Shulk 101


Term Definition
(N/F/B/U/D)airAerial attacks. Neutral/Fair/Back/Up/Down. Nair = Neutral air
1, 2, 3...Put after an acronym to indicate which hitbox of the move. Many moves have two hits, while down smash goes up to 5. AS1 = Air Slash 1st hit
AASAdvancing Air Slash (custom 2)
ASAir Slash, our Up Special
ATAdvanced Technique - A useful action performed that is advanced due to difficult execution or complexity.
Beam / EtherThe ether beam which comes out of the Monado is referred to as the beam. Usually less damage
BladeThe red, metal part of the monado sword is the blade. Usually does more damage
BS, \, <-/, ←/Back Slash. The two latter forms of it are used before tags to represent the Shulk Discord
BSCBack Slash Charge (custom3)
BSLBack Slash Leap (custom 2)
DADash Attack (what happens when you press A while running)
DADecisive Arts (Decisive Monado Arts: Custom 2). DA can also mean dash attack. If put at the front of an acronym, it's always Decisive Arts.
DACITDash Attack Cancelled Item Throw
DITCITDash Item Throw Cancelled Item Throw
DJDouble Jump or Air Jump
DVDash Vision (custom 2)
GCNGamecube Nintendo, refers to the gamecube controller usually
GhostwalkerA playstyle with Monado Jump which abuses its high jump height and high speeds to not allow the opponent to catch you.
HAHyper Arts (Hyper Monado Arts Custom 3)
JCJump Cancelled (Example: JCUS = Jump Cancelled Up Smash)
MAMonado Art(s). The Often, first letter is the first letter of the art went into. SA = Speed Art
MABDMonado Art Buffered Deactivation. First letter may be replaced with the first letter of the art went into
MAIL (or MAIT)Monado Art Intangible Landing (or Tomahawk) - landing with the i-frames of Art-pose.
MALLC, MALLC/w, MALLC/hMonado Art Landing Lag Cancelling, /w means on whiff, /h means on hit
MALSMonado Art Ledge Snap
MARC/MADCMonado Art Run/Dash Cancel
MASMighty Air Slash (custom 3)
MONADACUSAlso known as SABDJCUS. Speed Art Buffered Deactivation Jump-Cancelled Up-Smash
Monado PurgeU-Throw → U-air 50/50 (has several different versions)
NNIDNintendo Network ID
OoSOut of shield - when you jump directly out of shield and cancel that jump with a move
PPPerfect Pivot - Dash then flick the other way shortly
PVPower Vision (custom 3)
RIf the letter R is put before something it usually means reverse. RAS = Reverse Air Slash
RARReverse Aerial Rush, when you turn around during a dash and jump right after keeping your speed
rBrReverse B-Reverse, another name for a wavebounce
RCO (Lag)Recovery Carry Over Lag is experiencing the landing lag of your Up Special after you have been hit out of it.
SABDJCUSObsolete term for the MONADACUS (speed art buffered deactivation, jump cancelled up smash)
US/FS/DSUp smash/Forward smash/Down smash
UT/DT/FT/BTUp Throw/Down Throw/Forward Throw/Back Throw
VSVision Sliding. A way to extend the range of Vision by sliding with it.
wbwavebounce, like a b-reverse but also turned around
YWKONYou Will Know Our Names - the Unique Monster battle song in Xenoblade