Shulk 101


Community Rating:
+0.5 (Slight Advantage)

Professional Rating:
+0.3 (Slight Advantage)

Quick Guide

  • Neutral/Advantage
    • Bowser focuses his neutral with a wall of SH AC Fairs, Jabs, Pivot Ftilts, Fire Breath, Whirling Fortress OoS, lagless Flying Slam command grab before landing, and Pivot Grab to inflict fear to his opponent for a successful read. He also looks for damaged shields to shieldbreak.
      • Bowser likes to SH air dodge  lagless Flying Slam command grab or Whirling Fortress OoS.
    • Shulk’s best bets to win:
      • Shulk must not get grabbed at all (and avoid getting hit that leads to a grab) by never approaching/telegraphing his approach. Patience, staying at mid-range, using spaced Bairs and MALLCs in general are key. Shulk must force Bowser to approach in order to punish back.
        • Shulk should avoid excessive DJs, roll ins, and air dodges. He will get grabbed or be punished by Bowser’s moves that punish landings. Cross-ups should be avoided against Whirling Fortress OoS.
        • Against a patient Bowser, Shulk can use spaced Bairs and Fairs, and Speed Art walking. He can mix it up with grabs and spaced Dtilts and Nair.
        • If Bowser adapts with perfect shieldings, Shulk can use Speed Art tomahawks, dash grab within range, or delaying the timing of his aerials.
      • Use combos with Speed or Buster Art with Bowser having a large, easy % range, and sometimes Jump Art.
      • Juggle Bowser and never let him land onstage by using Nairs to frame trap, Utilts, Uairs, Air Slash, and sometimes Bair. Shulk can also force him offstage to exploit more of Bowser’s weaknesses: edgeguarding and ledge trapping.
    • Bowser benefits himself with Rage, so he must be killed as early as possible.
      • Fresh, reliable kill moves in Smash Art (Final Destination): Uair (+75% to +105%), Usmash (96%), Ledge Air Slash (+105%), Bair at spawn ledge (+106%), Ftilt at spawn ledge (+115%), Utilt (+120%), Air Slash at spawn ledge (+130%), Fair at spawn ledge (+142%)
      • At mid-high %, Jump/Speed Nair  Fair  Fair/Air Slash kill.
    • Monado Purge does not work because Bowser can DJ away, but can kill after 85%.
  • Edgeguarding
    • Ledge Air Slash is most consistent against Whirling Fortress, followed by Fairs and Bairs. Jump or Smash Art to extend or go for early kills.
      • If Bowser is above and uses Bowser Bomb to grab the ledge., Shulk can also go above and use Fair or Air Slash against it.
    • Shulk must space himself to the ledge at Dtilt range against a DJ Flying Slam command grab, and punish accordingly with spaced Nair or any move based on Bowser’s ledge decisions.
  • Disadvantage
    • Shulk should watch his DJ usage or else Bowser will try to catch his landings. MALLC air dodge and MALLC aerials are great against Bowser.
    • The signs of Bowser’s successful Pivot Grab happened if Shulk telegraphed his approaches that are reactable.
      • Against Uthrow → Nair, SDI up the final hit of Nair. Air dodge → MALLC air dodge also works at low-mid %.
        • Against Uthrow → Bair, DI in and jump away.
      • Against Flying Slam, DI down and into Bowser at the ledge. DI down and away from Bowser at center stage or platforms. If Shulk’s % is lowered than Bowser’s, Shulk can drift the direction (preferably away from a platform).
    • Uthrow  Uair kill % range: ~79-99% Smash, ~91-114% Vanilla/Speed/Buster (Jump at max 122%), and ~147-184% Shield. Anything outside the range is a 50/50 or too much Rage.
      • Rage Rule of Thumb:
        • 50% → -2%
        • 100% → -11%
        • 150% → -19%
      • Low % – DI behind, but risk getting hit by Bair.
      • High % – DI away, up, or up and away, and pray Bowser is too slow to punish. DI behind is bad, makes it easier for Bowser to follow up.
    • Flying Slam starts killing after +100%.
      • Bowsercide will mostly likely be used when Bowser’s opponent is on their last stock.
    • Bowser edgeguards with Fairs, Dtilts, angled down Ftilt to 2-Frame, and Fire Breath. Shulk’s range can still outrange Bowser’s moves.
    • Whirling Fortress covers most of the ledge options. Shulk can DJ Fair, Air Slash, or DJ with Jump Art.


  • Vanllia, Speed or Buster Art
    • Vanilla Art can help without advantages nor disadvantages. This is important when using MALLC.
    • Jump Art can work as a mix up when finding large openings, though Speed Art is better. It can also help Shulk avoid Bowser’s grabs with spaced aerials or bait.
    • Speed Art makes it easier for Shulk to fight/bait against Bowser’s grab game and punish Bowser’s whiffed grabs or other moves. But it costs Shulk’s shieldstun against a Bowser player who is effective at punishing OoS, which can lead to less rewards for Shulk.
      • Using Uthrow at low % works to juggle Bowser.
      • For a ground game, walking is great to bait Bowser’s approach.
      • Speed Art Dthrow  Fair from 10-70%.
      • Nair chase is good to frame trap and against Bowser’s techs.
    • Shield Art will be hindered by Bowser’s Fire Breath. It can only be used to avoid Uthrow  Uair kill until ~147-184%.
      • It can withstand Bowser's Bomb, allowing Shulk to punish back.
      • It can defend Shulk from Bowser’s Jab 1 → Grab.
      • It can also be used when Bowser wants to use Uthrow → Uair at early kill % or Uthrow → Bair at high %, though Shulk will take some damage in exchange.
      • A good Bowser players will avoid staling their kill moves against Shield Art.
    • Buster Art is great for spacing against Bowser’s shield and grab game, especially Bair, Back Nair (F13), Dtilt and MALLC. A confident Shulk player will not worry about taking damage, but rather to inflict more damage to Bowser through combos. Even if Bowser racks up damage, Shulk can retake the lead with his own attacks (usually his Buster Art throw combos).
      • While it is effective at low-mid %, Bowser might counterattack with a grab after the first combo starter.
      • Combos:
        • Buster Dthrow  Jabs (0-27%) or Tilts (low %)
          • Fsmash (8-25%, but without Rage)
          • Air Slash (0-40%)
        • Buster Nair  Ftilt (58-119%)
          • Fsmash (65-135%)
    • If Bowser is over 110%, Smash Art can be used in the advantage state. Otherwise, it should not be used from 77-99% against Uthrow → Uair kill. After passing 100%, Bowser can easily kill Shulk with other kills moves.
  • As a grappler, Bowser will focus on racking up damage with his grabs. The Pivot Grab is dangerous and deceptively long, especially if Shulk extends his hurtbox. Combining with his great throw game and conditioning his opponent to shield, Bowser’s grabs are dangerous, so Shulk must avoid being grabbed at all cost.
    • But Bowser’s grabs are committal, as in the grab starts later and has more endlag. He may also have a grabbing habit.
      • Both players who are patient will not commit except through a mistake or a burst option. While Speed Art gets access to burst options, it can be risky (a burst dash grab range should be safe for Shulk). In other words, Shulk’s best bet is to not approach a lot while being mid-range from Bowser to force Bowser to approach. Shulk should not telegraph his attacks and approach or else Bowser will Pivot Grab.
        • Do not DJ or roll in a lot. For DJ, it is super high commitment to Bowser as he either Fair or chase after Shulk’s landing. For rolling in (usually when pressured), Bowser will Pivot Grab.
        • A single mistake will allow Bowser to punish. Patience is key for Shulk.
        • If Bowser is patient, Shulk should use spaced Bairs and Fairs, and occasionally mix it up with a grab, spaced Dtilts and Nairs. If not, Bowser will grab or Ftilt on reaction.
          • Speed Art walking also work as a mental pressure.
      • Shulk can use Jabs against a predictable Pivot Grab.
    • Spacing is vital with aerials (especially Nair) and sometimes Dtilt.
      • Spaced Bair is great as it can frustrate Bowser to commit something unsafe, but Shulk can approach with grab or Nair. However, a bad spaced Bair will allow Bowser to punish hard with his speed.
      • Shulk’s Ftilt and Fair should be limited against Whirling Fortress OoS.
      • If Bowser adapts with perfect shields (or shielding a lot), Shulk should use tomahawks, especially in Speed Art. Bowser cannot react to a burst dash grab at a certain range unless they predict it
        • Delaying aerials also work against a perfect shield adaptation.
  • Good Bowser players do not jump in neutral because they already have a strong ground game, which is their main focus. Bowser relies on his defensive plays and a bait & punish playstyle to win the game.
    • Bowser’s dash movements are fantastic, plus he can attack out of his run. If Bowser is too committed on his back and forth dashes, Speed Art Shulk can run and Dash Grab him.
    • Aside from his grab game, Bowser’s arms are intangible when he hits with Jab, Ftilt, and Dtilt for pressure, which adds more to his good neutral game. Spaced aerials and shielding can defend these intangible attacks (or after the attack), though Bowser’s neutral can be tricky.
    • Bowser uses his Jab against SH approaches. His Jab can lead into a grab, but it stops working if he has Rage. Shulk can escape out of Jab 1 with DJ, but Bowser might punish with Fair, grabbing upon landing if Shulk fails to tech, or a Bowser Bomb as a mixup. Other that that, it is hard to punish Jab 1.
    • Pivot Ftilt is another move used in Bowser’s neutral, and angled up Ftilt can be an anti-air move.
    • If Shulk’s shield is damaged enough, Dtilt and Bowser Bomb will shieldbreak.
  • Bowser’s aerials (except Dair) require a FH to AC, but they have some lag without AC. Shulk can punish these with his aerials or Air Slash OoS.
    • SH AC Fair is Bowser’s main aerial approach. After hitting Shulk’s SH or FH approach options, Bowser will look for an opportunity to grab. Dtilt, Fair, Bair and Dash Grab after the Fair can beat Bowser’s Fair.
    • SH AC Bair is uncommon since Fair does a better job, but it can work against opponents with a jumping or air dodge habit.
  • Fire Breath can angle up or down that also stops the opponent’s ground game, which conditions them to shield or approach with an aerial. It has a “tipper” that does not flinch the opponent. The tipper can be used after a shieldbreak at 0%, followed by a fully charged Fsmash.
    • Mobility Arts can bypass this by jumping over the Fire Breath, but Bowser might punish back with a Pivot Grab.
    • SH Back Slash clanks through Fire Breath.
  • Bowser's Flying Slam claw allows him to negate his landing lag, usually from a SH air dodge, then quickly punish with any move. Shulk can punish with spaced aerials before he lands on the ground. Otherwise, Shulk cannot approach recklessly. This move can kill Shulk early, especially on platforms.
  • Grounded Whirling Fortress is a great OoS option, especially an unspaced aerial from Shulk. It can also punish cross-ups, rolls, spot dodges, landings, SH air dodges, and damaged shields, so Shulk should avoid cross-ups.
    • Shulk should avoid being too close, though it is possible to dodge by rolling or jumping at the right time.
    • Against it, Shulk can hold shield until Bowser stops spinning while having some endlag. Then Shulk can punish.


  • Juggling
    • Bowser struggles with landing and being in the disadvantage state.
      • Shulk’s Uthrow is great around center stage, followed by Fthrow/Bthrow to set up a ledge trap game at mid-high %. Speed Art Uthrow at low % works best.
      • Shulk should juggle with frame trap Nairs, Utilts, Uairs and Air Slash as much as possible. Speed and Buster Art helps to juggle even more.
      • Dair, Bowser Bomb, Flying Slam command grab, and landing are Bowser’s mixups, but they are a minor threat as Shulk can quickly punish with an Uair. Despite that, a good Bowser will analyze how the opponent reacts and how they use their shield in this state. Against an opponent who uses shield too much, Bowser can punish with Flying Slam command grab or Bowser Bomb to shieldbreak.
        • Bowser’s Dair has a landing hitbox, but after hitting the shield, Shulk can go for a hard punish.
          • If Shulk hits Bowserr, Bowser’s Dair slows down its momentum speed. It still spikes in the beginning and has slightly longer hihtboxes for the regular hit of it. Knowledgeable Bowser players use this for mind games and land safely because it has no lag if timed correctly.
        • Well-timed rolls or spot dodge can work against Bowser’s Bomb, allowing Shulk to punish.
    • Jump/Speed Nair  Fair  Fair/Air Slash kill can work at mid-high % (though Shulk will telegraph his Nair in the neutral).
      • Nair → Dair spike works if Shulk reads Bowser’s air dodge offstage.
  • Offstage
    • Edgeguard deep as much as possible with Jump or Smash Art, especially if Bowser uses his DJ. However, Bowser can still mix up his recovery a bit more than DK and will attack back with Fair.
      • Ledge Air Slash is the best consistent move, followed by Fairs and sometimes Bair against an air dodge read.
    • If Bowser tries to recover from below, Ledge Air Slash and Fair can beat it, and sometimes with Dair. Shulk can also let go of the ledge, use Bair to hit, and Air Slash to recover up to the ledge.
    • If Bowser is above the ledge, he might use Bowser's Bomb to fall down and grab the ledge, which can 2-Frame and Ledge Trump if Shulk overextends. If Shulk predicts, he can Air Slash or Fair before the descent. If Shulk is too close to the ledge and shields, Bowser’s Bomb will shieldbreak.
      • Dsmash may work if Bowser falls down to the ledge.
  • Ledge
    • Since Bowser is a big character, Shulk’s spaced Nair and wall of Fairs are great at covering most of Bowser’s ledge options (especially ledge getup, jump and roll). With a good space between the two (at least Shulk’s Dtilt distance), Bowser cannot use Flying Slam command grab or use his ledge attack’s range.
      • Alternatively, Shulk’s Smash Art Usmash can kill +96% because it covers a good range against Bowser’s big stature. But Shulk is vulnerable to Bowser’s moves (but on rare occasion, Usmash can beat Bowser’s Fair).
      • Bowser’s reliable counters are mixing it up with DJ Fair, Flying Slam command grab, or air dodge → special move.
      • Bowser choosing to ledge jump is still bad because he is susceptible to juggles like Utilt, Nair, Air Slash, or even a Bair read. Shulk can Back Slash on Bowser’s landings.
      • Shulk’s Jump Art Uair 2 can easily connect. Uair2 can work against Bowser’s ledge getup/attack (e.g. Bowser at 67% → Uair2 → DJ Uair kill on FD)
    • Jump Art Air Slash, with Shulk at 0%, does not connect both hits on grounded Bowser. However, it starts working when grounded Bowser has ~89%. At the ledge, this will kill around +152%
  • For technical Shulk players, footstool combos is effective on Bowser due to his bad aerial drift. Shulk can footstool once he DJ within 3/4 through Bowser’s body [YT]
    • It is also possible to footstool him infinitely [YT 4:01]
    • However, landing down with Uair is risky against Bowser’s Whirling Fortress OoS.


  • Juggling
    • Whirling Fortress OoS and Flying Slam sends Shulk up in the air.
    • Shulk should avoid landing near Bowser while watching his DJ. A good Bowser will chase after Shulk’s DJ for a punish (even with OoS options against Shulk’s attacks), so Shulk should mix up his landing patterns and not hold forward toward Bowser. Grabbing the ledge is alternative option.
      • MALLC air dodge and MALLC aerials are great against Bowser. Otherwise, Shulk usually should not contest Bowswer when landing.
      • Aerial Vision and aerials do not work against Bowser's Usmash. His shell has invincibility, and only MALLC air dodge can avoid his Usmash.
    • Bowser’s Uthrow is his best throw. It has guaranteed follow ups from 0 to kill % while his aerials rack up damage or even lead to his powerful kill moves. Shulk can mix up his DI left or right, but Bowser can always react.
      • If Shulk is in Jump Art, he must deactivate (due to the long Uthrow animation) before being thrown up to avoid excessive damage. But he can still die to Uair if Shulk is still in the Vanilla death % range.
      • At mid %, after Bowser Uthrows Shulk, Shulk can deactivate and MALLC air dodge to punish back.
        • Shulk should not air dodge at mid to early high % after the Uthrow because Bowser can read the air dodge with a Fsmash/Usmash kill. Air dodging is fine in the late 50/50 range. But if Bowser misses, Shulk can hard punish back.
      • If Shulk thinks he will be grabbed at kill %, he can cycle between Shield or Smash Art to survive and manipulate the %.
      • However, there are certain situations where Uthrow → Uair might be a 50/50 because the opponent either has too much % or Rage.
      • Mixups from Uthrows:
        • Uthrow → air dodge read → Usmash at low %. Usmash has a second hitbox upon landing, which can frame trap the air dodge. This hitbox has a good follow-up, usually with Fair.
        • Uthrow  Bair is also a mixup. Against Uthrow  Bair, DI in and jump away.
        • Uthrow → air dodge read → Bowser’s Bomb can kill at high %.
        • Uthrow → reverse Fair → Flying Slam/Bowser’s Bomb.
    • On stages with platforms, Bowser’s Utilt, Nair, and Bowser Bomb can pressure shields.
  • Offstage
    • Bowser can start with a Fthrow/Bthrow to start edgeguarding.
    • Bowser uses Fair and Bair to edgeguard and kill early, usually to read an air dodge.
      • If possible, Shulk should be in the air above the ledge if he reads the Bowser's Bomb heading down to the ledge.
      • Against Bowser's Flamethrower, Shulk can cycle to Jump Art, DJ over the Fire Breath and use Nair/Fair.
    • Bowser’s Dair and Fire Breath at the ledge can hit Shulk unless Shulk snaps to the ledge with Air Slash or counterattack with Uair (depending on the stage) or Fair.
  • Ledge
    • Bowser’s angled down Ftilt can 2-Frame, but he can also go offstage and use Fair or Bair to cover the ledge grab, which becomes a stage spike.
    • Bowser can Ledge Trump → Bair, which will kill really early. Ledge Trump → Dair works if the opponent jumps in, but it is risky. Bowser Bomb can also start the Ledge Trump, but all Ledge Trumps can be avoided if the opponent buffers a ledge option.
    • Bowser’s ledge trapping game is good at covering options.
      • Whirling Fortress (and Dsmash) covers ledge getup, sometimes ledge attack, roll, and jump on reaction if Bowser is close to the ledge. Shulk can DJ Fair or Air Slash to counterattack.
      • Pivot Grab will get Shulk’s roll in.
      • Aside from Bowsercide, Bowser likes to use Flying Slam as close to the blastzones if platforms are absent. If Shulk’s % is lowered than Bowser’s, Shulk can steer the direction of Bowser’s landing.
      • Bowser’s Dtilt is a kill move that can cover ledge getup and hit an unspaced Air Slash recovery. Shulk should snap the ledge. If Shulk shields Dtilt, a spaced aerial might beat Bowser’s next action.
      • Bowser’s Bthrow and Fthrow kill: 157% (on Final Destination, at the ledge, Vanilla Shulk, and best DI).
    • Uthrow → Dair spike can work if Shulk does not react quickly.
    • Bowsercide will mostly likely be used when Bowser’s opponent is on their last stock. Against Bowercide, if Shulk has Jump Art, he can mash DJ to escape and Air Slash to the ledge. If not, Shulk loses a stock regardless of recovering back.
      • If Shulk is at a stock disadvantage, he must stay away from the ledge as much as possible.
  • Bowser has a lot of KO options, even with Rage. Flying Slam can kill Shulk at +100%, especially on platforms.
  • Bowser’s Dthrow is only used to unstale his other moves or rack up damage if Uthrow → Uair cannot kill.

Other Notes

  • Notable characters against Bowser: Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Rosalina, Toon Link, Duck Hunt, Sonic, Captain Falcon, Bayonetta, Corrin, Peach, Ryu, Diddy Kong, Villager, Fox, Olimar, Cloud, Mewtwo, Robin, Mega Man, Greninja, etc.
  • Uthrow → Uair kill % [+91% normal death range]
    • 79-99% – Smash
    • 90-113% – Buster
    • 91-114% – Vanilla and Speed
    • 92-122% – Jump
    • 147-184% – Shield
    • Rage Rule of Thumb:
      • 0% → 0%
      • 50% → -2%
      • 80% → -8%
      • 100% → -11%
      • 125% → -17%
      • 150% → -19%
  • Notable good attributes:
    • Run Speed: 1.792 [17th]
    • Weight: 130 [Super Heavyweight 1st]
  • Notable bad attributes:
    • Air Acceleration: 0.05 [46-55th]
    • Air Dodge: Intangible 4-29; FAF 35 [53-57th]
    • Jump Squat: 8 [58th]
    • Ledge Getup: Intangible 1-34; FAF 36 [53-54th]
    • Ledge Roll: Intangible 1-26; FAF 50 [37-47th]
    • Rolls: Intangible 4-19; FAF 34 [54-56th]
    • Spot Dodge: Intangible 4-19; FAF 29 [53rd-57th]
Author: TrueSapphire
Sources: Shulk Discord (including Coyors, Tremendo Dude, and GetShulked), Art of Bowser by Izaw + prominent Bowser players, and public information from the Bowser community.

Bowser (130)-

  • Against Uthrow → Nair, SDI up the final hit of Nair.
  • Against Flying Slam, DI down and into Bowser at the ledge. DI down and away from Bowser at center stage or platforms.
    • Shulk can steer the direction of Bowser’s landing if Shulk’s % is lowered than Bowser’s.
  • Against Bowser Bomb, SDI out, left, or right after the first hit. This may not work if Bowser is too close.
    • If hit, DI down and away from Bowser.
  • Up Throw (C)
    • MALLC air dodge can be used with this throw quite effectively starting about 20%!
    • Wow what a buff this move got. It’s pretty dangerous at low percent, most anything you do leads to a ton of damage. A common follow up is nair, since Bowser can land many hits of it for lots of damage. To avoid this you can try a DI mix up of DI’ing behind, but at low percents Bowser can get a bair instead which has crazy damage. At high percents DI’ing behind Bowser as an attempted mix up usually doesn’t work because that sends you right above him which makes it easier to follow up so. Even though his up air starts in front of him and ends behind him DI’ing away, up, or up and away is usually the better choice as opposed to DI’ing back. 
  • Back Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 110% from the edge of the stage.
    • Kills at about 170% from the middle of the stage.
  • Forward Throw (K)
    • Kills at about 110% from the edge of the stage.
    • Kills at about 170% from the middle of the stage.


Information from this guide on Smashboards

Note: Being the most heaviest character, Bowser likes to live longer with bigger blastzones to increase his kill potential with Rage. While Bowser does not struggle at killing, he will kill more reliably in smaller stages, especially Uthrow → Uair and Bowser Slam on a platform. Overall, Bowser is more MU dependent on stages, though he also like platforms. Alternatively, the Shulk player can play on a stage they are comfortable with.
Preferred Starters: 1) FD, 2) T&C, 3) SV
Counterpicks: 1) FD, 2) T&C, 3) SV, 4) LC
Ban/Strike: 1) BF/DL64, 2 LC

Bowser's Best Stages:

  • Battlefield
    • Bowser’s best stage.
      • Bigger blastzones allow Bowser to live much longer and kill very early with Rage. His kill potential is most likely greater than the opponent’s. Smash Art Dthrow at the ledge will only kill after 180%.
        • Good Bowser players will take center stage and focus on frame traps with the platforms.
      • Bowser’s Utilts, Nair, Usmash, Bowser Bomb, and Flying Slam command grab can cover the side platforms against landings or pressure.
        • Platforms allow for early Bowser Slam kills.
      • Can recover down with Bowser Bomb.
    • If Shulk has the lead, he can platform camp with Jump Art. He can also use Speed Art to use unpredictable movements.
  • Dream Land 64
    • Platforms allow for early Bowser Slam kills.
      • Bowser’s Utilts, Nair, Usmash, Bowser Bomb, and Flying Slam command grab can cover the side platforms against landings or pressure.
      • Uthrow → FH Dair spike at the middle platform → opponent bounces up to the middle platform → Bowser’s Bomb kill.
    • The wind can extend Bowser Slam suicide play by a bit.
    • Smaller blastzones than Battlefield, so Bowser does die a bit early.
    • If Shulk has the lead, he can platform camp with Jump Art.
  • Lylat Cruise
    • Tilting does not bother Bowser that much.
      • If Bowser has good stage control, it increases his coverage of his moves a bit more.
      • Bowser’s recovery to the ledge is fine.
        • The only exception is that the tilts can mess up Bowser’s DJ Flying Slam command grab.
    • With platforms, Bowser Slam can kill early.
      • Bowser’s Utilts, Nair, Usmash, Bowser Bomb, and Flying Slam command grab can cover the side platforms against landings or pressure.
      • When the stage tilts, even angled up Ftilt can hit the side platform. Pivot Grab can surprisingly grab a grounded opponent on the engine.
    • It is difficult for Bowser to short hop air dodge cancel (SHADC) in the neutral due to the different grounded heights and tilting.

Bowser's Worst Stages:

  • Smashville
    • The moving platform can still allow early kills like Usmash and Flying Slam.
      • He can still cover the platform with Utilts and Nair.
      • Uthrow → Bair can kill very early at the edge of the moving platform.
      • It is possible to extend his combos when the platform is almost reaching to the edge by using Uthrow → reverse Fair → Flying Slam kill.
      • Despite the above, the platform is more beneficial for Shulk because he can string his combos for an early kill.
    • Bowser can be killed more horizontally than his best stages.
  • Town & City
    • One of Bowser’s bad stages.
      • The platforms’ heights interrupt Bowser Bomb, both downward recovery and grounded. Their positions are a bit awkward to Bowser. It can only shield break if the opponent holds shield.
      • While both characters can kill each other early with this stage’s small blastzones, it is less beneficial for Bowser because he prefers to live longer with Rage.
      • Transitions to Final Destination.
  • Final Destination
    • One of Bowser’s bad stages.
      • Since Bowser struggles to land, Shulk is great at juggling him.
      • With no platforms, he cannot get early kills from Flying Slam. But his Usmash is still available if he reads Shulk’s landing.
      • Shulk in mobility Arts is great to use with hit-and-run tactics.

Other Stages:

  • Omegas
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Wily Castle
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Midgar
  • Duck Hunt
    • Since Bowser struggles to land, Shulk is great at juggling him.
      • The platforms are tiny, so it is not a reliable landing option for Bowser.
    • On rare occasions, Bowser Slam can kill early on the bush or even the tree.
    • With the walls, Bowser’s recovery is more predictable than other stages.
    • Can recover down with Bowser Bomb.
    • Shulk in mobility Arts is great to use with hit-and-run tactics, and camping is superb with Jump Art on the tree and bush.
  • Yoshi’s Island (3DS)
    • Bowser’s Utilts, Nair, Usmash, and Flying Slam command grab can cover the side platforms against landings or pressure.
      • Platforms allow for early Bowser Slam kills.
    • Bowser’s Dtilt and Fsmash is great on the slants and platform.
    • Both characters can kill early with this stage’s blastzones, though Bowser is vulnerable to horizontal kills.
    • With the walls, Bowser’s recovery is more predictable than other stages.
    • Can recover down with Bowser Bomb.
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VideoPlayer 1Player 2P1 CharactersP2 CharactersStagesDate
CrossAlebbGame 1: Cloud
Game 2: Bowser
Game 1: Shulk
Game 2: Cloud
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Smashville
NickoKetchupGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 1: Bowser Jr.
Game 2: Bowser Jr.
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Final Destination
NickoMago_FFFGame 1: Shulk
Game 2: Shulk
Game 3: Shulk
Game 1: Bowser
Game 2: Bowser
Game 3: Bowser
Game 1: Smashville
Game 2: Battlefield
Game 3: Final Destination

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