Shulk 101

Captain Falcon

Community Rating:
-0.5 (Slight Disadvantage)

Professional Rating:
-0.3 (Slight Disadvantage)

Knee: Falcon's Fair
Falcon Dive: UpB

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Speed Art is the best in the neutral, followed by Jump and Buster Art.
    • Shulk must avoided getting grabbed by never approaching at all and baiting Falcon’s grabs. He must also pick up Falcon’s habits in the neutral to counter, then keep Falcon out with good spacing and diligence the moment Falcon overcommits. However, Falcon will use his high mobility to learn his opponent’s habits as well, especially Shulk’s aerial patterns.
      • Shulk’s spacing (retreating Fairs, PP grabs, etc) vs Falcon’s aggro approaches (Dash Grabs, Dash Attack, and Spacing Bairs and Jabs)
      • Shulk’s misdirection (grounded, not pressing too many buttons, walking back and forth, holding shield to bait, empty hops, etc) vs Falcon’s passive play (approaching and back rolling).
      • Shulk’s rushdown (spacing aerials, rushdown Nair or Dash Grab, etc) vs Falcon’s Dash Dance mixups.
    • If Shulk is at high % (by successfully avoiding early Knee and spike kills), Falcon struggles to kill and will start to use Fsmashes and random Raptor Boosts.
    • To defeat Falcon, Shulk must juggle while sending him offstage and always edgeguard as much as possible to keep Falcon in his disadvantage state.
      • Throws are effective in taking advantage such as Speed Art Dthrow → Fair and even Bthrow to send Falcon offstage.
      • Frame traps are effective such as SH Nair against an air dodge, then Uthrow him again.
    • Vision should be avoided because Falcon is fast and relies on grabs.
    • Monado Purge total range: 77-204% (Shulk’s Rage at 0%).
  • Edgeguarding
    • Shulk should use aggressive Jump or Smash Art Fairs to force Falcon to waste his DJ. By successfully edgeguarding Falcon, Shulk avoids Falcon’s Rage game.
    • Fair and Ledge Air Slash with Rage are most consistent, though Fair is the overall best move to go deep and cover a lot of space. If Falcon cannot mix up his recovery anymore, Shulk’s Bair or tipper Air Slash will finish him off.
    • Because Falcon Dive will allow Shulk to wall tech  Dair/Fair/Air Slash, Shulk should always edgeguard to exploit the weaknesses of Falcon Dive.
    • Shulk can cover and pressure Falcon’s ledge options with Fair, which can also 2-Frame Falcon Dive.
  • Disadvantage
    • Shulk should always DI down and away, and never air dodge recklessly. With good DI, Dthrow  Knee is never true, even against Shield Art.
    • Shulk must watch out for anti-air moves and Falcon’s landing Uairs. Jump Art and MALLC helps him to escape disadvantage.
    • Shulk must snap to the ledge with Air Slash, either snapping directly in front of the ledge or using Jump Art for increased vertical speed to reduce Falcon’s reaction time.
    • Ledge getup should be avoided against Falcon’s rapid Jabs.
    • Against the end of Falcon’s Jabs, Shulk can Fsmash, Usmash, or Air Slash OoS. Dashing in and shielding the Jabs will allow Shulk to shield grab.


  • Vanilla, Jump, Speed or Buster Art
    • Vanilla Art can help without advantages nor disadvantages. This is important when using MALLC.
    • Jump Art is good at spacing out Falcon with the sliding momentum. Shulk can use cross-up Nairs and bait Falcon into doing unsafe by jumping around and pressuring them. It is also a good Art if Shulk is at higher % and wants to stay out of Falcon’s Uairs and Bairs kill.
      • With Shulk at 0%, Jump Art Air Slash does not work on Falcon. At 52% Rage, it connects.
      • Shulk can access Uthrow and Utilt traps.
    • Speed Art is the best Art in the neutral. Shulk can run up SH Fair and drift back Falcon’s shield to safety. Dash Grab Dthrow combos are good against Falcon, and Shulk can threaten Falcon’s Dash Grab within range. Shulk can bait with Nair, but he should not approach with Nair.
      • Falcon may counter with FF Uair while drifting backwards or PP Jabs to warn Shulk not to move forward. If Shulk moves forward, Falcon can hit him.
      • Falcon wants to get in Shulk’s burst range. But he can also adjust his run speed and dash dashing to mix up his approach game and make his FF Uairs more accurate.
    • Shulk should limit or never use Shield Art as Falcon can easily get into Shulk and combo. Falcon wins the neutral.
      • But the Dthrow → Knee is also never true with good DI (down and away) on Shield Art. Shield Art can be fine to used at higher %.
      • Falcon can combo and frame trap with Utilts unless Shulk perfect shields the Utilt.
    • Buster Art is also a great Art to use, especially if Falcon is not patient and Shulk having the lead. Retreating Bair and Fair in Buster Art can stop Falcon’s approaches if Shulk hits Falcon or his shield.
  • Falcon is a character that is all about reads, counters, and momentum. He can play both offensively and defensively while having high mobility to get to destinations and break zones easily.
    • Playing patient is effective for him because he wants his opponent to throw out moves or make a mistake. He can play 10-15 seconds of aggressive movements to stay at the right distance and watch how the opponent reacts. Once he learns how the opponent wants to counterattack, Falcon can adapt and go in with a terrifying punish game to death. With great prediction and reads, Falcon can severely punish and shut down his opponent’s options.
      • Against Shulk, Falcon wants to learn Shulk’s aerial patterns before dashing through Shulk’s defense. If Falcon does not perfect shield one of Shulk’s retreating aerials, he cannot contest and punish it, forcing Falcon to play patiently.
      • Falcon wants to punish Shulk’s startups than on reaction to whiffed aerials.
    • Some Falcon players will have habits, such as jabbing more, grabbing more, etc.
  • Three main ways in Falcon’s neutral.
    • 1. Dash Grabs and Dash Attack, with Dash Attack used against Shulk’s grab game and Falcon’s Dthrow as a main combo starter. Because of his high mobility, this becomes a 50/50 that is difficult to react and might reveal their bad habits to Falcon. These will lead into combos like Dash Attack → Uair at ~0-10%.
    • 2. Playing safe with movement options to bait the opponent such as Dash Dancing and Foxtrot. Approaching and back rolling repeatedly is also a good baiting option for Falcon because his back roll is good. This can force the opponent to react and try to punish, which may allow Falcon to get through the opening and punish. If Shulk’s Dash Grab whiffs, Falcon has enough time to Dash Grab first. At the ledge, he can back roll to use his intangibility and punish back.
    • 3. Spacing Bairs in the air and Jabs to stop ground approaches. SH FF Bair is his safest tool in his neutral while adding pressure. Even when Falcon lands, if Shulk decides to commit, Falcon can Dash Grab. Bair can be somewhat used as a combo starter.
      • Weak Bair (plus no lag) → Dthrow → punish at ~0-80%.
      • Weak Bair → Uair at ~90%
      • Bair → Dthrow → punish at ~0-40%.
    • Countering the three main neutral methods:
      • Universal against all three:
        • Playing mid-range while avoid getting grabbed as Falcon’s threat zone is half the stage. Shulk must position himself to react to Falcon’s approach options.
        • Baiting is the recommended tactic as Shulk must not whiff his aerials or else Falcon will easily punish. Shulk must not approach at all, regardless of who has the lead.
        • Not pressing too many buttons and holding forward too much. Playing slow and patient is needed so that Falcon has less chances to get momentum.
        • Spacing and walling with retreating Fairs, Bairs, and Nairs against Falcon’s approaches. It is even better if Shulk corners Falcon. However, there must be a reason to throw out moves. A patient Falcon will exploit it at the endlag of Shulk’s moves.
          • Usually, (retreating) Fair is more rewarded than Bair because it covers more vertical space and is less laggy than Bair. While Shulk’s Bair is good at hitting Falcon’s shield, if Shulk misses, Falcon can Dash Grab.
      • 1. Dash Grabs and Dash Attack 50/50 game
        • Shulk’s Movements
          • Playing grounded while walking back and forth. This also helps to avoid a potential SH Uairs.
          • Empty hops at a right distance can bait Falcon, but not too predictable throughout the game.
          • Mixing up rolls and spot dodges.
        • Shulk’s Attacks
          • Spacing with Fairs, Bairs, and well-timed Dtilts, especially Falcon’s aggro approaches.
          • Pivot Fsmash or Ftilt also works.
          • PP grabs can also beat Falcon’s dash grab game.
        • Falcon’s counterplays
          • If Shulk jumps too much, Falcon can punish with SH Uairs, Nairs, or RAR Bairs.
          • Regardless of the solutions above, this is difficult for Shulk because Falcon can Dash Grab before Shulk can react, despite the proper spacing.
      • 2. Movement options game
        • Shulk’s Movements
          • Wait while not committing at all like walking back and forth. Against passive plays, Shulk must mix up his movements to bait.
          • Barely jumping, then retreat back with retreating aerials when Falcon commits.
        • Shulk’s Attacks
          • If Falcon dashes and shield, Shulk can use Dash Grab or cross-up aerials. He has to be careful of Falcon’s SH Uair, so Shulk should SH and move back to bait.
          • If Falcon Dash Dashes too much, Shulk can space with aerials, or rushdown with Nair or Dash Grab.
        • Shulk Baiting Falcon
          • Shulk can bait by holding shield. When a Falcon player sees a shield, they might commit with a Dash Grab. Shulk can spot dodge, then grab Falcon.
          • SH FF MAIL can work against Falcon’s Dash Dancing.
      • 3. Spacing Bairs and Jabs (Falcon has to SH before using Bair, making it predictable. He also has to Bair on landing, not when rising because Bair will hit with a weakspot, not the sweetspot.)
        • Shulk’s retreating aerials can counter this, especially Falcon’s Bair.
        • Against Falcon’s Jabs, if Shulk predicts it, Shulk can just dash it and shield the Jabs. Falcon either has to finish the Jab or rapid Jab, which both of them loses to shield grabs and options like Air Slash, Fsmash, and Usmash. The slide of the shield gives the opponent enough range to shield grab. Alternatively, against multi-hit, Shulk can wait it out and jump down to attack.
  • Aside spacing with Bairs, Nair may be used because it is also a combo starter that works against tall characters like Shulk. Nair1 has fixed knockback at any % to combo, but it is hard for Falcon to land with Nair1.
    • Nair → Nairs → Uair at ~0-30%.
    • Nair → Nair → Uairs at ~30-50%.
    • Nair1 → Dthrow → Punish.
    • Nair1 → Dtilt
    • Nair1 → foostool → Dair Lock → repeat at ~0-30%
    • Nair1 → footstool → Dair → Dair → punish at +30%
  • If Shulk still manages to survive at high %, Falcon actually struggles to kill because he lacks kill setups at high %. He can use Fsmash or Raptor Boost, but those are high risks because of their endlag. He will either take risks or wait for a Bthrow/Fthrow kill at the ledge.
    • When Shulk is at +127%, Raptor Boost may be used to kill him. Falcon usually likes to run pass the opponent, then turn around with a Raptor as a surprise kill move. As long as Shulk knows a possible Raptor Boost kill, Shulk can shield it and punish with smash attack, Air Slash OoS, or Ftilt.


  • Juggling
    • Falcon’s options
      • Falcon does land with a FF Uair, which leads into combos. Shulk should not challenge the Uair in shield.
        • FF Uair → Dthrow → Nair/Uair at ~0-20%.
        • FF Uair → Uairs/Knee at ~20-90%.
        • FF Uair → Utilt spike at the ledge from ~30-40%.
        • FF Uair → Dair spike at the ledge from ~40-60%.
      • Falcon may try to land with Dair, but Shulk can tech it with a large window.
        • If Shulk techs, Falcon can Jab before Shulk can act (unless Falcon Dairs too high).
        • But if Shulk does not, Falcon can follow it up with a footstool, Uairs, or Knee.
      • It is possible for Dash Grab Dthrow → RAR Bair kill at high % if Shulk DIs down and away.
    • Shulk’s options
      • In general, Shulk’s follow ups and conversions must be on point with maximized damage. All combos must end with Falcon offstage because that is more rewarded than continuing to juggle. Speed and Jump Art combos are scary for Falcon, but Falcon should be even more afraid of Speed Art.
      • Uthrow/Utilt at center stage is great because Falcon struggles with landing. Shulk must never let him land as long as possible.
        • Shulk’s lingering Nair can force a reaction:
          • Falcon air dodges? Shulk can grab or go for a hard punish.
            • At 75-90%, Usmash can work against an air dodge read. Anything after 90% will allow Falcon to drift with air dodge to avoid the Usmash.
          • Falcon does not air dodge, but gets hit? Shulk can pressure with Fair and try to force Falcon offstage.
        • Shulk’s Utilts and Nairs can frame traps Falcon well into jab/grab thanks to Falcon’s falling speed, especially Buster Art juggles.
          • Rarely, at 10-15%, Shulk’s Utilt → Utilt is true. But Shulk has to be right in Falcon’s face, and Falcon may DI away if the first Utilt is spaced. But if Falcon air dodges, he cannot defend against the second Utilt or grab.
        • Uthrow → Utilt true combo (as in Falcon cannot air dodge within these %)
          • Jump Art Uthrow → Utilt at 41-56-82%.
          • Speed Art Uthrow → Utilt at 42-57-84%.
          • Shield Art Uthrow → Utilt at 42-58-84%.
      • Combos
        • Monado Purge is effective (84-110% with no Rage on 1st Progression). Since Purge is a 50/50, even Falcon can air dodge against the immediate Uair kill.
          • Uthrow → Usmash can also work since Falcon is a fast faller.
        • Jump Art Uthrow  Air Slash is a true combo from 55-125%. It can kill at around 100% at the ledge.
        • Jump/Speed Art Nair  Dair spike can kill after 60-~80% because Falcon’s vertical recovery is not enough.
        • MALLC Uair1 (as late as possible) → Usmash is a true kill confirm at 95-102%.
        • Jump Art Uair2 → Uair kill at 63-91%.
        • Jump Art Uthrow → buffered Fair frame trap against air dodge → FF Uair1 → immediate angled up Fsmash kill at ledge around 75% [Twitter]
        • Buster Art Bthrow → Back Slash may work at around 85% (can possibly kill after MABD of Bthrow), but Falcon can DJ out.
  • Offstage
    • Falcon’s options
      • Falcon is vulnerable to Shulk’s strong edgeguarding game due to having a predictable recovery. It is most common for Shulk to get his kills through edgeguarding. But Falcon does has some flexibility when he recovers. He relies on the combination of his Falcon Dive (even though it has no disjoints), DJ, and air dodges to make it back onstage.
        • Good Falcon recovering plays is treating his recovery options on reaction to various based movement positions. They analyze all of their possible recovery options (or even attack options) based on the opponent’s position. For Falcon to adapt, he wants to learn how his opponent edgeguards before getting around it.
        • It is usually better for him to land onstage than to the ledge. Getting out from the ledge is a pain for Falcon. Upon landing, it is fine if Falcon takes some damage onstage than hanging from the ledge.
      • Three ways to recover with Falcon Dive (since it is considered one of the worst recovery moves because he is vulnerable). But when Falcon uses Falcon Dive while Shulk is ready, he should be dead against Shulk’s punishing moves.
        • Recover high and above Shulk. Falcon players usually freak out that they do not want to die in the other recovering methods. Falcon can choose to fall down and grab the ledge or land onstage, but going high is a free hit to his opponent.
        • Recover diagonally/middle. This is the most common recovery option for Falcon. However, Falcon is vulnerable to a spike or horizontal moves at the peak of his arc because once he uses Falcon Dive, he only has one mixup, which is to drift back at the arc.
        • Recover low. This is the most difficult one to edgeguard, but it can backfire if Falcon’s opponent can wall tech the Falcon Dive and counterattack.
      • His Raptor Boost recovery is one option to get back on stage.
        • Raptor Trump: When recovering to the ledge, he can use Raptor Boost to immediately snap the ledge (like how Cloud uses Climhazzard right next to the ledge). This allows Falcon to avoid certain hits than just recovering normally.
    • Shulk’s options
      • Aggressive edgeguards with Jump or Smash Art Fairs to force Falcon to use his DJ.
        • Shulk’s wall of Fairs can start at +30-40%, combo Falcon offstage, and threaten a 50/50 of gimping Falcon. For Falcon, it is usually best for him to be brave by using DJ air dodge over it
      • Universal edgeguarding options
        • Shulk should not afraid to edgeguard as long as he memorizes the range of Falcon Dive and how Falcon may drift back to avoid the attack.
        • Ledge Air Slash covers all three options with proper timing and spacing (Falcon recovering high will require a DJ Air Slash), especially when Falcon has no DJ.
          • Regarding ledge Air Slash, the lower/bottom, faster hitbox of Air Slash is the sweetspot to connect Falcon’s fall speed. The middle hit of Air Slash will not connect to Falcon easily. In Jump Art, Shulk needs Rage or else Air Slash will not connect.
        • Bthrow at the ledge is also a great option. When Falcon is getting launched facing toward the blastzone, it means that he has to choose recovering with a pivoted Falcon Dive (which has terrible recovery compared to his standard one) or Raptor Boost (which is more linear & predictable). Doing this may cause Falcons to opt for recovering much higher than usual.
      • Falcon recovering high
        • Aerials like Nair, Fair, and Bair can force him offstage again.
        • If Falcon lands onstage, Shulk can be quick enough to either Bthrow him offstage or go for a hard punish like Usmash.
      • Falcon recovering diagonally/middle
        • Intercept the peak of the arc with Ledge Air Slash or Fair. Shulk’s Fair is the best option as he can Fair Captain Falcon out of reaction on the start up of Falcon Dive recovery or after an air dodge.
        • Ledge drop  Bair is also a great kill option once Falcon has no DJ.
        • Barrier Nair is also effective against Falcon’s linear recovery. Then Shulk can kill/gimp with a combination of Air Slashes, Bairs, and Dair [Twitter]
        • Falcon’s hurtbox does reach above the ledge when snapping, making 2-Frame moves easy to connect. Shulk’s Fair can 2-Frame, and is recommended if Falcon quickly recovers to the ledge before Shulk could go offstage.
        • If Falcon aims to the ledge with Raptor Boost, Shulk’s Dsmash can work. Against Raptor Boost spike, Shulk can recover back with Jump Art.
      • Falcon recovering low
        • Ledge Air Slash is still a good option as long as Shulk connects from the first bottom hitbox, though Jump Art may be needed depending on how low Falcon recovers.
        • Wall of Fairs under the ledge to intercept Falcon. Dair and Fair can spike or stage spike.
        • Wall teching is highly needed against this method. If Falcon Dive connects to Shulk, Shulk can wall tech jump by holding up. He can attack back Fair, Air Slash (but might slip out in Jump Art), or Dair back as Falcon is vulnerable for a brief moment. By mastering the wall tech to punish, there is no risk for Shulk to go offstage and edgeguard Falcon.
  • Ledge
    • Shulk must take pressure Falcon as much as possible as Falcon’s ledge options are subpar. Shulk is excellent at covering Falcon’s options with one move: Fair.
    • Some Falcon players like to ledge jump → Bair. This is one of the few opportunities Vision can be used in this MU because Falcon is fast enough to punish a whiffed Vision. Spaced aerials are alternative, safe options.
  • A Shulk player with good reaction can tech chase Falcon after the Nair (usually with Speed Art). To do this, Shulk should jump right where Falcon plans to tech.
    • Neutral tech? Grab.
    • Roll away? Pivot grab and keep on stage to continue tech chase
    • Tech in? Turnaround grab.


  • Juggling
    • Falcon’s options
      • Falcon’s Dthrow is one of his best combo starters, with Shulk being a medium, heavyweight character. Shulk must not air dodge recklessly after the Dthrow.
        • Dthrow → Nair → Uair from ~0-30%.
        • Dthrow → Uairs from ~30-70%. Even when Shulk DIs away, Falcon can connect with more Uairs.
        • Falcon’s Dthrow  Knee is never true with good DI and at any Art (except against Mewtwo). Always DI down and away.
          • Dthrow → Uair → air dodge read → Knee/Dair kill.
      • Falcon’s landing Uair  Knee can combo and kill at ~50-60%.
        • At the ledge, landing Uair → Utilt spike can kill.
      • If Shulk is caught in a combo while in Jump or Buster Art, he should turn if off immediately (unless he plans to escape out of disadvantage with Jump Art).
      • Falcon’s Bthrow is an exception that does not turn Shulk’s back to face Falcon.
    • Shulk’s options
      • Shulk must reset to neutral as soon as possible as being above Falcon is dangerous. Mobility Arts, MALLC aerials, and MALLC air dodge are good to land.
      • Shulk must not air dodge or Shulk risks eating more Uairs, the Knee (above the stage) or a Dair spike (offstage).
        • Ex: Dash Dthrow → Uair → air dodge read → Dair spike at ~40-70%.
        • Rising Uair → footstool → Dair lock → Punish at ~40%.
      • Shulk can use Fair instead while DI away. If Falcon lands and Shulk is above the stage, Shulk can DJ instead because Falcon will probably go for an Fsmash or a shieldgrab (Fsmash's animation can make Falcon avoid the Fair).
  • Offstage
    • Falcon’s options
      • Falcon most common edgeguarding tool is FF Bairs to force Shulk to DJ and use Air Slash. He may edgeguard with a weak Knee and Falcon Dive.
    • Shulk’s options
      • Switching to Jump Art is preferred when Shulk is trying to recover.
      • Shulk should watch out for his Fair counterattack habit. Falcon can bait the Fair, then drift into FF Bair.
      • Shulk must snap the ledge with Air Slash to avoid Falcon’s Dair/Utilt/Dtilt 2-Frame spike (although Falcon’s timing is extremely tight and not reliable).
        • Falcon cannot react to Jump Art Air Slash snap due to the increased vertical speed.
        • Using Air Slash 1 right next to the ledge can be a better snapping method than snapping at max vertical range.
  • Ledge
    • Falcon can ledge trump → Bair for early kills.
      • Raptor Trump: Captain Falcon can easily do a ledge trump if he uses Raptor Boost to immediately snap the ledge.
    • Shulk’s ledge getup is the worst one to choose. Falcon’s Jabs covers ledge attack, jump, and getup most of the time.
      • Shulk can counter with ledge roll or drop down DJ Fair. Drop down DJ Uair can work if Falcon is too slow to react. But if Shulk chooses a ledge roll, Falcon can Fsmash.
  • If Shulk shields the third hit of the rapid Jabs, Shulk can try to drop his shield and Fsmash (especially at low %) or Usmash OoS. Air Slash OoS can work, but is inferior to the two options.
  • Footstool combos
    • Dash Fthrow → footstool → Dair lock → Punish at ~0-20%. Shulk should DI away after the throw.
    • FF Uair → footstool → Dair lock → Uair/Fair at ~20-50%.
    • Falcon’s grounded footstool → Falcon Kick is true and can kill at high % (+151% at ledge)
    • Falcon’s grounded footstool → Falcon Dive is true and can kill at high % (+173% at ledge) because Shulk is a tall character.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Falcon: Pikachu, Bayonetta, Sheik, Mr. Game & Watch, Mario, Kirby, Cloud, Zero Suit Samus, Ryu, Fox, Toon Link, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Marth/Lucina, Mega Man, Villager, Rosalina, Greninja, R.O.B., and Jigglypuff.
  • To practice teching Falcon Dive offstage, a Shulk player can go to Training Mode, put Falcon at high % (around 115%), and send him offstage until the CPU is forced to use Falcon Dive.
  • Notable good attributes:
    • High momentum from a grab. Falcon hitting down minimize the distance after the throw for easier combos.
    • Ledge Attack: 22-24 (Intangible: 1-19); FAF 55 [10th]
    • Ledge Getup: Intangible 1-31; FAF 33 [2-9th]
    • Ledge Hanging Hurtbox Vulnerability: High Tier
    • Rolls: Intangible 4-15; FAF 28 [6th-13rd]
    • Run Speed: 2.32 [2nd]. Speed Art Shulk is faster than Falcon.
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Ledge Roll: Intangible 1-25; FAF 50 [48th-52nd]. But the ledge roll distance is long.
Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including Tremendo Dude, Sirknight, Ryukred, GetShulked, Masonomace, Rathilal, DHB, Ben, and many more), Smash Corner ft. Fatality, ZeRo, Tetra, and public information of the Captain Falcon’s community.

Captain Falcon (104)-

  • Forward Throw (C)
    • Common follow ups are dash attack or a short hop aerial at low percents. Works best out of a dash grab, typically DI up if you want to avoid a dash attack and for fast fallers you can try DI'ng down to try to tech before he can get a follow up.
  • Down Throw (C)
    • At low percents I would DI down and away because Falcon players typically want to follow up a down throw with nair. If you DI down and away they can pretty much only hit you with a dash attack at least at low percent, so don't do it every time if you're playing an adept Falcon. Aside from low percent usually DI away or possibly mix it up with down and away. Also, beware the knee'd try not to get dash grabbed if at all possible.
      • The Dthrow → Knee is never true with good DI (down and away), even on Shield Art. It is only true on Mewtwo.
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 115% from the edge of the stage.
    • Kills at about 190% from the middle of the stage.
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 140% from the edge of the stage.
    • Kills at about 225% from the middle of the stage.
  • Up Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 190% (DI forward is better than DI back)

Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: No bad stages for Falcon. He excels at platforms, especially tri-platform layouts. With platforms, Falcon can use a rising Uair → Uair → Knee at ~40%. Other than that, Shulk players can choose a stage they are comfortable with.
Preferred Starters: 1) FD, 2) LC, 3) T&C, 4) SV
Counterpicks: Same as above
Ban/Strike: 1) BF/DL64, 2) SV

Falcon's Best Stages:

  • Battlefield
    • Falcon’s best stage
      • Platforms are at an excellent height that help him extend his Uair combos.
      • Falcon is able to get closer to his opponent more easily than flat stages. He can also mix up his movements and land on the platforms quickly.
      • Falcon Dive goes through the platform and connect to the shielding opponent.
    • Monado Purge can become true when Falcon tries to air dodge, but falls so fast that he lands on the middle platform.
  • Dream Land 64
    • One of Falcon’s best stages
      • Platforms help him extend his Uair combos.
      • Falcon is able to get closer to his opponent more easily than flat stages. He can also mix up his movements and land on the platforms quickly.
      • Falcon Dive goes through the platform and connect to the shielding opponent.
      • The wind can help Falcon’s Dthrow → Knee if Shulk does not DI or DI in at medium %.
    • At a certain %, when Shulk Uthrows Falcon to a platform, Falcon will not be able to air dodge because he lands the platform.
      • Monado Purge can become true when Falcon tries to air dodge, but falls so fast that he lands on the middle platform.
  • Smashville
    • Fatality’s best counterpick stage
      • When the moving platform reaches to an end, Falcon can Dthrow → Uair → Nair kill at mid % (Nair now a kill move on this stage).
      • The small stage makes it easy for Falcon to pressure and rush down his opponents.
      • Falcon Dive goes through the platform and connect to the shielding opponent, which can kill early at the edge.
      • Early Knee kills.
    • Shulk’s Uthrow landing catch is great against Falcon in a flat stage.

Falcon's "Worst" Stages:

  • Town & City
    • Platforms can assist him with his combos.
      • At the top platforms, even Uair can kill.
    • Falcon Dive goes through the platform and connect to the shielding opponent.
    • The large space makes Falcon vulnerable to camping, and the stage transitions to Final Destination.
      • Shulk’s Uthrow landing catch is great against Falcon in a flat stage.
    • Monado Purge can become true when Falcon tries to air dodge, but falls so fast that he lands on a top platform.
  • Final Destination
    • No platforms to help extend his Uair combos.
    • It is easy for Falcon to catch his opponent’s landings.
    • Shulk’s Uthrow landing catch is great against Falcon in a flat stage.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • Falcon is able to get closer to his opponent more easily than flat stages. He can also mix up his movements.
      • When the stage tilts up, his Raptor Boost to the engine cancels it, slides Falcon forward, and punish.
    • Falcon can under the stage and recover to the other side of the ledge, with and without tilting. But if the ledges tilts upward, he may not be able to recover.
    • Falcon Dive goes through the platform and connect to the shielding opponent.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • Even with a high ceiling, Falcon prefers to kill to the side (Knee, smash attacks, etc.)
    • If Falcon camps on the tree and his opponent overextends, his Uthrow can kill early.
    • With the walls, he can wall jump to help his recovery.
    • The large space makes Falcon vulnerable to camping. 
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VideoPlayer 1Player 2P1 CharactersP2 CharactersStagesDate
TearbearNickoGame 1: Captain Falcon
Game 2: Captain Falcon
Game 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Smashville
K1lllaaGColeslawGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 3: Shulk
Game 1: Captain Falcon
Game 2: Captain Falcon
Game 3: Captain Falcon
Game 1: Town and City
Game 2: Town and City
Game 3: Smashville

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