpar movement speed. Corrin lacks the speed to avoid grabs, and she struggles to retake the lead from a fast character.
      • Jump Art camping is effective against Corrin, and since Corrin’s moveset is strong, timing Corrin out is another valid win condition. Shulk must watch out when landing near Corrin or else Corrin can juggle Shulk, but the increased aerial speed will help Shulk.
      • Speed Art, with good ground game like walking and waiting, is great to stress out Corrin. It is also effective at baiting against Dragon Lunge plays because Shulk is fast enough to punish Corrin’s kicks. Shulk can PP backwards to outspace Corrin’s DL Pin or grab attempts.
    • Shield Art should be limited as Corrin can camp out Shulk by using DFS or Dragon Lunge. But it can help Shulk’s survivability at high % in some certain death situations until he is at very high %.
      • It can reduce the paralysis effect of DFS.
    • Buster Art can be fine, but it should generally be limited because Corrin has a better combo game and Corrin’s Counter Surge can kill Shulk rather early. Spaced Bairs (including platform pressure) and grabs are safe to use against Corrin.
      • Buster Dthrow → Dtilt (0-16%).
      • Buster Dthrow → Air Slash (0-19%).
  • Corrin is a zoner that can play with a mix of passive and aggression. But Corrin also needs patience and being unpredictable in order to win, so a good Corrin player will take their time in approaching (especially since Shulk does not have a projectile to force Corrin to approach).
    • Shulk must get the lead first as losing the lead will be detrimental for him. It is better if Shulk goes for safer plays and bait & punish than risky plays. After that, Shulk must play a careful neutral by being defensive, respecting Corrin’s tools, and being patient due to Corrin’s frame data being better than Shulk’s.
      • Shulk staying grounded will help because it is hard for him to challenge Corrin’s aerials in the air.
      • Shielding more is fine in this MU, especially for Air Slash OoS plays.
    • Shulk should space himself outside the range of Dragon Lunge. From there, he can outspace and outrange Corrin properly since Corrin usually relies on outspacing the opponent.
      • Shulk’s Bair is good to space out Corrin, especially if Corrin jumps too much.
      • Well-timed MALLCs can be used to control how far Corrin can go in.
    • Shulk should avoid cross-ups (except spaced Bair) or else Corrin can use tilts to combo into aerials or use anti-air moves (including DL Pin) against the cross-up. Jump Art cross-ups can work for the extra sliding as Corrin would not punish back with Nair or Bair.
  • Four main ways in neutral
    • 1. Baiting the opponent into choosing the wrong option, then punish the opponent (primary goal). Corrin has some long-ranged moves to wall and control space, especially if Corrin stays patient.
      • Corrin's Dragon Lunge is their best move. It is their key tool for disruption and strong kills, especially against Shulk’s laggy attacks. The instant DL Pin is also unreactable. Dragon Lunge provides four options for Corrin: kicking forward, kicking back, jumping, or cancel (by waiting for two seconds). While Dragon Lunge is a great move, it does have weaknesses:
        • It cannot do anything against shields.
        • Jumping out of DL Pin makes Corrin super vulnerable if the opponent is nearby. Kicking away is usually Corrin’s best option, but most of the time, Corrin gives up stage control when kicking away.
        • If Corrin is pressured at the ledge, Corrin will less likely to use DL Pin. Corrin cannot kick away or else Corrin will be offstage, and Corrin cannot jump because it is laggy. The only realistic options is kicking forward, but that is easy for Shulk to punish.
        • Corrin’s Dragon Lunge can only be used once in the air.
        • It extends Corrin’s hurtbox.
        • To use the cancel version, Corrin must wait two seconds.
      • Grab is also a good mixup with Dragon Lunge plays. Corrin can condition the opponent to shield because of the threat of Dragon Lunge, then Corrin can Dash Grab. Although the damage from throws is not high, it can add up after multiple successful throws. If the opponent adapts to the grab game, then Corrin will also adapt with Dragon Lunge. However, Corrin has no throw combos (unless Shulk DIs horribly).
      • Shulk should beware of DFS. Its best usage is against air dodge reads and jumping habits. Once Shulk is paralyzed by the water shot, he will be vulnerable to Corrin’s combos and powerful kill options like Dragon Lunge or fully charged DFS Bite. Corrin can also B-Reverse and Wavebounce it, and DFS can break shields.
      • Countering it
        • Against Dragon Lunge
          • Knowing and staying at the maximum spacing of Dragon Lunge while having Speed Art is key.
          • Shielding is a good counter since DL Pin is punishable on shield, but Shulk must watch out for a mix up of Dash Grab if Corrin baits Shulk’s shield.
          • Shulk should force Corrin at the ledge to limit Dragon Lunge’s options.
          • If Shulk shields it successfully, it is usually possible to punish back.
            • Shulk can Air Slash OoS against Dragon Lunge on reaction (or at least expect it). It can even punish the kick going through shields. Unless incredibly well-spaced on Shulk’s shield (very last few pixels), Air Slash will hit if Shulk is quick enough. However, different Arts and Rage can influence the Air Slash’s hits.
            • After the kick, Shulk’s Dash Attack and Dash Grab are the most reliable moves to punish (especially in Speed Art). If Corrin plans to kick forward, Shulk’s Forward Vision will work.
            • If Dragon Lunge is not at max range, and Shulk perfect shields it, Shulk can catch up to the kick with Back Slash.
          • Since it extends Corrin’s hurtbox, Shulks aerials can beat a whiffed Dragon Lunge.
          • DL Pin can punish rolls, so Shulk should mix up rolls or stay in place.
          • Corrin jumping up is not used that often because of the lag. It is only useful to land above a platform.
        • Against DFS
          • In general, Shulk must avoid the water shots. In Jump or Speed Art (or if Shulk is close enough), he can evade the water shot (jumping over or running underneath) with Nair or Back Slash, but only before the bite comes out.
          • DFS has low priority in all four versions, meaning Shulk can easily use aerials to stop the water shots.
          • Shulk should never air dodge recklessly as a good Corrin player will bait it out with DFS.
          • Mashing does not affect the stun duration.
    • 2. Racking up damage through good combos and forcing the opponent into the air. Corrin must rely on outspeeding Shulk’s frame data. Due to this, Corrin’s conversations off of stray hits are better than Shulk’s.
      • Corrin’s aerials are fast, disjointed, and sends the opponent into the air, usually from Nair, Fair, or Uair. Fair  DFS is a true kill combo at the ledge.
      • Corrin can set up the juggle with Dtilt or Utilt, but is a bit less reliable against shields.
      • Corrin will also bait an air dodge and punish it to set up a juggle situation.
      • Countering it
        • Against Corrin’s tilts, Shulk can Air Slash OoS.
        • Shulk can still outspace her with retreating aerials to avoid Corrin’s combo starters.
    • 3. Approaching
      • Dash into shield is Corrin’s best approach option to get closer to the opponent.
      • Proper SH spacing is great because Corrin’s aerials have little risk. Corrin can also SH without committing into anything in order to gauge the opponent’s habits (jumping too much, air dodging, etc). While Corrin’s SH aerials (except Dair) can AC, they are unsafe on shield (except Bair and Nair). Furthermore, Corrin does not have many options to pressure shield besides Bair and instant Dragon Lunge.
      • Countering it
        • Against SH spacing
          • Shulk’s Bair is great at reading SH spacing, which boosts Bair even more with Buster Art. Retreating Fair can beat Corrin’s approaching Fair.
          • Air Slash OoS is also very good at beating unsafe aerials (except falling Nair).
            • If Shulk shields Fair, he can punish it (Air Slash OoS or shield grab if Corrin is close enough).
            • If Corrin uses Fair or Bair first and misses, Shulk’s Fair can outrange it. Other aerials might be too slow to punish.
          • Shulk has to fear Corrin’s Bair, but he can outspace the rest. Running in Speed Art, well-timed retreating Bair, and sometimes Back Slash are effective if Corrin uses SH Bairs a lot when Shulk preemptively aims for the spot above Corrin’s head. This is due to Corrin’s Bair extending their hurtbox.
          • Shulk should avoid rolling in too much or else Corrin will use Nair or Dash Attack to punish. Rolling away is better as it can be difficult to punish Corrin’s moves on reaction.
    • 4. Killing the opponent in the neutral
      • Around mid-high % (at spawn ledge in Final Destination)
        • Dragon Lunge is fast and powerful.
          • For the tipper, the fresh one kills at +96%, but the full staled one kills at +121%.
          • For the kick, the fresh one kills at +136%, but the full stated one kill at +165%.
        • Pivot Fsmash tipper can kill at +80% while being safe, but it is laggy.
        • DFS only works as a surprise, but it kills at +94%.
        • Dsmash is Corrin’s fastest kill option, but it is more useful against whiffed moves or at the ledge. It can kill between +84-125% and beyond, depending on the spacing of Dsmash.
      • Around high % and beyond (at spawn ledge in Final Destination)
        • Uair is fantastic as it can kill after Shulk passes 120%. But the best DI (down and away) reduces its kill potential.
        • Corrin’s Uthrow will kill at +174% with best DI (down and away), but on platforms, it can kill around +152%. Corrin’s Dthrow can be a kill throw if Uthrow is staled, but it kills at 209% with best DI (down and away).
        • Bair can kill at +123% while Corrin stays safe.
      • Countering it
        • Pivot Fsmash tipper is more likely to occur if Shulk approaches and lands with landing lag (unless he uses MALLC).
  • Shulk's aerials (especially Bair) can beat Corrin's Fsmash because Fsmash has low priority. But Fsmash is safer than it looks due to its immense range and high shield knockback.
  • Due to Corrin’s Counter Surge, Shulk will have to play a grab game like against counter characters. The counter is a bit strong, especially against Buster Art, and its intangible at F6-7 before F7.
    • Shulk’s proper spacing and retreating aerials (especially Bair) can avoid this, and on rare occasions, shielding Corrin's counter works.


  • Juggling
    • There are a couple ways for Corrin to land, but in general, Shulk should be careful of using his Utilts because of the threat of stall-and-fall. Instead, walking while Corrin drifts and grabbing her landing is better, and throwing Corrin offstage is more recommended.
      • Corrin can use Bair against Shulk’s shield to reset the neutral.
      • Corrin’s Nair is similar to Luigi’s, but better. Shulk must expect the Nair in pinch situations and perfect shield it to punish. Unfortunately, Air Slash OoS is less reliable against Nair.
      • Corrin’s Dair is a fast one, similar to Toon Link's and Greninja's. It can also AC at a high height, has a landing hitbox, and is a bit less laggy than it look. Shulk must be quick to punish after shielding the Dair (Air Slash OoS, Jab, or shield grab, if close).
      • If Shulk is at high %, Corrin might use Counter Surge. This also applies to when Corrin is at the ceiling, uses Dair to AC to the platform, and uses Counter Surge against Shulk's Utilt. Shulk should wait or bait before deciding to punish.
    • Monado Purge is effective (77-102% with no Rage on 1st Progression). But if Shulk is too slow with his Uair (or Shulk misses Uair1), Corrin can use Counter Surge to kill Shulk. Shulk can bait Corrin’s counter by going for the air dodge read (+102%).
      • However, Corrin’s Nair can trade with Shulk’s Uair at +150%, so Shulk must play safe with the Uair2 3rd Progression 3 at this point since Shulk will be out of range.
      • Below 75%, Corrin can counterattack with Nair/Uair.
    • Jump Art Uthrow → Air Slash at 47-107%. However, Corrin sometimes falls out of Air Slash 1 before the second slash and FF to punish Shulk. Uthrow → Fair may be a better option.
  • Offstage
    • Shulk’s Bthrow is effective against Corrin. Corrin cannot use Bair because the Bair makes Corrin drift out and will have a reverse Dragonic Ascent which can be a Dragon Lunge misinput (if Shulk is lucky). Corrin’s only options are DJ, turnaround Dragon Lunge, reverse Dragonic Ascent, or turnaround DFS.
    • Corrin wants to face the stage and use repeated Bairs to propel forward, extending the recovery. Shulk should anticipate this and use Jump Art Fair. A better result if Corrin is forced to use DJ.
    • Corrin can attack back with DFS to fend off edgeguarding attempts, including Shulk’s ledge Air Slash (after Shulk loses his ledge invincibility).
    • Corrin’s Dragonic Ascent is a rather linear recovery move. It is a somewhat weak kill move, even with Rage. However, it is intangible just a bit after the startup and before the active hitbox, so Shulk must attack as soon as Corrin ascends with Dragonic Ascent.
  • Ledge
    • Corrin does struggle when hanging onto the ledge. Shulk can safely use Buster Art spaced aerials or Smash Art Usmash to cover Corrin’s ledge options.
      • Corrin may use DL Pin kick forward to counterattack Shulk at the ledge, so Shulk should shield it, stay away from the ledge, be in Speed Art while holding shield to punish the kick forward, or Air Slash OoS.
    • With Shulk having Rage (105%), Jump Art Air Slash will connect if Corrin hangs onto the ledge for too long.


  • Juggling
    • In general, Corrin excels at pressuring Shulk because the range and startups can challenge Shulk’s startups. Corrin has a good vortex game. Dthrow is good to rack up damage and send Shulk in the air, Nair can juggle and catch air dodges, Uair is a strong kill move, and Bair is also strong with the correct reads. Dash Attack can sometimes cover landings, and Dragon Lunge can be a combo/kill finisher.
      • Resetting to neutral by landing away is better than challenging Corrin’s juggles in this state. Mobility Arts, MALLC aerials, and MALLC air dodge are good to land as Shulk.
      • Shulk must also converse his DJ to mix up his landing, if necessary.
      • Shulk must not air dodge recklessly or else Corrin will read with a DFS kill.
      • Buster Art is not worth it in this state, so Shulk must deactivate it.
    • Late Fair  Dragon Lunge can kill early. Against this, Shulk should DI in because trying to DI away is easier for a tipper kill.
    • Although Corrin's Usmash has short range, it can pierce up the side platforms. Shulk should avoid being above Corrin at close range.
  • Offstage
    • Corrin’s Bair and Dragon Lunge are great to kill should Corrin go offstage
    • A risky option, but Corrin can FH Dair to spike and recover back with DJ Dragonic Ascent and magnet hands, if executed properly. Regardless, Corrin loses stage control.
    • Dragon Lunge is dangerous because can 2-Frame Shulk’s Air Slash recovery, which can kill Shulk at +82%, and the DL Pin can pierce the ledge. Corrin's Fsmash is a good ledge guard option (though it is difficult to 2-Frame), and
      • The best option for Shulk is to mix up his recovery options to throw off Corrin’s timing. He can jump overhead with Jump Art air dodge, grab the ledge slightly later, or snap to the ledge with Jump Art Air Slash and hope Corrin does not 2-Frame.
    • Sometimes, Corrin can run off and DL Pin below the ledge to stage spike Shulk’s Air Slash. Even if it misses, Corrin can kick forward toward the stage and catch ledge options with proper timing.
      • Shulk’s ledge Air Slash can counter this if Corrin waits too long.
  • Ledge
    • Corrin can ledge trump → Dragon Lunge kill, but the timing is strict.
    • Corrin excels at covering ledge options as Corrin usually starts by holding shield before reacting.
      • For Corrin’s Fsmash, it covers ledge jumps, rolls, and getups. Corrin can also run to the very edge, turnaround, and hold Fsmash to cover almost all ledge options.
      • DFS can cover all ledge options, but it is risky due to its lag. Shulk jumping too early will get hit by the water shot, which leads to a charged Bite kill.
        • The only viable option to punish back DFS is for Shulk to hold onto the ledge for a bit, then punish after the bite. But Corrin may used a fully-charged bite to counterattack.
      • Corrin’s Dsmash is a good kill move at the ledge as it covers ledge getups and rolls. If Corrin whiffs, it is unsafe.
      • Aerials can cover Shulk’s ledge jump.
      • Dtilt is the most consistent and easiest ledge option to use. It can combo into tipper Usmash at high %.
  • Vision is not recommended against Corrin's Fsmash.
  • At high %, Corrin's grab release → Dragon Lunge kick can be a kill setup. Shulk must spam air dodge or use Shield Art.
  • Corrin’s only Jab Lock is using Bair or SH FF Dair against Shield Art. This is due to the reduced knockback of Shield Art [Twitter]

Other Notes

Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including GetShulked, HopefulHero, Masonomace, Tatsu, Tru4, Mr. Hen, Grohlism, CrownAether, and more), Art of Corrin by Izaw (collaboration with fyazko), Smash Corner’s YT competitive guide, PK Gaming’s competitive guide, Ruben, and public information of the Corrin community.

Corrin (98)-

  • Against rapid Jabs, if Shulk is in Shield Art, he can always shield mid-combo and punish with an Fsmash.
  • Against Fsmash up close, Shulk can SDI up and air dodge the last hit to punish, or SDI up and jump away.
  • Against Dsmash, DI down and in.
  • Against Uair, DI down and away.
  • Against Dragon Lunge, Shulk can mash out to get out of it (although a good Corrin player will immediately kick).
  • Against Counter Surge, DI down slightly and away.
  • Up and down throw will only combo if you have terrible DI so just DI away and Corrin shouldn't get any throw combos on you.
  • Up Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 150%. At high %, DI down and away.
  • Down Throw (K)
    • Kills a little bit later than up throw, Corrin players may use it if they stale up throw, DI is the same so don't worry. (DI forward is better than DI back for survival on both down and up throw)

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: No bad stages for Corrin. Dragon Lunge and DL cancels are excellent on platform stages because Corrin receives no landing lag, allowing Corrin to use more options. Lunge Cancel is before dropping through a platform, Corrin will quickly activate Dragon Lunge to stay on the platform while attacking. It can also be done at the ledge by SH Dragon Lunge → almost touching the ledge, which can become a good edgeguarding tool. Shulk in Jump Art is best at camping against Corrin’s subpar mobility.
Camping Playstyle [Recommended] Normal Playstyle
Preferred Starters: 1) T&C, 2) SV, 3) LC
Counterpicks: 1) T&C, 2) SV, 3) DL64, 4) LC
Ban/Strike: 1) BF, 2) FD
Preferred Starters: 1) SV, 2) FD, 3 T&C
Counterpicks: 1) SV, 2) FD, 3) T&C, 4) DL64
Ban/Strike: 1) LC, 2) BF

Corrin's Best Stages:

  • Lylat Cruise
    • Arguably Corrin’s best stage.
      • Can DL Pin from platform to platform for good mobility.
        • However, if Corrin kicks away in general, Corrin gives up stage control.
      • Has great platform pressure, especially Nair and shield drop → drop down Nair.
        • Ledge trapping is stronger for Corrin since the side platform is above the ledge.
      • Can land easily on the platforms, usually with aerials like Nair.
      • Can instant Dragon Lunge on the platform for ground pressure.
    • The neutral can be inconsistent for Corrin.
    • Opponents can easily escape Corrin’s juggles.
    • Cannot 2-Frame with the tipper Dragon Lunge or Fsmash.
    • Can FH Dair to spike and recover back with Dragonic Ascent, but is more risky.
  • Battlefield
    • More suited for the Corrin player that wants to die later. Corrin will be killing and dying later due to the larger blastzones. These do not benefit that much Corrin because Corrin normally should not be going for deep edgeguards.
      • Still, Corrin will continue to poke to rack up damage in order to win.
    • Platforms can help Corrin’s landing, juggling, and mobility (including DL Pin), but only a bit since Corrin struggles in the disadvantage.
      • Corrin’s spaced Bair and Dragon Lunge can be good to land, but any other aerials can be punished.
        • Can DL Pin → fly away → B-Reverse DFS.
        • Can shield drop → drop down Nair.
      • Corrin’s Nair on the side platforms of Battlefield can not only hit tall characters from below, but also start her combos, even kill combos [Twitter]
    • The thin ledges makes it stronger for Dragon Lunge when ledge trapping for a 2-Frame.
    • Corrin cannot DL Pin the disabled wall jump area [Twitter]
  • Dream Land 64
    • More suited for the Corrin player to kill early. Corrin’s vertical kills can kill earlier than Battlefield.
    • Due to being a fast faller, Corrin does not die early.
    • Platforms help Corrin’s landing, juggling, and mobility.
    • The wind can mess up Corrin’s spacing kill moves (e.g. Fsmash or Dragon Lunge).
    • Can FH Dair to spike and recover back with Dragonic Ascent, but is more risky due to wind.

Corrin's "Worst" Stages:

  • Town & City
    • Corrin’s vertical kills can kill earlier than any stage, but so can Shulk’s moves, especially since Monado Purge is effective.
    • Platforms can still help Corrin’s mobility and extending combos.
      • Can pressure the side platform with RAR Bair or Fair.
      • However, Corrin’s shield drop → Nair is less useful on the first phase due to the height.
      • Can DL Pin from platform to platform for good mobility.
      • If the opponent is pinned by Dragon Lunge on the platform during the transition phase, the opponent may die.
    • When the stage transitions to Final Destination, Corrin’s juggling is more easier to catch landings (unless Shulk is in Jump Art)
    • Can be difficult to DL Pin below the ledge due to the slant. It is still possible to edgeguard this way to 2-Frame.
    • Shulk can camp with Jump Art.
  • Smashville
    • The moving platform can assist Corrin for mobility and landing.
      • Corrin’s juggling game is a bit weaker because the opponent can retreat to the platform while Corrin has to chase with subpar mobility.
      • DL Pin is still useful for the platform chase, and when Corrin is being juggled, Corrin can retreat and use DL Pin on the platform to camp. But the window to DL Pin is tighter because the platform is moving. If Corrin misses, then Shulk can punish the endlag, but has to watch out for Corrin’s Nair or Dair.
      • When Corrin faces the platform, Bair can help Corrin land or pressure.
        • If Corrin reads the opponent’s landing on the platform, Corrin can use Bair to kill early.
      • Can shield drop → drop down Nair.
    • The thin ledges makes it stronger for DL Pin when ledge trapping for a 2-Frame.
  • Final Destination
    • Better juggling and neutral are key win conditions for both characters.
      • Both characters can juggle each other and struggle to land without platforms. Corrin may use more Bairs and Dragon Lunge to cover their landings.
      • Without platforms, Shulk can easily camp out Corrin’s subpar mobility with Jump Art. Shulk can also juggle Corrin and rack up more damage if he is constantly forcing Corrin in the air.
    • It is harder to 2-Frame with Dragon Lunge, but easier to DL Pin when ledge trapping.
    • Can DL Pin below the ledge more easily.
    • Shulk can still camp with Jump Art.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
      • With a wall, Corrin can easily recover from FH Dair spike by using DL Pin on the wall, then jump.
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • Corrin’s worst stage, but not terrible.
      • Corrin’s aerial pressure to the tree is a bit weak as it requires a DJ. Even so, Corrin’s opponent can just jump away and land at the other side of the stage.
      • Harder to 2-Frame with Dragon Lunge because the ledge is not thin (unless Corrin goes for a raw pin kill).
        • In exchange, Corrin can Dragon Lunge on the wall more easily, especially for recovering.
      • Can shield drop → drop down Nair, but the height is too big and will allow their opponent to shield on reaction. The only exception is the bush, usually for ledge trapping.
    • Corrin can still get early kills on the tree.
    • Shulk’s camping is at its strongest by camping on the tree with Jump Art, but Corrin go for a raw kill when Shulk is at high %.
    • Good for Shulk if Corrin is aggressive, but a defensive Corrin has more space to move with DL Pin.
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